30% of former business owners switched to taxi jobs – research

30% of former businessmen work as taxi drivers. At the same time, 40% of all respondents combine this work with other activities. This is reported by Rossiyskaya Gazeta. with reference to the study of services Rabota.Ru; and Citymobil.

According to the source, 86% of taxi drivers have chosen this profession for additional income. At the same time, for 60% of those surveyed, it has become the only source of income, and the rest combine taxiing with other activities.

About 30% of former entrepreneurs occupy the taxi driver position. . At the same time, 27% of taxi drivers in the past were employees. There were 15% of former office workers in a taxi, and those who started working as a taxi driver immediately after graduation -; 11%.

The study proves that the most common category of drivers includes taxi drivers who have one to three years of experience (23%). 21% of drivers can claim a year of professional experience. Only 10% of respondents have been working in a taxi for more than 10 years, and for more than 20 years – 4%.

Previously, the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation offered to collect biometric data from taxi and carpooling drivers for their identification and authentication in the organizations information systems.

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Russian military train to shoot down drones near Afghan border

The Russian military is learning to repel drone attacks near the Afghan border, writes the Izvestia newspaper. citing sources at the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

It is noted that the exercises in the Central Asian region are designed to train personnel to protect the locations of troops, military bases and airfields from shock attacks and reconnaissance drones. Air defense forces, electronic warfare (EW) systems and motorized rifle units are involved in the maneuvers.

It is pointed out that the exercises of the units of the 201st Russian military base in Tajikistan, which has a common border with Afghanistan, are taking place almost without interruption.

The Defense Ministry told the edition that one of the episodes of the exercises, in which more than 300 military personnel participated, was recently developed at Kant Air Base in Kyrgyzstan. During the maneuvers, several attack and reconnaissance drones of the false enemy attempted to enter the airspace of the military camp.

The drones were detected by the calculation of the complex electronic warfare machine Silok-02. The army intercepted the control and took the vehicles to a safe distance, where they were destroyed. It is clarified that Kyrgyzstan does not have a common border with Afghanistan, but is in danger.

Recall that in August & nbsp; at Harb-Maidon training ground, 20 kilometers from the border with Afghanistan, & nbsp; joint exercises with the participation of 2.5 thousand military personnel from Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. & nbsp; The base of the Russian military contingent was formed by units of the 201st military base.

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Russia in 2027 could start construction of a new space station

General designer of RSC Energia, flight director of the Russian segment of the ISS Vladimir Soloviev said that in 2027, Russia could start assembling a new space station , reports RIA Novosti.

“ Angara is in the process of being created, but, as my colleagues explain to me, with her help we will be able to launch new modules this year in 2027, when we hope , the infrastructure of the Vostochny Cosmodrome will be ready, & # 39; & # 39; & mdash; did he declare.

Soloviev noted that Russian cosmonauts will fly to the ISS until around 2028-2029, until the start of operation of the new national station.

He also added that the first will be the Science and Power Module for the ISS.

Recall that at the end of July, the Scientific and Technical Council of Roscosmos recommended to include work on the creation of a technical design of a new orbital station in the space program Federal – 2025 It was noted that the operation of the ISS is expected to be completed by 2028.

The station is slated to be established in two stages. In a first stage, from 2025 to 2030, Progress freighters will continue to fly to the new station. and piloted Soyuz.

Head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin said that the Russian Orbital Service Station (ROSS) will be the prototype of modules for traveling to other planets.

ROSS will be radically different from what exists today, the Roscosmos chief noted. He added that the work at the station would require the training of “specialists fundamentally new to the body of cosmonauts. “

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Rospotrebnadzor: there is no risk of unknown fever from India

Rospotrebnadzor's press service said there is virtually no risk of a fever unknown from India spreading to Russia, TASS reports.

The agency said that the state of Uttar Pradesh, where deaths from an unknown viral fever have been recorded, has no borders with Russia.

specified to Rospotrebnadzor.

Recall that 68 people died from an unknown viral fever in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Earlier, Rospotrebnadzor reported that a large number of mosquitoes can be seen in Russia in the fall, which carry West Nile fever, this is due to the abundant precipitation. & nbsp;

The department said a warm and prolonged fall is expected in the country, along with rains. These factors can cause a high number of vectors, which maintains the risk of transmission of the pathogen. & Nbsp;

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Protest action in Athens

On Sunday August 29, a rally was held in Athens against the compulsory vaccination of certain categories of citizens. After the rally, protesters clashed with police, police used tear gas and arrested 47 people. Police said 7,500 people attended the rally in Syntagma Square outside the walls of the Greek Parliament.

According to the decision of the Greek government, of September 1, workers in medical institutions who have not been vaccinated or do not have a COVID-19 carry-over certificate. Mandatory vaccinations also apply to pharmacists and liberal doctors. Those who do not get the vaccine will have to pay a fine.

