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In late August, the F.S.T.A. solicited rankings from its membership based on a fairly standard scoring system (jump back to my post in September about this for more details) and I roamed the Web for additional Web sites that had rankings that fit this scoring system. I found it quite interesting that despite the importance of scoring on our seasonal and weekly lineup decisions, many sites did not note their scoring system alongside their rankings. nfl jerseys china As of today I have rankings from 21 fantasy expert sites and one additional ranking to address the wisdom of the crowd theory that I’m trying to home in on this season: the Average Draft Position from

I’ve changed a few things this time around; primarily,cheap custom nfl jerseys I am now analyzing sites based on positional rankings, not overall rankings as I did in the past. This should make the analysis more targeted and hopefully more valuable for fantasy custom nfl jerseys

To figure this out, I did some very basic math â€Ħħ I compared each site’s running back rankings using the top 36 players they ranked (36 would account for the top 2 starters and a flex for 12-team leagues) and compared that ranking to each player’s Week 13 ranking based on fantasy points. I took the difference between those two rankings, squared it, and then summed the 36 players’ points for each site.

Although the final results of this contest will not be available for another month or two,nfl jeresys custom I am taking an early sneak peek at how sites have done now that we’ve wrapped up Week 13 and are done with the fantasy regular season in many jeresys custom Today I am scoping out the running back rankings only â€Ħħ how well did those 22 different rankings do at predicting running back success in fantasyland?

A quick example â€Ħħ almost every site ranked LaDainian Tomlinson as the #1 RB during the preseason â€Ħħ as of Week 13 he was the 15th best RB, making a difference of 14,nfl jeresys custom or a square of 196. Now I should note that I didn’t remove injured players. nfl jeresys custom Removing injured players could become a very sticky matter (how many weeks does a player play before he is removed for being injured?) and because injuries to players like, say, Tom Brady affect most sites in an almost identical matter, I’d rather include them than not.

To keep this post shorter,wholesale nfl jerseys I am going to list only the top 10 sites here. To see the rest of the list and read more details, including the spreadsheet with all the player rankings, check back on my blog, Fantasy Football Librarian, over the next several days. Sites that had enough foresight to rank injury-prone players at a lower spot should at least be rewarded in some small way for that prescience. Therefore you’re going to see some pretty big numbers associated with sites’ rankings, because there are players on injured reserve (IR) like Laurence Maroney who were ranked by most sites, but fell way, way out of the top 36 by Week 13 â€Ħħ so don’t worry about the massiveness of the numbers, nfl jerseys china just focus on their relative position compared to other expert sites.

Please keep in mind that the season isn’t over yet and this is just an analysis of running backs from one year â€Ħħ not enough to make any major statements about a site’s value. wholesale nfl jerseys The F.S.T.A. member Web site that proves to be the most accurate will receive an award at the F.S.T.A. annual winter meeting, although I am also looking at sites that are not part of the F.S.T.A. as well. If you have a ranking that you would like included in this analysis (and can confirm that this is the ranking you posted before the season began), I would love to hear from custom nfl jerseys Last year you all brought up some excellent points on the strengths and weaknesses of the analysis I did for 2007, so please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions on how I can further refine the 2008 analysis., 15,223 Sports Illustrated, 16,524 Fantasy Football Sherpa, 16,870 FootballDocs, 17301 Fox Sports, wholesale nfl jerseys 17325 FFToday, 17,696 wholesale nfl jerseys, 17,929 Ask the Commish, 18416 FFToolbox, 18,964 Fantazzle, 19,508

Oh, and hey, good luck in the fantasy playoffs! nfl jerseys china