Should I let the courier enter the apartment?

Non-working days are introduced in Moscow from October 28 to November 7. According to the decree of the mayor of Moscow, retail businesses will be closed for the time being, with the exception of those selling basic necessities. In particular, pharmacies, grocery stores, e-commerce and delivery companies will work. & Nbsp;

Couriers delivering goods must comply with health regulations. As the courier is in contact with an indefinite circle of people, he must wear a protective mask and gloves. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Where should the courier wait when the order is delivered? & nbsp;

As recommended by Rospotrebnadzor, & nbsp; When delivering the order, the courier should place the container (box) at the door, move away from the door at a distance of about 1.5 meters & nbsp; and notify you of the delivery by phone.

What to do when delivering food, clothing, shoes, etc. by courier ?

Services that deliver home cooked meals have changed the way they work due to the spread of the coronavirus infection. Couriers either leave an order near the customer's closed door or pass it on the apartment doorstep. & Nbsp; When delivering food & nbsp; be sure to check the packaging and availability of the check, as & nbsp; cases of deception of customers are not uncommon. The courier can bring an order from spoiled products, with incomplete portions or none at all. & Nbsp; If the delivered products turned out to be out of date or you were deceived during the delivery of food, then, in addition to the complaint, you have the right to send a complaint to the territorial body of Rospotrebnadzor, internal affairs bodies, the police and the prosecutor's office. & nbsp; Also, if you have any complaints about the quality of the food, order picking, etc., you can send a photo of the order you received in the app chat or call the & nbsp; & quot; hotline & quot ;.

You can check if the clothes or shoes fit you after the courier delivers the order. When trying on, you don't have to let the courier enter the apartment. You can take the order and ask the courier to wait outside the door. & Nbsp; It should be borne in mind that it does not take more than 15 minutes to place an order. After trying things, you can leave them or throw them away if they don't match or turn out to be faulty.

Why is it dangerous to let couriers enter an apartment? & nbsp;

Delivery people can turn out to be fraudulent shooters who can assess your well-being, such as entrance locks, the presence of alarms and the transfer of information to a large burglary organization. Also, being in the apartment, the courier may steal valuables while you try on clothes or check the contents of the package.

Is it possible to get in the courier driver's car to sign the documents? & Nbsp;

The courier can contact the buyer, advise them of the arrival time and leave by car. When delivering and transferring the order to the buyer, the courier may ask to sign the documents, pick up/pay for the goods in the car. For your safety, it is better not to do this in the car, but at the entrance or on the threshold of the apartment.

What rules should be followed when delivering goods by courier? & nbsp;

To avoid problems during delivery by courier, you must: & nbsp;

  • outsource delivery of large organizations to a verified courier service. & nbsp; It is advised that personal courier information is displayed in the mobile application;
  • pay for the order online, especially when ordering expensive items;
  • do not give the full address, & nbsp ;, if possible get the command at the entrance. & nbsp; The full home address refers to a person's personal data, the transfer of which to third parties, including couriers, is best minimized.
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