How was the protest action & nbsp; & mdash; in the AiF.ru photo strip.

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What do we know about the autoloading drone created in Russia?

Russian scientists from the University of Gosmortekh (St. Petersburg) have developed an unmanned surface hydrometeorological vehicle for the Russian Navy, moving by waves and consuming virtually no energy. Its potential battery life is six months. The main task of the latest development will be hydrometeorological observations in the oceans for the benefit of the military. AiF.ru found out how the army can use the device.

3D model of the wave glider. Photo: YouTube Frame/Liquid Robotics

Unmanned Surface Vehicle & mdash; this is a whole new kind of marine technology. In essence, this is a wave glider with an unconventional motion pattern that runs on wave energy. The wing system plans into the water column, and due to the up and down movement of the wave, a forward thrust is formed. This system shoots for & nbsp; itself all the surface structure associated with & nbsp; its cable. In case the sea is not rough, the drone has auxiliary motors and a solar battery. Thus, the device is able to operate autonomously almost indefinitely, although the manufacturer recommends limiting its presence at sea to six months. With a longer lifespan, the drone can become overgrown with algae, a layer of salt forms on the body, which reduces the efficiency of the device.

The drone can replace the traditional buoys ejected from the ship. The main task of the wave glider will be the so-called hydrometeorological support, and then & nbsp; is the measurement of temperature, pressure, salinity and wind direction & nbsp; & mdash; important parameters, on which the actions of groups of ships and the use of weapons depend. For this, the device will be thrown into a certain area, where it will be designated as a patrol location. Then the device will follow the path set with & nbsp; will speed up to two nodes and & nbsp; in & nbsp; will transmit data to & nbsp; tracking stations.

The weather in & nbsp; sea ​​may change to & nbsp; in a few hours, sometimes in & nbsp; a few minutes. And & nbsp; this can be reflected, for example, on the speed of the ship and & nbsp; its ability to shoot. Therefore, it is always important to know the actual situation in the & nbsp; water area in & nbsp; water and & nbsp; in & nbsp; air. This also applies to the situation where the ships are in the base area and performing a combat mission. The drone can be launched with & nbsp; with the help of aviation on & nbsp; the planned routes of the ships, and & nbsp; also in & nbsp; combat mission areas. These robotic systems will transmit weather information in real time. Thanks to such devices, the leadership of the Russian Navy will be able to carefully monitor the weather conditions in the areas of operation of warships. These robots will allow you to control the real water situation, and & nbsp; means more careful planning of the ship's maneuvers, and & nbsp; also use weapons with & nbsp; more precisely, as the expert explained.

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A Dragon spaceship docked at the ISS

SpaceX & # 39; s Dragon spacecraft successfully docked at the ISS. The device automatically arrived at the station half an hour earlier than expected.

It took about 15 minutes to rigidly couple the vessel with the station using special handles. The operation was monitored by US astronauts Shane Kimbrow and Megan MacArthur, the broadcast was conducted on the NASA website.

Dragon delivered 2.2 tons of cargo to the station, including fresh fruit and vegetables, new scientific equipment and experiments. The device will stay in the orbital station for about a month and then come back with the results of the scientific work.

The Dragon freighter was launched on August 29 from the Florida Cosmodrome using a Falcon 9 rocket.

The previous ship sent by the States -United on June 3, the docking at the ISS was made two days later, and a month later the Dragon splashed off the coast of Florida.

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Olzhas Suleimenov: “Yes, we were the first to stop testing”

Track Kazakhstan today

Sunday, August 29, marked the 30th anniversary of the signing of the decree of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on the official closure of the Semipalatinsk nuclear power plant test site. This day later became the International Day Against Nuclear Tests. & Nbsp;

But it was preceded by events in which a Kazakh poet, public figure and politician Olzhas Suleimenov played an important role, in who we asked to talk about the vicissitudes of that time and the struggle that was around the closing polygon.

& mdash; Olzhas Omarovich, Kazakhstan is believed to have become the first state in the world to renounce nuclear weapons. You played a major role in the anti-nuclear movement 30 years ago. How then was the historic decision to close the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site made, the decision on the denuclearized status of Kazakhstan?

