Can I get damages for posting on Instagram?

A Tyumen resident has won a moral injury case for posting articles on Instagram. The court ordered the ex-spouse to post a rebuttal on the social network and not delete it within 24 hours, as well as pay the plaintiff 5,000 rubles.

For which publications has the court decided on compensation?

According to the press service of the United Judicial System of the Tyumen region, stories (photos or videos stored on the network for exactly one day) were published by the ex-wife of the plaintiff. The couple divorced in 2019 after eight years of marriage. The wife became the initiator of the separation. In February 2020, a woman started recording and posting on Instagram stories about how her ex-husband was trying to kick her and her kids out of the apartment, get in the car and evade the payment of child support. The woman also accused the ex-spouse that he lived at her expense, failed to pay the mortgage, vacation, kindergarten, did not share the nanny's expenses. & Nbsp;

The man initially decided not to respond to posts, but when bogus and overly emotional videos began to attract the attention of friends and of common relatives, he filed a lawsuit to refute information discrediting honor and dignity.

The ex-spouse demanded that the rebuttal be in writing and not deleted within a year, as well as compensation for moral damage in the amount of 30,000 rubles. The Tyumen District Court did not support the man and he appealed to a higher authority. As evidence, Alexander presented income certificates, bank checks for the payment of child support and mortgage payments, as well as the services of a children's educational institution. As a result, the Collegium for Civil Matters of the Tyumen Regional Court overturned the district court's decision and partially satisfied the plaintiff's claims. & Nbsp;

What is moral damage?

Moral damage & mdash; it is the physical or mental suffering that a person suffers as a result of the violation of their rights (damage to health, damage to company reputation, invasion of privacy, consumer rights, copyright, etc.). Moral injury compensation is payment for a person's emotional experiences, such as pain caused by the loss of a loved one in an accident.

How can you claim compensation for moral injury?

You can compensate moral damage amicably or go to court. The reasons could be:

& mdash; loss of parents;
& mdash; inability to pursue an active social life;
& mdash; job loss;
& mdash; disclosure of family secrets or medical secrets;
& mdash; dissemination of false information defaming the honor, dignity or business reputation of a citizen;
& mdash; restriction or temporary deprivation of any rights;
& mdash; physical pain related to injuries, other damage to health, etc.

To obtain compensation for moral damage, it is necessary to prove the fact of having caused suffering (physical or mental) and the illegality of the acts. As proof of physical pain, you can provide:

& mdash; medical documents confirming bodily harm, disease development or worsening, seeking medical assistance, etc. & nbsp;
& mdash; a description of the workplace on a decrease in working capacity or information about changes in the performance indicators of an employee & nbsp;
& mdash; medical documents referring to a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and undergoing treatment with them, etc.

What compensation for moral prejudice can we claim?

You can claim compensation for moral damage in any amount … The amount of compensation is set either by mutual agreement between the parties or by justice. It is paid, as a rule, by the culprit. But there are also exceptions. The harm caused by minors is usually compensated by the parents or the organizations responsible for the children.

The amount of compensation is determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account all the circumstances of the case and the physical and mental suffering caused.

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What did the Vietnamese singer, participant of the show “Minute of Glory” Nguyen Van Hung die of?

The 39-year-old Vietnamese singer, participating in the Minute of Glory talent show & nbsp; Nguyen Van Hung was found dead in a Moscow apartment on the Arbat. According to media reports, the signal of the death of the Vietnamese singer arrived on October 23 around 8:30 a.m.

& nbsp; What caused the death of the Vietnamese singer?

& nbsp; According to the preliminary version, the cause of death of Nguyen Van Hung became – a heart attack, writes the Telegram channel MK.

