“I was able to kiss my daughter!” How does a man live whose hands have been transplanted by surgeons

Daria Kartasheva-Ebertz, an immunologist at Pasteur University and popular blogger, posted on Instagram the most important scientific advances in medicine in 2021. Among them — transplant of two arms and a shoulder for the first time.

Arm — dream

Félix Gretarssonwas fatally injured at work. He was in his twenties when he worked as an electrician. In January 1988, Félix was sent to repair a breakdown on a high voltage line. A 10,000 volt surge knocked Felix to the ground. His hands were burned and he himself suffered multiple broken bones and injuries. The man spent nearly three months in a coma, and when he came to, he found that the surgeons, saving his life, had amputated both hands. 

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Message from Felix Gretarsson (@felix_gretarsson)

For almost 20 years, Gretarsson has been waiting for his main dream to come true: to get his hands dirty. It took years to find suitable donors. But in January 2021, they were finally found.

The operation, which lasted more than 14 hours, was performed in France. Four surgical teams participated. It is about 50 doctors and medical workers. The hand transplant was incredibly difficult. The thing is, Felix's upper limbs aren't easily amputated. On the right hand, 9 centimeters of the upper end of the humerus remained, but the left hand was missing as well as part of the shoulder. Therefore, when transplanting the left hand, it was very difficult to transplant it. The doctors decided to reconstruct not only Felix's arm, but also Felix's shoulder using a donor humerus.

Such combined arm and of the shoulder have never been done before. The French surgeons were able not only to transplant the arms and the shoulder, but also to reconstruct about fifteen muscles and tendons, two arteries, three veins and several nerves.

“I was able to hug my daughter again!”

A year has passed since this fantastic operation. Felix is ​​actively developing his new hands and blogging on Instagram. He told AiF.ru how his life changed after the transplant.

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Message from Felix Gretarsson (@felix_gretarsson)

“I settled in and adapted to the hands incredibly well. The average rate of nerve growth is 1 mm per day. We expected to have nerves in my elbow, but now I have nerves in my fingers too! They appeared after 9 months, — said Felix Gretarsson.

He's happy to say he can move his right shoulder, bend and extend his elbow, and his wrist is gradually stabilizing. Felix can even move his fingers, but so far all at once, and not one at a time.

“My left hand is a little backward, — says Felix Gretarsson. — But there, I can move my shoulder and my elbow. Two weeks ago, I even started to move my index finger a bit.

2021 has been a difficult year for Felix. Every month he went to the clinic and carried out sensitivity and mobility tests on his hands, underwent rehabilitation.

“Every month I have small victories, — Felix Gretarsson told AiF.ru. — I finally kissed my daughter. When I lost my arms, she had a little over four years. And now I could hug her again! ”

Felix already has four grandchildren. He never had any. He went to Iceland for Christmas and was able to rock the youngest of them for the first time. 

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Message from Felix Gretarsson (@felix_gretarsson)

“My fourth grandson was one month old. I managed to sit up with him in my arms unaided, — he says. — I felt his warmth and pressure in my hand. The sensitivity hasn't fully recovered yet, but I feel a touch. Admittedly, if I close my eyes, it will be difficult for me to determine where I am hit.

Félix rarely uses a corset or other similar devices to support his left arm. He sometimes wears a prosthesis if he travels long distances, but he does not use it at home.

“Until I feel the temperature of my hands: It's hard to tell if it's hot or cold. The sensations are a bit like electric shocks. But each time the sensitivity of the hands and the nerve conduction improve, — Gretarsson admits. — I consider myself extremely lucky with my team. They had done several hand transplants before, but this was the first with a full arm and partial shoulder. Nevertheless, they consider this project one of the more successful in their practice.

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Japan finds link between gut bacteria and COVID deaths

Japanese scientists from Nagoya University have established a link between the presence of an intestinal bacterium of the genus Collinsella in the human body and low mortality in the event of infection with coronavirus, study results are published on The Japan Times newspaper website.