& mdash; You asked the question correctly, it is believed that Kazakhstan was the first to renounce nuclear weapons. But Kazakhstan did not have nuclear weapons, the USSR did, and part of the nuclear arsenal, the main nuclear test site of which, was indeed on the territory of our Republic. And the real struggle to shut down this trial site began on February 28, 1989, when, at the behest of thousands and thousands of ordinary citizens of Kazakhstan, a constituent assembly of the anti-nuclear movement, later called Nevada, came together. 39; is held in the building. of the Union of Writers of the Republic in Alma-Ata. Semipalatinsk & # 39; & # 39 ;. It is they, I emphasize, that ordinary people have delegated authority to this movement, and to me, as a deputy of the Supreme Soviet, to ask the leaders of the USSR to shut down the site of the USSR. Semipalatinsk test. Not civil servants, but ordinary citizens. Thanks to broad popular support in 1989, the movement managed to stop 11 out of 18 planned explosions. 7 tests took place, the last explosion took place on October 19, 1989. And on November 27, the Supreme Soviet of the ; USSR adopted a resolution “ On urgent measures for the ecological improvement of the country '', where in paragraph 5 it was said “ to consider the question of the nuclear testing at the Semipalatinsk test place. & # 39; & # 39; So by August 1991 the landfill had been silent for almost two years and was not actually functioning, and the landmark decision was more likely a technical conception of a fait accompli. & Nbsp;

Olzhas Suleimenov . Photo: from personal archives

& mdash; In one of your interviews you said that you regretted “that in 1991 we were unable to secure the signing of a treaty banning nuclear weapons”. And further, in answer to the question of whether you believe that people in the future will be able to give up nuclear weapons, the answer is extremely clear: of course, otherwise humanity has no issue. And what is the current state of the global nuclear renunciation movement? What are its prospects for the foreseeable future?

& mdash; Fight for this deal & mdash; a separate, but very brilliant, chapter in the history of our movement. Nonetheless, in 1992 the Nevada state test site, where products from the United States and England were tested, fell silent. Then a kind of chain reaction followed, which we launched: the two remaining test sites were closed & mdash; French and Chinese. Since 1996, nuclear explosions are no longer officially carried out. So we have a right to be proud of our 'Nevada' movement. mdash; Semipalatinsk '', which upheld Kazakhstan as a young peace-loving state and, presumably, had an impact on the nuclear policies of many countries. However, we have only completed the first part of the task. Today the following is relevant: the rehabilitation of the health of the affected population, the elimination of the disastrous consequences of the arms race. And that work must continue today and beyond. & Nbsp;

The world has changed, but in today's reality, devoid of the ancient clash between the two world systems, there are deep reasons for dangerous new clashes. The interests of the military-industrial circles of different countries are still associated with the arms race, which means that, like thirty years ago, the military-industrial complex of the great powers are still Siamese twin brothers. The existence of just one of them automatically brings the others to life and prosperity. Once again, fabulous money is spent on the arms race, and once again, the lives and health of millions of people in different states are at risk. The barely over Cold War has escalated into a new global enmity, and now, again, from different places alarming messages are being heard about the testing of new lethal weapon systems. Including biological with the use of viruses. The current coronavirus, like me, is & mdash; such an invention. So all these principles that the Nevada movement was based on; Semey is more relevant today than ever. The conclusion of an international treaty banning all types of weapons of mass destruction & mdash; this is the only way out for mankind. & nbsp;

& mdash; Nonetheless, many politicians in different countries still argue that it is nuclear weapons that are the deterrent in large-scale wars. What could you discuss with them today? & Nbsp;

& mdash; The politicians say it, the generals echo them. And if you ask millions of ordinary people, does humanity need nuclear weapons? What do you think they would respond to today? In January 1991, in New York in the UN building, we held a conference of the Global Anti-Nuclear Alliance, which included all the social movements and anti-war and anti-nuclear organizations in the world. that existed at that time. We proposed to hold an interparliamentary referendum, which would raise a question: does humanity need nuclear weapons? We wanted this issue to be raised in every parliament and answered. We were seriously preparing for such a parliamentary vote. But soon the August Putsch broke out, then the well-known events took place in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, the Union collapsed, our project did not take place. At that time, only five states had nuclear weapons: the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain, France, and China. Now & mdash; more than a dozen. What if the parliaments of two hundred countries say 'no'? the military atom, and if the USSR and the United States were in that row, then everything else would follow. As a first step, the possibility of reducing stockpiles of lethal weapons to the agreed minimum, depriving them of their national defense status and transferring those remaining warheads to the UN Security Council as a truncheon of police in a possible fight against dictatorial regimes who want to acquire weapons of mass destruction could be discussed. & Nbsp;

It would have been a real way out of the situation that had developed then. By the way, it's not closed yet: you can always go back to such a plan, although today the international situation has become much more complicated and confusing. It is a pity that with the collapse of the Soviet Union the possibility of the guaranteed salvation of mankind has been lost for a long time. Hopefully not forever.

& mdash; And what is happening now at the site of the former Semipalatinsk nuclear test site? Is there a museum there that clearly reminds mankind of the death of nuclear weapons?