& nbsp; The agency also reports that the artist has had serious health issues in recent months. He complained of stomach pain and lost weight dramatically. On the day of his death, Nguyen Van Hinga had planned to be examined at one of the clinics in the capital. The singer wanted to go to the hospital with his friend, who lived in an apartment on the Arbat. Leaving for a & nbsp; friend & nbsp; in the morning the man literally died on the doorstep of the apartment. & Nbsp;

“ A friend almost forced him to get tested. On Saturday morning, Nguyen just stopped by his friend's house on the Arbat to go together to the Aesculapes, but suddenly he fell dead. It was not possible to save him, '' writes MK.

The doctors who arrived at the scene declared the artist's death. No traces of violent death were found on the body, writes TASS. & Nbsp;

A check is underway on the death of the singer. & Nbsp;

What is known about & nbsp; Nguyen Van Hyung?

& nbsp; Nguyen Van Hung came to Moscow to study from Vinh, located in the northern part of Vietnam. & nbsp;

He entered the University of Peoples Friendship of Russia with a degree in History of International Relations and Foreign Policy. & Nbsp;

During his studies, Nguyen Van Hung was a real star. He performs at university concerts. He sang songs in Russian, English and Vietnamese, as well as songs of his own composition. & Nbsp;

On his & nbsp; YouTube channel & nbsp; under the nickname Ivan Nguyen, the young man regularly publishes videos of his performances. & Nbsp;

“ Here you can watch my own videos and more. I think everyone has the same heart – we all love what is beautiful and moving, & nbsp; and music plays such an important role in a person's life and soul, so i really hope we can understand each other, & # 39; he told viewers Nguyen Van Hung. & nbsp;

He became widely known for his appearance on the talent show Minute of Fame. on Channel One. He's been there twice. First time & nbsp; in 2007 the singer failed to appear on the show, but six years later (in 2013) he made it through the qualifying round and even managed to reach the semi-finals, where he sang the song Ivan Dorn “ I Hate. & # 39; & # 39; p>

& nbsp; The singer himself criticized his success. In an interview with reporters, he said that in his homeland they did not believe in his talent.

& nbsp; “ When I first started singing my first audience was my mom. After the performance, she said I sang badly. After that, I never sang in front of her, '' said Nguyen Van Hung in the profile of her performance at the Moment of Glory.

& nbsp; Incidentally, the show's organizers invited the singer's mother to the semi-finals. For this, she came especially from Vietnam. She applauded her son throughout the performance.

& nbsp; After the “ Minute of Glory '' the man performed at various concerts, company parties and private parties in Moscow, on the black as a host. As an individual entrepreneur, he traded in wristwatches.

& nbsp; Shortly before his death, in January 2021, Nguyen Van Hung took part in one of the cooking shows, where he explained how to cook national Vietnamese dishes. & Nbsp;

The last video on the singer & # 39; s YouTube channel was posted in March 2021. On this subject Nguyen Van Hung taught subscribers Italian.

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& nbsp;


The Russians in Turkey have been declared “arsonists”. They risk up to 7 years in prison

Not & nbsp; all tourist trips in & nbsp; Turkey are safe for Russians. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the & nbsp; situation in & nbsp; which affected seven of our compatriots. Travel to & nbsp; & quot; Turkish Coast & quot; could result in several years in prison. & nbsp;

& # 39; The fire was not our fault, we only tried to eliminate & raquo;

The Russian Consulate General in & nbsp; Antalya has confirmed the detention of seven Russians for & nbsp; hint of & nbsp; unintentional arson in the forest, reports RIA Novosti.

October 23 & nbsp; Russians hiked along the route “ Lycian Trail '' and & nbsp; were arrested by police in Chaglardzha district.

“ In & nbsp; in accordance with & nbsp; local legislation, law enforcement with & nbsp; hiring a sworn translator, a protocol was established for the testimony of suspects and & nbsp; witnesses in & nbsp; affair & raquo; , & nbsp; & mdash; RIA Novosti quotes the words of the Russian diplomat.

The Russian representative met with the & nbsp; detained on & nbsp; this & nbsp; day, explaining to them & nbsp; the essence of Turkish claims. & nbsp; October 24 & nbsp; a hearing took place, in & nbsp; during which & nbsp; the Russians were chosen as a preventive measure in the & nbsp; form of detention.

