The mystery of Gabby Petito. The drama that rocked America raises new questions

The story of the disappearance and death of 22-year-old New York traveler, G Abby Petito , which shocked the America, will probably never reveal all the secrets. In Florida, her fiancé Brian Londry was declared dead, to whom Themis and the girl's relatives asked many questions. Although the police haven't even named the guy as a murder suspect, many have handed him a guilty verdict online. Social media, where the lovers covered their fateful journey almost every day, after Gabby's disappearance swept away a 'police fever'. unprecedented. And this hysteria has raised sensitive questions in American society beyond those associated with the drama itself.

Chronicle of the tragedy

According to the FBI, by the end of 2020 there were almost 90,000 missing persons cases under active investigation in the United States, but only this story has become a real information bomb. Her fuse was set alight on July 2, when 22-year-old New Yorker Gabrielle Petito and her 23-year-old boyfriend Brian Londry took a trip across America. It started in the east at Blue Point and was due to end a few months later in the west of the country. Young people were heading to world famous national parks that they wanted to explore. They traveled in a white Ford Transit van, which they turned into a mini house on wheels. He has become a silent witness to other tragic events and an important piece of evidence. & Nbsp;

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A photo of a happy couple with a now full tragedy of Gabby's signature: 'A year of adventure, of stories' and a whole life to come. & # 39; & # 39;

Gabby met Brian at Bayport School, where they both attended. After their relationship began, a girl from a large family moved to live with the guy and her parents in Florida. A year before leaving for the fateful journey, Petito shared with all the internet that her lover had called her in marriage, and she happily accepted. Gabrielle couldn't live without social media, and last summer she started writing about where she's seen almost all the tributes. Brian did the same. Everything resembled that of travel fashion bloggers: happy shots against a backdrop of beautiful landscapes and the same comments. Only Gabby always wrote briefly, unlike Brian, who later proved useful for couch seekers of these online chronicles of the tragedy.

His first swallow was an anonymous message from a tourist who witnessed the conflict between Petito and Londri in Utah. He informed the cops of a possible act of domestic violence, to which they responded on August 12. Among the many photographic and video evidence of this drama are videos taken on the body cameras of the police officers that day, where they interrogate young people. The travelers confessed to a serious quarrel with aggression: the girl hit her boyfriend, and he grabbed her in the face and pushed her. In the stills, Londri says the scandal started when he walked into the van with dirty feet and rearranged something in it. And Gabrielle had just put things in order. At the same time, we have realized that in recent days the atmosphere between them is heating up before our eyes.

Gabby and Brian's video of their post-incident journey quickly garnered over 6 million views.

Gabrielle told police officers that she flared up because of the boy's neglect in the face of his heightened anxiety and 'obsessive-compulsive disorder'. Like, he influences his behavior. The groom said he suffered from anxiety disorders himself, although he behaved differently. In the video, the girl is in tears and periodically sobbing, which is reflected in the cops report. She was constantly rubbing her eyes and nose, breathing heavily, hardly finding her words. But Brian, who shows scratches, keeps his cool and even laughs. As the young people spoke of their love and did not blame each other, the police simply advised them to spend the night separately. They took the guy to the hotel and the girl stayed at the campsite. Then it caused a wave of discontent on social media. They say the victim was not protected from the abuser. & Nbsp; Many decided that the people in uniform were on the groom's side. One of them noticed in the video that he is also married '' and understand the guy.

Cops in Utah chat with Gabby and Brian after anonymously reporting their altercation.

Criminal silence

The last time Petito spoke with his parents was August 21. A few days later, he and Londri checked into one of the hotels in the Utah capital. How long did she live after that & ndash; mystery. Although on the 26th another post about the trip appeared on Gabby's Instagram and on the 27th and 30th her family received text messages from her phone, the authorship of those messages was in doubt. Anyway, we now know for sure that on September 1, Londri returned home alone to his parents and kept quiet. He did not contact the police or the Petito family.

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Last Instagram post Gabby Petito is dated August 26.

Gabby's father appears to be September 10 Joe Petito came to Brian in the town of North Port and very persistently, but tried in vain to inform him about the fate of his daughter & mdash; police were called to Londri's home. And on September 11, Petito's parents wrote a statement about the girl's disappearance. They also turned to the public for help and reported at a press conference that their daughter had never been disconnected before.