& mdash; Yes, there is a museum located on the territory of the Modern National Nuclear Center in the city of Kurchatov. In this museum you can see a lot and understand how terrible the consequences of nuclear explosions are, even when carried out for the purpose of testing new weapons. When the troops left the territory of the test site, the infrastructure remained destroyed, land contaminated, many dangerous radioactive objects that were not even guarded. In 1992, the National Nuclear Center was established here, whose tasks include the study of the peaceful atom, the conduct of environmental research and the study of the safety of installations on the territory of the site. test. Unique sites have been created here, where experiments are carried out, and above all & mdash; it is investigated to what extent the landfill area itself is contaminated, whether it is suitable for economic activity. And that's almost 20 thousand square kilometers.

'Nevada' Semipalatinsk & # 39; & # 39; today & mdash; these are several dozen veterans in different regions of Kazakhstan, fighting for the ecological improvement of the territories affected by radiation. We have long needed the 'Atomnadzor' state service. We have already taken the lead in the world in mining and selling uranium, which has led to total radioactive contamination of our land. In the United States, nuclear power plants stop working if the meters show, say, five rem at the station premises, and in Kazakhstan, where radiation has accumulated during the 40 years of testing, and now some uranium mine waste rems added. , the constant radiation level is much higher than at which work is stopped America's nuclear power plants. Scientists and Engineers of Nevada Semipalatinsk & # 39; & # 39; have developed methods to fight against this pollution. We hope that the new generations of Kazakhstanis, children and grandchildren of these 2.5 million members of the Nevada movement; Semipalatinsk, whose Semipalatinsk test site was closed, will continue our work to make life in the world safe and environmentally friendly.

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Red Book Bird Rescue. Rosseti installed special structures on the power lines

In recent years, populations of rare Red Book birds have almost doubled in Russia. This happened thanks to the work of scientists, public organizations and large companies.

For example, in the region of Love, special protective domes have been installed in the habitats of storks and Rosseti; build separate posts for bird nests.

Engineers inspect power lines first. They check both the technical parameters and the presence of Far Eastern stork nests, birds listed in the Red Book. & Nbsp;

These birds often make nests on the racks of power lines. Due to this, accidents often occur on the lines, moreover, the birds themselves can suffer. To avoid this, the company's specialists install special hoods in the areas.

In addition, a structure made of ordinary plastic pipes can be installed on power lines, which will prevent birds from dropping branches on the support of a future nest. In addition, brightly colored balls are attached to the threads, which serve as markers and prevent birds from colliding with the threads. Special barriers are installed around insulators and other elements of power lines.

“ During this year we have installed around 3,900 bird guards on all of our 220-500 kilovolt overhead lines, and next year we owe the fact that the stork habitat Far East & # 39; s expanding, more than four thousand are expected & # 39 ;, & ndash; said the deputy director, chief engineer of the Love branch of Rosseti FGC UES; Nikolai Teplov . & nbsp;

Additional support especially for birds & nbsp; sound

In just five years, Rosseti installed more than 672,000 protective devices. It is important to note that now birds are building nests in places that are safe both for the storks themselves and for the operation of power lines.

“ A platform on a medium can be created & ndash; additional sites in a safe place where the nest, if twisted, will not threaten birds or power lines in any way. And for them, it is safer to build nests precisely on those objects which are more permanent '', explained the deputy head of the operation department of the overhead transmission lines of Rosseti PJSC; Evgeny Shakhov.

If there is no suitable site for bird nests, company employees install additional support next to the power line. When a bird house is in a dangerous location, it is moved out of season.

“ The stork population has almost doubled. We can say that 80-85 percent of the world's Far Eastern stork population nest in the Russian Far East, and the efforts of scientists, public organizations, and businesses have led to a situation absolutely stable. More colleagues from FGC Rosseti we constantly support the information, & nbsp; – said the director of the Love branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature Pyotr Osipov.

Thanks to these actions, it has been possible to preserve and even increase other species from the Red Book: this black and white stork, the golden eagle, the eagle white-tailed, osprey and demoiselle crane. In addition, the number of accidents on power lines due to birds has dropped significantly. & Nbsp;

At Rosseti there is a situational and analytical center, which receives information on the functioning of electricity transmission networks. And if unsuccessful, it will immediately reflect in the scheme.

Next year, today's chicks will be looking for where they can build nests. And Rosseti specialists will help them. and environmentalists.

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Why is the United States imprisoned for 30,000 years?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” # 34. Why was the capture so cut up? 08/25/2021 Expert response 0 + –

Aux & nbsp; United States and & nbsp; in a number of other countries, the law does not establish maximum prison sentences for the commission of multiple crimes. Thus, a Chicago pharmacist has been charged with 12 counts of embezzlement of state property. If found guilty, he risks 10 years in prison for & nbsp; each count. As for Russia, as explained by lawyer Alexey Gavrichev , the penalty for & nbsp; global penalties under & nbsp; form of imprisonment may not exceed 30 & nbsp; years. The maximum penalty for particularly serious crimes & nbsp; & ndash; imprisonment for life.

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