Previously Dmitri Korshunov, one of the inmates posted a video message on Instagram: 'Friends they didn't want to share until the end, until the verdict was delivered ;now. They close in the & nbsp; prison for the reason that there was a fire on the & nbsp; Lycian Trail. They are now soldering several years in prison, trying to send seven people from Russia to Ankara. The consulate does not take charge, do not help. The fire wasn't our fault, we only tried to clear it up, called 911. & Nbsp;

“A lawyer who spoke neither English nor Russian”

Ironically, the previous photo of Korshunov, posted on the social network, was signed as follows: “ The most difficult thing in life to remember which bridge must be crossed, and & nbsp; which is to be burnt. & # 39; & # 39;

The Lycian Trail is a route with a total length of & nbsp; 540 & nbsp; km, passing along part of the Mediterranean coast of ancient Lycia. The trail is extremely popular with both & nbsp; ordinary tourists and & nbsp; & nbsp; and & nbsp; extremals who organize competitions on the most difficult sections.

RT & nbsp; informs the names of tourists trapped in bars. They are Anatoly and & nbsp; Nikita Yaroshenko, Dmitry Korshunov, Alexander Antoshkin, Konstantin Chebuchakov, Ivan Ukhov and & nbsp; Polina Yaskova.

“ The judge on duty and a lawyer who did not speak & nbsp; English, ni & nbsp; Russian came the & nbsp; in the departement. In the department of & nbsp; there was a preliminary hearing of the case, and, despite & nbsp; the fact that the verdict was not & nbsp; was not & nbsp; they & nbsp; have not been & nbsp; released either & nbsp; the subscription, nor & nbsp; under caution. And there is a girl among them. She is now alone in & nbsp; a kind of women's prison, & nbsp; she is hysterical, & nbsp; & mdash; quote & nbsp; RT the words of Irina Vdovina, the mother of one of the & nbsp; arrested.

The Russians presented the following version of events: walking along the Lycian Trail, they discovered a fire station, which they began to extinguish, at the same time notifying the Turkish emergency services. However, the police who arrived told the Russians that they were in the no-go zone, which was established in & nbsp; in connection with the violent fires that raged in Turkey last summer. Our compatriots say they saw no sign indicating the restricted area. But & nbsp; these explanations were not taken into account, and & nbsp; now they risk spending the years to come in a & nbsp; Turkish prison. & Nbsp;

Element or malice: who is behind the & nbsp; Turkish fires

Forest fires in & nbsp; Turkey began to & nbsp; end of July 2021 in a & nbsp; sparsely populated area a few tens of kilometers from & nbsp; Antalya. Three days later, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared the areas of the country affected by the fires disaster areas.

The leader of Turkey announced that the large-scale fires, in the liquidation of which hundreds of equipment units and several thousand firefighters were involved, were the result of arson. Erdogan accused the Kurdistan Workers' Party of arson, whose representatives did not refute this statement, but, on the contrary, said that “ the Turkish regime does not understand another language. '' # 39; & # 39;

However, the question of whether the wildfires were really the result of somebody's ill will or if it was a coincidence of circumstances remains open. Many experts believe that Erdogan simply decided to take advantage of the situation to dismiss the blame for the & nbsp; calculation errors by the authorities in & nbsp; fire safety issues on & nbsp; his political opponents. There has been no mass identification of arsonists in & nbsp; Turkey for & nbsp; these months, although the liability measures for & nbsp; arson were really hardened.

And & nbsp; Now the Russians who are not & nbsp; in & nbsp; may suddenly suffer from Turkish fires. then & nbsp; time and & nbsp; not & nbsp; in & nbsp; this place. & nbsp;

'Spies' and & nbsp; Pyrotechnic fires: coincidence or Ankara political games?

