What supports are there for relatives of a veteran?

Russian legislation provides for social support measures for the families of fallen (deceased) veterans. They are listed in art. 21 of the Federal Law of January 12, 1995 N 5-FZ “On veterans”. 

Who are considered veterans of hostilities?

Veterans of hostilities can be recognized as military, as well as civilians who took part in battles, served in military units, received an award or were injured. In art. 3 of the Federal Law “On Veterans” contains a list of persons who are veterans. The appendix to the federal law also lists military operations, for participation in which veteran status is assigned.

Which relatives of veterans are entitled to measures support?

Social support measures are provided for disabled family members of a deceased (deceased) veteran who were dependent on him and in receipt of a survivor's pension.

Also, regardless of the state of work capacity, being dependent, receiving a pension or a social assistance salary is due to his wife (or spouse) under the following conditions:

< p>1. she (or he) has not (or has not) remarried;

2.  lives:

2.1 alone

2.2 or with minor child(ren) 

2.3 or with ) child(ren) over the age of 18 who became disabled before they reached the age of 18

2.4 or with a child (children) who has not attained (under) the age of 23 and students (students) in full-time educational institutions. 

What payments and benefits are due to relatives of veterans?

The following social support measures are provided for the above persons:

    < li>retirement benefits;
  • benefit when joining housing, housing construction, garage cooperatives, priority right to purchase plots of garden land or garden plots;
  • provide  housing for family members of dead (deceased) veterans in need of better housing conditions;
  • medical care in medical organizations to which relatives were attached during the life of the deceased (deceased), as well that extraordinary medical care under the program of state guarantees on free medical care to citizens;
  • compensation for the cost of housing and communal services;
  • preferential provision of vouchers to sanatorium organizations (if there are medical indications);
  • priority admission to social service organizations providing social services in fixed form, semi-stationary form, extraordinary service to a spouse (spouse) by social service organizations providing social services in the form of services social services at home.
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    On what basis are payments and benefits granted to relatives?

    According to Art. 28 of the Federal Law "On Veterans", social assistance measures are granted to relatives upon presentation of a certificate of a veteran. If a serviceman participated in battles and did not manage to receive the “crust” of a veteran during his lifetime, relatives can claim payments and benefits if they provide a document confirming the fact of death (death) of the serviceman, as well as the fact of his participation in hostilities, operations, combat missions, performance of tasks, work, providing combat operations or performing special tasks. 



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