Hunters. The United States has created a group of ships to fight Russian submarines

The US Navy is forming a new Task Force called the Greyhound. It consists of destroyers that can be deployed as soon as possible to counter Russian submarines in the Atlantic Ocean. To perform the tasks of combat duty in front of the group, at least & nbsp; four ships.

According to foreign media, according to US intelligence, modern Russian nuclear submarines are increasingly crossing the Faro-Icelandic border, NATO's anti-submarine defense line between Greenland, ; Iceland and Great Britain, and headed for the coasts of the United States. In addition, the creation of a new task force is due to the fact that the US Navy has reoriented its resources and efforts towards the Atlantic region due to the growth of Russia's submarine potential and concerns about Russian submarines operating in these waters.

On the formation of a new group named after a breed of hunting dog (in Russian it is called an English greyhound), in addition, the “ Greyhounds '' 39; During World War II, the names of American warships that escorted merchant ships across the Atlantic, protecting them from German submarines, were named, USNI News reported. The commander of the Navy's surface forces in the Atlantic said the group would be ready to perform a full range of tasks, including monitoring Russian submarine activities in the Atlantic and protecting the country. at sea.

The Greyhound will initially include destroyers Donald Cook and Thomas Hudner, who have extensive experience in anti-submarine warfare. The destroyer Gravely will replace it when Donald Cook leaves for maintenance in January.

Destroyers The Sullivan, Cole will join the group later. According to the representative of the US Navy, a stable duty schedule should be formed, in which, in the end, four ships will be constantly involved to carry out the tasks of the group. The group will be in full combat readiness by summer 2022.

The creation of the destroyer group reflects the growing competition in the military-technical field between the United States, Russia and China. Last month, the US Coast Guard was informed that four Chinese warships had sailed in international waters off the Aleutian Islands.

The decision to send four Arleigh Burke-class destroyers on alert to track the submarines was taken following the reestablishment of the U.S. 2nd Fleet in 2018 in response to the ship deployment warships in the North Atlantic on a scale never seen before. during the Cold War.

Currently, the Russian Navy has much quieter nuclear submarines, especially Yasen-class submarines. and 'Ash-M', which are armed with cruise missiles. It is expected that the Yasen-M submarines will be armed with the new Zircon hypersonic cruise missile, which Russia says has been tested at more than eight times the speed of sound.


Tactical fire drills in the “Moscow-City” complex

In Moscow on September 29, large-scale tactical fire drills were held to extinguish a fire in a skyscraper. As part of the exercise, firefighters and rescuers practiced high-rise building fire actions, including rapid evacuation of people. The exercises were held in the capital towers under construction in the Moscow city complex at an altitude of 226 meters. Involved 30 firefighters, 7 units of special equipment and fire-fighting equipment.

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During tactical fire drills in the under construction Capital Towers of the Moscow International Business Center “Moscow-City” (MIBC) © RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

During tactical fire drills in the under construction Capital Towers of the Moscow International Business Center” Moscow-City “(MIBC) © RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov

© RIA Novosti/Maxim Blinov


The stylist spoke about the mistakes most women make when choosing clothes

Most women make the same mistakes when choosing their clothes. Stylist Yulia Litvinenko, in a conversation with, named the most popular of them that every woman should pay attention to.

Most often women are biased towards their figure, so they expose all of its flaws for the show. Therefore, when choosing a blouse, young girls can buy a model with open sleeves, and older women should give preference to things that cover the shoulder area.

The stylist also notes that you shouldn't chase trends. It is best to buy a basic item that will last longer than one season. At the same time, one should not go to the other extreme and buy the same type of clothes. & Nbsp;

The choice of bold colors in clothing, as well as a print, should be treated very carefully. The stylist notes that minimalism has become fashionable, which is unlikely to leave the market quickly. If you still want to add color, Yulia Litvinenko advises to pay attention to models with a psychedelic or classic pattern.

Earlier, experts talked about how to reduce purchasing costs.

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In Russia, a humanoid robot started taking exams for students

A humanoid robot named Yura has started taking exams for students at Perm State Medical University.

A humanoid android Yura plays the role of a patient during a doctor's appointment, the Promobot company reports.

In this way, students learn how to prescribe treatment and make the correct diagnosis. It should be noted that the robot is able to reproduce the behavior of the patient at the reception, and can also evaluate the treatment methods prescribed by the student.