The researchers concluded that Collinsella is able to convert bile acids into ursodeoxycholic acid, which prevents COVID from binding to receptors on cells of an infected person. intestine is expected to suppress virus activity, cause mild symptoms of infection and, therefore, a low probability of death.

< p>To confirm their hypothesis, university staff examined 953 people of countries with different levels of coronavirus infection mortality. Accordingly, in Japan, the Republic of Korea and Finland, where the mortality rate is considered low, a high concentration of intestinal bacteria was found in 34-61% of study participants. While residents of Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy and the United States, where mortality is high, a high concentration was only detected in 4-18% of cases.

The corresponding study explains the different incidence of new coronaviruses, disease severity and mortality in different countries.

Meanwhile, American scientists have succeeded to isolate two previously unknown antibodies that can neutralize the omicron strain of coronavirus. 

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A forecaster warned Muscovites about the Epiphany frost

In Moscow, on Epiphany Day, thermometers will drop to -12 degrees at night. This is a leading employee of the meteorological center “Phobos” Evgeny Tishkovets wrote on his Instagram.

According to the forecaster, holes will appear in the clouds at night , air cooling will increase in places due to the outgoing cyclone. He also said that the north wind will blow at a speed of 4-9 m/s.

In Moscow, in the south and east of the Moscow region , thermometers will drop to -12 degrees, in the western and northern region of Moscow – to -17 degrees, and in the northernmost parts of the region – to -20 degrees.

Tishkovets also added that up to 20-25mm of precipitation could fall in a week, about half the January norm. The coming week will fit the stereotype of a Russian winter – the weather will be snowy, windy and moderately freezing. 

The meteorologist said Monday morning falls of snow and blizzards cover central Russia, snowdrifts will reach 31-32 cm and wind will reach 15 m/s. In the second half of the week, the height of the snow cover in the capital will reach almost 45 cm, according to Tishkovets. 

It has already been reported that some regions of The Russian Federation was left without electricity due to bad weather.

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A Russian ship cannot leave the port of Batumi due to a storm

The Russian ship that entered the port of Batumi cannot leave Georgia due to a storm, reports the press service of the Maritime Transport Agency from the country's Ministry of Economy.  

According to the source, the vessel entered anchorage on January 7, with 13 crew members on board. On January 14, a warning was received of expected worsening weather conditions. Due to a strong storm, the ship could not perform any maneuvers, while the waves carried it back to shore. 

With the the help of Georgian specialists, the ship was able to turn to sea and drop anchor. It is added that the ship is waiting for loading, after which it will leave the territorial waters of Georgia.

Earlier it was reported that the crew of the cargo ship “Grigory Lovtsov” in the sea from Okhotsk, he gave a distress signal for evacuation due to the formation of ice, the Ministry of Emergency Situations clarified that there was no no casualties among the sailors.

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How long does a train take on the longest route in the world?

Weekly “Arguments and facts” n°01-02. Why did Kazakhstan catch fire? 01/12/2022

I heard that the Chinese built the longest railway from Lisbon to Singapore. How many days does the train pass? !

Expert Answer -1 + –

– China has only built a new stretch in Laos with a length of 414 km, – says blogger Kirill Balberov, who specializes in railway topics. – All the roads from Lisbon to Singapore were connected, and indeed the longest highway in the world appeared, crossing 13 countries and counting 18.65 thousand km. It would be possible to overcome this distance in 10 & ndash; 12 days & ndash; 2 times faster than by sea. But a special train is not provided. First, it may only be of interest to tourists, but they will have a lot of visa problems. Secondly, due to the change in the width of the track, it will be necessary to change the wheel sets several times, which is difficult and expensive. Now on the road to Lisbon – Singapore runs many different comfort trains, right down to electric trains, the schedules of which do not agree well with each other. Therefore, the journey by courier can take up to three weeks.

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Minus four degrees expected Sunday in Moscow

Cloudy weather is expected in the Russian capital on Sunday, January 16, according to the official website of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation.

“Light snow in some places. Black ice,” the message reads.

Daytime air temperature in the city will be minus two to minus four degrees.

West wind at a speed of five to ten meters per second. The atmospheric pressure is 743 millimeters of mercury.