Just five days ago, the Turkish edition of Hurriyet reported the arrest in the country of a group of six people accused of military and political espionage, and also in & nbsp; preparing for armed attacks. Four of the & nbsp; inmates, according to & nbsp; the newspaper, are Russian citizens.

Hurriyet reports the names of the Russians detained: Abdulla Abdullaev, Ravshan Akhmedov, Beslan Rasaev and & nbsp; Aslanbek Abdulmuslimov … They were arrested on October 8 during the operation, which took place as part of the investigation by the Attorney General's Office of ; Istanbul.

Those arrested face a sentence of & nbsp; 15 & nbsp; imprisonment ranging from & nbsp; 15 & nbsp; to & nbsp; 20 & nbsp; years.

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation & nbsp; Dmitry Peskov said he had no information about what happened. “ If they are really Russian citizens, we have probably already received & nbsp; through diplomatic channels, or we will receive information. But & nbsp; we & nbsp; do not know anything about & nbsp; this account & raquo ;, & nbsp; & mdash; says & nbsp; he.

Two stories with & nbsp; detention of Russians in & nbsp; Turkey, which became public in & nbsp; for several days, may not be related to each other. However, it can also be & nbsp; a political game of the Turkish authorities, trying to create a more convenient position in & nbsp; negotiations with & nbsp; Russia on & nbsp; questions of interest. In & nbsp; First of all, it concerns Syria, where the situation around Idlib is now getting worse, and & nbsp; also the territories controlled by the Kurds. Erdogan has repeatedly stated his intention to 'clean up' in northern Syria from Kurdish formations, which he considers terrorists. For its part, Moscow-backed Damascus is interested in eliminating terrorists in Idlib province, where many formations are targeting Ankara.

In this situation, the subject of 'Russian villains' can be a game of & nbsp; increase rates, in which the Turkish side is trying to put the Russian authorities in the & nbsp; position to be justified. & nbsp;

About & nbsp; what the & nbsp; will become clear in & nbsp; according to & nbsp; how fast and & nbsp; how the story with & nbsp; Russians detained on & nbsp; ; Lycian Trail will be resolved.


To be able to do good. The best benefactors and volunteers will be determined in the country

Field National projects

The last stage of the #MYVMESTE International Prize has started. A total of 288 finalists from all regions of Russia reached the final.

In the nomination “ Company & # 39; & # 39; in the last 80 projects are presented, 'Media' & ndash; 76 projects, and Volunteers and NGOs & ndash; 132 initiatives. The winners of the award will be announced at the International Civil Participation Forum, which will be held at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. in Moscow from December 2 to 5. The forum will be held under the auspices of UNESCO. The International # WEVMESTE Prize is held thanks to the national project “ Education ''.

Any resident of the country can vote for the initiatives he likes in his region until 11:59 p.m. on November 5 on the portal  The popular vote makes it possible to talk about projects in the regions that really help improve people's lives. After all, every project is carried out by people who are not looking for rewards, but doing good deeds every day.

International award # WEVMESTE & ndash; This is the continuation of the campaign of the same name, through which 6.5 million people received aid during the pandemic, and the legacy of the All-Russian Contest ; volunteering initiatives “ Volunteer from Russia ''. Thanks to the popular vote, a large number of people discover projects, receive support, find sponsors and like-minded people. The grant fund for the award is 100 million rubles.

“ All-Russian action # MYVMESTE & ndash; it's a story created by nonprofits, government officials, businesses, and of course every non-indifferent citizen of our great country. All participants in the award are united by the desire to help those in need. Authors are making real positive changes with their projects. Choose the best #MYVMESTE International Award volunteering initiatives for every Russian. This is a real popular vote that will determine best practice. And which one of them will be a part of our life & ndash; depends on us & # 39; & # 39 ;, & ndash; noted the head of the Federal Youth Agency (Rosmolodezh) Ksenia Razuvaeva.