At the same time, Yura records the experience. The whole process on a camera and sends the results with video recording to the responsible teacher. He can perform such an exam in eight areas, including cardiology.

Previously, it was reported that a robot teacher started working in the children's center. In addition to the educational process, such an object can take part in excursions and tell any information, include a video or presentation. & Nbsp;


Belarus received the first batch of BTR-82A from Russia

The first batch of Russian armored personnel carriers BTR-82A has arrived in Belarus, the second will arrive in November, the press service of the Belarusian Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

It should be noted that some of the new armored vehicles will enter service with the separate 120th Mechanized Brigade. Several units will be handed over to the Joint Training Center and the Belarusian Military Academy.

In addition, two BREM-K units, armored recovery vehicle on a BTR-80 chassis, are arrivals in the republic. The second batch of armored vehicles from Russia is expected to arrive in November this year.

Previously, it was reported that Russia and Belarus have held joint counterterrorism exercises. At the Brestsky training ground commandos from both countries freed conditional hostages who were being held in the building by conditional terrorists. & nbsp;


Black Sea Fleet ships conducted exercises to repel missile strike

The ships of the Black Sea Fleet repelled a massive airstrike with missiles as part of the exercises, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the Black Sea Fleet.

The maneuvers took place in the Black Sea, they were carried out with the formation of the Air Force and the Air Defense of the Southern Military District.

According to legend, the missile cruiser Moskva, the frigate Admiral Grigorovich, the patrol boat Ladny and rockets “ Ivanovets & # 39; & # 39; and 'R-60' carried out tasks to protect navigation and protect the objects of Russia's maritime economic activity in the Black Sea.

The Crimea-based Southern Military District Air Force and Air Defense Force aircraft simulated an enemy strike on multiple targets in the Black Sea . The regrouping of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet conditionally destroyed the “enemy” aircraft and its missiles at maximum range.

Earlier it was reported that Russia and Pakistan are jointly preparing to push back the growing threats.

It also became known that the Army of the Russian Federation and Mongolia conducted the first training exercise on the “ Selenga-2021 '' exercises. The rifle and motorized tank units developed a joint offensive with deployment in a battle line.


Former deputy head of the Ministry of Education and vice-president of Sberbank Marina Rakova. Case

Marina Rakova. Photo: RIA Novosti/Ramil Sitdikov

The former deputy head of the Ministry of Education and vice-president of the & nbsp; Sberbank Marina Rakova is being prosecuted for fraud on a particularly large scale. According to media citing the security forces, searches were carried out in Rakova's apartment and at her workplace.

“ Currently, investigators are questioning Rakova in the Case initiated under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud on a particularly large scale). This case may be related to his work at the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, & raquo ;, & mdash; TASS interlocutor said.

“ As deputy head of the Ministry of Education, she lobbied for the allocation of budgetary funds to the Fund for New Forms of Educational Development (FNFRO), of which she was the general manager. The money was intended for the implementation of state contracts under the federal project & bdquo; Teacher of the future & ldquo ;. Specialized reviews revealed tampering with report documentation on & bdquo; scientific research & ldquo; Russian-British private university & bdquo; Shaninka & ldquo; (the official name is & mdash; Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences). It is alleged that the FNFRO illegally accepted the work performed by the university and unjustifiably paid the money ',' & mdash; RIA Novosti's interlocutor said with reference to the investigation. & nbsp;

The agency's source added that in addition to falsifying documents, Rakova is believed to be involved in the theft of more than 50 million rubles. In addition, information about Rakova's possible involvement in the theft of at least three other contracts worth 150 million rubles is currently being verified. Under the article, fraud on a particularly large scale, Cancer faces up to ten years in prison, Kommersant reported.

Searches were also carried out in Rakova's entourage, in particular among senior officials of Sberbank, who had previously worked with her at the Fund for the Development of New Forms of Education and the Ministry of Education. 39; Education.

What does Marina Rakova know?

Marina Nikolaevna Rakova was born on April 7, 1983 in the city of Gornyak, Altai Territory.

She grew up in the family of a teacher and a prosecutor.

Until 2000, she studied at Gymnasium No.74 in the city of Barnaul. Participation in international forums, contests and competitions, such as & nbsp; Intel ISEF, European competition for young scientists.

From 1998 to 2002, Rakova studied fundamental mathematics at the Bauman State Technical University in Moscow. She also completed further training at the Altai Academy of Economics and Law.