Monday evening, cloudy weather with sunny spells and light snow is expected in the capital. Blizzard in places Thermometers can drop to minus seven degrees.

The wind is blowing from the south and southwest at a speed of six to 11 meters per second.Atmospheric pressure will be 736 millimeters mercury.

Remember that    ""yellow" the level of meteorological danger due to ice.

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How to change local doctor?

Weekly “Arguments and facts” n°01-02. Why did Kazakhstan catch fire? 01/12/2022

I am not satisfied with the work of my local doctor. Can I upgrade?

Expert Answer -1 + –

– To do this, you need to write a request to the head doctor and explain why you are not satisfied with the work of the therapist, – explains a member of the Council of Public Organizations for the Protection of Patients' Rights under the supervision of Russian Health, Professor Alexei Starchenko. – There may be problems with home care. But if you are persistent and constantly writing complaints about an unscrupulous district policeman, pointing out what was done wrong or not done at all during a home visit, I think your request change of doctor will be satisfied.

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175 rural polyclinics. Medical and obstetrical posts are being modernized

History National Projects

Since the beginning of the establishment of the national project “Health” 1,750 feldsher-obstetric stations have been opened, which have already been visited by 2 million people. 

A new feldsher-obstetric station in the village of Korshanga-Shigali of the Republic of Tatarstan — a long-awaited event for its inhabitants. The new DPF is manufactured in accordance with all modern requirements. In comfortable conditions, it is now possible to receive the population, to be vaccinated, and to carry out various medical interventions. This building — The 16th of the new modular DPFs built in the district as part of the national project. In 2022, it is planned to build similar buildings in the villages of Staroe, Zadorovka and Khaibuldino.

In the village of Zelenovsky, Krapivinsky district, Kemerovo region, a new feldsher-obstetric station began to receive patients. Medical assistance in comfortable conditions will now be received by 550 people, including 100 children. The Zelenovsky paramedic station is staffed, a paramedic and a nurse work there, both — villagers and know their patients well. The FAP modular building was constructed to replace the old feldsher station, which no longer met modern standards. The modular point area — 87 sq m, it houses a reception room with workstations equipped for a paramedic and a nurse, rooms for staff and for the storage of medicines with a refrigerator and an autoclave. The new medical station is equipped in accordance with the equipment requirements for paramedic stations. There is an ECG machine, devices for measuring sugar, hemoglobin, cholesterol, intraocular pressure, pulse oximeter, defibrillator, scales for children and adults and a height measurer. Based on the FAP, visiting teams of doctors from regional clinics will be able to make appointments. Five other rural medical centers have already been built and equipped, they will start accepting patients in the second half of January. 

A model feldsher-obstetrics station appeared in the village of Lesozavodskaya in the Zaigraevsky district of the Republic of Buryatia to replace the emergency building of the feldsher-obstetrics station, which could not be repaired. In a room of 80 m². meters, there is an office to receive patients, a treatment room and a room to store medicines. This construction model involves rapid assembly from prefabricated isolated parts. The new feldsher-obstetrics station has electricity, plumbing and all the necessary furniture. There are several bright and warm rooms in the bedroom. There will also be a pharmacy in this building. There are currently no pharmacies in the village. A very convenient entrance to the building for the elderly and a ramp for people with reduced mobility are also provided in the feldsher-obstetrics station. 

A new modular DPF was opened in the village of Kubiyazi in the Republic of Bashkortostan. paramedic Zukhra Minaeva and midwife Reseda Nartdinovawill work here. The opening of the FAP was a New Year's gift for the villagers. The old feldsher-midwife station was built in 1970 from a log and no longer meets modern standards. The new FAP has all the conditions for the reception of patients and the work of staff: vaccination and treatment rooms, an adult reception room, an examination room, premises for storage of medicines and disinfectant solutions.

Construction and modernization of feldsher-obstetric stations — one of the important directions of the federal project “Development of primary health care”, which is implemented within the framework of the national project “Health”. Its goal is to provide high-quality, timely and equitable medical care to all residents of the country. 