& nbsp; Winners will receive grants, trips through Russia, an educational program in the 'Senezh' management workshop, where leaders and managers are trained, as well as the 'Senezh' management workshop. One of the most prestigious state awards & ndash; 'For Benevolence' badge of distinction.

The winners will also receive annual media support from ANO National Priorities, Gazprom-Media Holding. (NTV, Match TV, TNT, TV-3, Friday! Avtoradio, Humor FM, Echo of Moscow), Russian Media Group (RU.TV, “ Russian Radio '', Monte Carlo, Hit FM , DFM, MAXIMUM), promotion on the flagship sites of the Runet, and participation in the ANO accelerator “ Institute of Internet Development '' and the support of more than 20 award-winning partners.

& nbsp; “ Of the 25,000 projects submitted during the application campaign, the committee of experts selected the most effective. Without exception, every project submitted for the Award is worthy of recognition, however, 288 projects reached the final, which demonstrated truly significant results at all stages of the defense and evaluation. For example, among the finalists there are projects that develop and shape ecological culture, are engaged in digital education, projects of young scientists and talented bloggers. The popular vote will show which initiatives have strong teams of like-minded people, volunteers, where there is broad support from local communities, ”noted platform leader DOBRO.RF, deputy of the State Duma. State, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Youth Policy Artem Metelev.

Among federal enterprises, such as Rosselkhozbank JSC, Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, Coca-Cola in Russia, Hyundai Motor CIS LLC, Gazprom Neft PJSC reached the final in various nominations. and many more.

The Vologda region is second in terms of the number of semi-finalists of the international #WeAbout award among the regions of the Northwestern Federal District; 426 requests to participate in the #WeAbout award were submitted by volunteers from the Vologda region this year. The semi-finals included 31 projects. I believe these are not just statistics and numbers, but an important moral victory. Our volunteers show by their example that in a difficult situation, they are ready to give their strength, their heart, their soul to help others, – underlined the deputy governor, head of the department of domestic policy Yevgeny Bogomazov … – I am sure that the projects implemented by our compatriots improve the quality of life. I wish victory to all the semi-finalists. & Nbsp; One of the Flash School Volunteer Squad Award finalists said the project 'Syamzha painted' ' for the price. The project aims to improve the appearance of Syamzha village by making and painting direction signs with the names of streets, stops, etc. “ Our volunteers have always actively participated in the 'Volunteer of Russia' competition, which has been replaced by the # We are Together, & ndash; said the deputy director of the department of physical culture, sports and youth policy of the region Olga Razumova . & ndash; Last year, Irina Khoreva became a laureate of the International Volunteers of Russia competition. His project helps explain the rules of the road to children in a simple and fun way. I want to congratulate the finalists of the competition, because they have already done a great job. And, of course, I urge everyone to support our guys! '' The Yaroslavl region at the award final will be represented by Alena Nikulinskaya with the project of social support for elderly people living in boarding houses “ Together is more fun '' & # 39; and Irina Zezina with the project “Healthy Summer & ndash; new season '' aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle among young people.

Finalist of the “ Map of Dead Roads '' Project of the Pskov region was created in order to repair the roads taking into account the opinion of citizens. This is the site, where residents mark areas that need to be repaired first. A mobile app also works to help, where you can mark not only the road but also the crash center, a hole, an inoperative traffic light, a faulty hatch. The goal of the project is to achieve the indicators of the Presidential Decree, namely: by 2024, bring the roads of the settlements to a standard state of at least 85%. During 4 years of work on the project, the inhabitants of the country added nearly 60,000 roads to the map that require repairs, or more than 46,000 kilometers. As a result, 11,500 roads, for which citizens voted, were redone with the replacement of the top layer of the roadway. Also, many sites were added to repair plans, while others were temporarily fixed – fixes.