“ We spoke at least three times a week & mdash; called, corresponded, often spoken on FaceTime, & mdash; Gabby's mother said. & mdash; And so it was throughout the journey. When there was no news from her for a few days, I first decided that she was somewhere out of reach. On the eighth or ninth day, I became very worried. “

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Message from the murdered woman with a spooky comment from the account 'Praying for Gabby Petito' : “ Although she looks happy, I can see the darkness enveloping her in the photo. & # 39; & # 39;

On the day Gabby's disappearance was announced, people in uniform came to see Brian. They saw a white Ford pickup truck at his house, which he returned to. It was only then that American Themis had no valid reason to suspect a crime. The girl was just presumed missing and Brian was the “person of interest” because of it. But the police attempt to tell him about the bride's fate failed & mdash; the family decided to communicate only through their lawyer Steven Bertolino . He read Londri's press release:

“ It is an incredibly difficult time for the Petito family and the Londri family. As far as we know, Miss Petito is wanted in the Grand Teton National Park area. in Wyoming. On behalf of the Londri family, we express our hope that the search operation will be successful and that Miss Petito will be with her family soon. On the advice of the lawyer, the Londri family will remain in the background during this time and will not comment further. & # 39; & # 39;

The lawyer explained that Brian is simply using the legal right to remain silent for his own good. He recalled the phrase known to all in American films: “Any word you say can be used against you. According to Bertolino, in such cases, investigators always focus on the partner of the missing person, even if it has nothing to do with it. The girl's family couldn't do anything other than beg Brian to break the silence. They attempted to reach him in a statement released on September 14 through the media:

Gabby Petito's family who have lost their peace. Photo: Image taken from video/Image taken from video

Brian says he wants to be in the background. While we search for Gabby in the wilderness of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, Brian left Gabby in the wilderness with grizzly bears and wolves as he sits in the comfort of his home. Brian, how could you do that to Gabby? You remain selfishly silent while Gabrielle is alone in the wild. Brian, your silence is reprehensible! We implore you to make the right decision and help us bring Gabby home. Brian, whatever happens in Wyoming, it's happened before. But you can control what happens now. Tell us where Gabby is. You denigrate your love for her with this silence. & # 39; & # 39;

A separate message was sent to the boyfriend's family. They too were reprimanded for being 'indifferent' ' remain silent, although Gabby had lived with them for over a year and was supposed to become his son's wife. The girl's family have expressed confidence that the Londris are hiding her whereabouts.

Orientation on Twitter to North Port Police, where Londri lived.

Unanswered questions

Gabby's parents hoped until the last to see their daughter alive, but on September 19, at a campsite in Grand Teton Park, her body was found. Immediately after this, the police reported the girl's murder, although they did not disclose the details of the incident (it was not until October until October). It was learned that she had been strangled with her hands and had been there for several weeks). By this time, social media was already buzzing with this story. For example, it was reported that in a single day of September 21, the hashtag #GabbyPetito alone on tiktok garnered over 650 million views. It was the army of users that helped discover Gabby. The travel blogger couple saw a white Ford Transit parked on the sidelines in the video they shot on August 27. The poor girl was found not far from this place.

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Video of blogging spouses who helped locate Gabby's body in Grand Teton National Park.

While some watched others blamed Brian. “ He looks like a bastard & # 39; & # 39 ;, & mdash; here is one of the typical comments about it. Ordinary people began to write that her parents also lied to the police and urged them to punish them. Pickets started outside Londri's house, shouting, 'Where's Gabby? “,” Bring Gabby home! On September 22, the FBI finally issued an arrest warrant for the guy. Granted, he was only accused of illegally withdrawing more than $ 1,000 from Gabby's bank card from August 30 to September 1. But anyway, it was too late to hold him back. Just days after Gabby was declared wanted, Brian himself disappeared. His parents later told police they last saw him on September 13, when he was going camping. Then the search for him began in the vast area of ​​the Florida nature reserve with an intricate swampy landscape, where many snakes and alligators are found.

One of the North Port Police Twitter reports on the search for Brian Londry

On the morning of October 20, Brian's personal effects and remains were found on the reserve. He was identified the next day from dental records. The body was in a place that had been under water for a long time and only recently dried out. The autopsy failed to establish the cause of death of the man. Media speaker FBI Agent Michael McPherson admitted that they don't have many questions answered yet. Even if those that already exist are often questioned. There were hundreds of reports that Brian had been seen elsewhere. Social media write he may be alive, especially since DNA analysis of the found remains has yet to be completed. Someone thinks too suspiciously that Londri's parents helped find them. And that happened on the same day they joined the research. But before that, law enforcement searched the area for more than five weeks. Cops are also accused of wasting taxpayer money. They actually missed the guy even though they were watching his house.

But a significant portion of Americans have touched a very different side of this story. States question the reasons for the “disproportionate interest” in Gabby Petito. This is often explained by the fact that this is a ready-made plot for Hollywood. Plus, she was supposed to be a cute blue eyed blonde from Gen Z who had her own blog. how not to notice. But many began to notice that the victim & mdash; White. There were messages like, “Would a black girl get that much attention?” A discussion has started on the alleged uneven focus on people looking for based on their skin color in the United States. The press also picked up on the trend: “ Missing African Americans you haven't heard of ',' ' a typical headline in American media today. And, apparently, this topic will not be exhausted for a long time.


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