In 2016, Rakova became the leader of the strategic initiative “ New Model of Further Education for Children. & # 39; & # 39;

In the same year, she headed the project office of the priority project “Affordable additional education for children” and, since 2018, she became the administrator of the priority project. In this capacity, in particular, she is engaged in the creation of the Quantorium children's technoparks. In 2017, the project received the Development Award nomination.

By decree of the Prime Minister of Russia dated October 15, 2018, Marina Nikolaevna was appointed Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation.

Among the main achievements in this position: the creation of more than two thousand open centers for the education of digital and humanitarian profiles in small towns and villages “ Growth points '' in fifty constituent entities of Russia, more than a hundred “ Quantorium '' children's technoparks, several & nbsp; dozens of 'IT-cubes' & mdash; & nbsp; training centers for future specialists in the field of digital technologies.

By decree of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on March 16, 2020 Marina Rakova was dismissed from her post as Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation & # 39; nbsp; as part of a transfer within the public joint stock company Sberbank.

At Sberbank, a new senior manager led the Digital Education Platforms project, as well as a subsidiary of the bank & mdash; SberObrazovanie LLC. & Nbsp;

The press service of Sberbank pointed out that the persecution of Marina Rakova had nothing to do with her work in a credit institution.

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Seoul plans to launch its first self-developed launcher

South Korea will launch its first space rocket, Nuriho, according to the republic's Ministry of Information and Communication Science and Technology.

The rocket is installed on the launch pad of the Naro Cosmodrome in Jeollanam-do province … The launch is scheduled for October 21. At the same time, it should be noted that, depending on weather conditions, it can be carried out in the period from October 22 to 28.

It is underlined that on September 30 the preparation of the launch entered the last stage. Currently all rocket systems are being tested.

Recall that in 2010 for the development of the space rocket Nuriho; South Korean authorities have allocated $ 1.8 billion. The aircraft weighs 200 tons, it is equipped with liquid engines and will be launched into space with a dummy payload weighing 1.5 tons.

Previously, it had been reported that South Korea had launched its own ballistic missile from a submarine. The country's President Moon Jae-in was present at the launch of the rocket.


TASS: the first launch of “Zircon” from a submarine will be carried out from the White Sea in October

The first launch of the submarine version of the Zircon hypersonic missile will be carried out from the Severodvinsk nuclear submarine; in October, TASS reports, citing a source from the military-industrial complex.

He said the launch will take place as part of flight design tests from the surface of the White Sea.

“ Depending on the results, the second launch can be carried out in November underwater on a target at sea '', added a source from the ;agency.

He also said that the first launch of Zircon, which was scheduled for September; of the Severodvinsk submarine was postponed due to the need to carry out all technical training.

The Zircon hypersonic cruise missile; capable of reaching speeds of around 9 Mach numbers and hitting sea and land targets at a distance of over 1000 km.

On the eve of & nbsp; flight design tests of the latest 'Zircon' hypersonic missile have been reported to have passed. surface aircraft carrier – the Admiral Frigate of the Soviet Union Fleet Gorshkov.


Should we still wait for Indian summer?

Weekly “Arguments and facts” n ° 39. When the batteries are not heated. Why is the heating season starting with problems? 09/29/2021

Forecasters have promised & nbsp; 28 & nbsp; September to & nbsp; Moscow and & nbsp; Moscow region will finally come Indian summer. But the warming itself has not happened. Nature decided we would do without it, since the summer has been hot enough?

Expert response 0 + –

` `Some warming has occurred on & nbsp; this week it's impossible to call a whole Indian summer, & nbsp; & mdash; declares the scientific director of the Roman Hydrometeorological Center of Vilfand . & mdash; & nbsp; This temperature is fairly average for the time given. However, say with & nbsp; trust that in & nbsp; this year the warming waves will no longer be & nbsp; we & nbsp; cannot & nbsp ;. We are looking forward to Indian summer with & nbsp; everyone and & nbsp; we will certainly warn against & nbsp; he & raquo ;.

A month of September so cold in the & nbsp; capital & nbsp; & mdash; a rare phenomenon, observed once in & nbsp; 6 & ndash; 8 & nbsp; years. Over the past 20 years, the first month of autumn has disappointed the years 2000, 2008 and 2013. And, for example, in & nbsp; 1881 & nbsp; g. the temperature at & nbsp; Moscow to & nbsp; late September fell to & mdash; 8.5 ° C.