From 2021, the departmental target program “Modernization of Primary Health Care of the Federation of Russia” is implemented on the territory of the Russian Federation. under which measures will be implemented in the regions to modernize the primary health care system, designed to provide affordable medical care to the population, including residents of small settlements and remote and difficult to reach corners. ;country access.

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Striped king. Is the Amur Tiger an evil taiga spirit or just a big cat?

Weekly “Arguments and facts” n°01-02. Why did Kazakhstan catch fire? 01/12/2022

Do we know him well? For example, what is the real Amur tiger (aka, named after the taiga, Ussuriysky) – the only subspecies of tigers living in our country? Why do representatives of the indigenous peoples of Eastern Siberia (and not only them) consider this largest and northernmost predatory feline in the world, capable of surviving –40°C, as a “divine beast”? About this “AiF” said specialists in the study and protection of Amur tigers.

Intellectual predator

< img src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/car-vnbsppolosku-amurskij-tigr-zloj-duh-tajgi-ili-prosto-bolshaja-koshka-b9ca02e.jpg" style="display: block;" />

&ldash;Amur Tiger– a great mystery and will remain so for a long time, – Primorsky biologist-gamekeeper Pavel Fomenko, honorary nature conservation worker of the Russian Federation, believes.In March 2018, he almost died from an attack of the one of his wards – family tigresses. She tore the fence of the enclosure in which she was for rehabilitation and treatment, rushed at the scientist and seriously injured him. After that, however, he did not quit his job and returned to protecting the tigers on the Amur. 

“Our Tiger– not just a “big wild cat”, but a special, almost mystical animal, – said Fomenko. – It is he who rules the ball in the Far Eastern taiga, here he is the real king of nature. Rarely does anyone see it, but in the forest you smell the tiger with a special “vision”. This state can be described by the word “maeta”: nothing seems to be happening, but something around you is no longer the same. Experienced hunters are well aware of this. Perhaps this is the strongest tiger energy? ”

In addition, the Amur Tiger behaves like an inveterate intellectual: it is intelligent and has an excellent memory, and it remembers not only bad, but also good. “My friends Nanai, from whom the tiger stole the prey, said that he returned it later. And such cases have happened more than once. It happens like this : a hunter kills, say, a wild boar, hides it in the forest, because it is difficult to take away all the meat at once. Then a tiger finds this place and eats the wild boar carcass. And after a while , the same hunter goes away, looks, and on his way is the half-carcass of another wild boar, killed by this tiger Or, for example, frightened animals jump out of the forest on a hunter, but it turns out that the tiger himself led them to him. And all because while butchering his prey in the forest, a man carefully left some of it for the tiger.

Hunters are rude< /h2>

As Pavel Fomenko clarifies, according to the official archives of 2015, in the Primorsky Territory, on the right bank of the Amur in the Khabarovsk Territory, in the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Amur Region. there were only 540 tigers. Today, there may already be around 600 of them. At the same time, Amur tigers live not only in nature reserves and national parks: 80% of their population lives in unprotected forests and hunting farms. 10% of tigers live in China, where to kill the “divine beast” pronounced the death penalty. But poachers are still chasing them. 

“Often, need drives people to kill a tiger, – explains Fomenko. – Also, there have always been, there are, and there will be war tigers that attack livestock and pets. due to the lack of ungulates in the taiga, injuries or diseases, striped predators sometimes come to villages for cattle and dogs, for example, the snowy winter of 1983-1984 led to the catastrophic death of tens of thousands of ungulates in the northern Primorsky and southern Khabarovsk Territory As a result, in 1985, only according to official data, 20 tigers were slaughtered in Primorye, in 1986 – already 43 According to Vasily Solkin, the vast majority of people in Primorye have never seen a tiger in the wild: compared to the tiger: they behave more aggressively, often not out of malice, but out of fear Especially when it comes to a hunting area, where your well-being depends the number of sables you have captured. And a huge predatory cat bothers you there from morning to evening, which, by its very presence, causes irritation. The result is a confrontation between beast and man.”.

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