Four representatives of the Nizhny Novgorod region reached the final. Sofia Merkurieva with the project Pravovaya axiom & # 39; & # 39 ;, which helps schoolchildren develop the skills of a correct exit from a conflict situation. Anastasia Petrushenko with the project “ Volunteering as a state of mind '', which talks about #WeMotto volunteers in the city of Vyksa, Nizhny Novgorod region . Elena Zolotova with the Safe Environment project, popularizing the activities of the search and rescue team of volunteers Nizhny Novgorod Region & Nbsp; And also the “ Volunteer '' search and rescue squad (head Sergey Shukhrin) … Security Volunteer Search and Rescue Squad Project “ Volunteer '' aims to develop a previously created network of 18 local volunteer search and rescue teams who search for missing persons, eliminate the consequences of natural disasters, etc.

For reference:

The International #MYVMESTE Prize is held within the framework of the federal project “ Social Activity '' national project 'Education'. Its organizer & ndash; DOBRO.RF platform. Operator & ndash; Association of Volunteering Centers. Partners: United Nations Volunteers Program of United Nations Volunteers, Association for the Administration of Volunteers, Federal Youth Agency (Rosmolodezh), Russian Center for Civil and Patriotic Education of Children and Youth ( Rospatriotcenter), Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Presidential Platform Russia & ndash; a land of opportunities, Gazprom-Media Holding,, ANO National Priorities, Russian Media Group, National Media Group, TASS, RIA Novosti, & nbsp; Roscongress Foundation, Business Russia, Forum of Donors, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Russian Society Znanie, Public Movement All-Russian Popular Front, Institute for Internet Development, Black Star music label, MIA Russia today & # 39; & # 39; , Union of Journalists of Russia, MAER Media Holding, 'Growing Together' Foundation, RUTUBE, 'Another Case', Association of Managers, 'Laboratory Media & # 39 ;, RIA Novosti, Association of Communication Agencies of Russia, Entrepreneurial Forum & # 39; My Business & # 39; , “Russian Post”.

Association of Volunteer Centers & ndash; the largest organization of volunteers in Russia. It brings together 166 member organizations from 85 regions of the Russian Federation. With the help of over 1,100 voluntary organizations, it delivers federal programs, involving over one million volunteers.


The end of the “second Escobar”. How the drug lord was arrested in Colombia

Colombian police have arrested the head of the world's largest drug trafficking organization Dairo Usuga , nicknamed Otoniel. How the drug lord was captured, tells

Colombian President Ivan Duque announced the capture of Colombia's most wanted drug lord on Twitter. On this occasion, he spoke on state television.

'Catching a criminal means the end of the drug cartel' it is the biggest blow to the drug trade in the 21st century. The event can only be compared in importance to the arrest in the 90s of Pablo Escobar, one of the world's most famous criminals, “he commented.

The country's president noted that several countries, including the United States, are requesting the extradition of Usugi.

Mafia boss arrested in Necocli, 600 km from the capital Bogota, following the Osiris special operation.

Military forces were needed to stop the drug lord. Photo:

Details of Operation Osiris are not disclosed. The military clash is known to have taken place in the remote mountains of Colombia, near the border with Panama. The special operation was monitored by the military air force consisting of 22 helicopters and 500 police officers. During Usugu's detention, a policeman was killed.

There is a short video of the arrest on the internet. On it, the Colombian rafter soldiers fly in a helicopter and dump machine gun fire on mountainous terrain. It is further shown that the assailant is already handcuffed.

How the Colombian drug lord was captured

Diro Antonio Usuga was considered Colombia's most wanted drug lord. He led the Gulf Clan group. Clan sent tons of cocaine to Central America and the United States via the Uraba region.

Dairo Usuga has been repeatedly tried to capture, but without success. & Nbsp;

Six years ago, the BBC reported that 1,200 Colombian police officers were involved in the search for Usuga, but all attempts to find the culprit have failed. Separately, a Colombian police helicopter crashed into the mountains while carrying out an operation to capture a criminal. As a result, 18 people died.

In 2017, the US Department of State offered a reward of $ 5 million for information leading to the arrest of a drug lord.

The drug dealer has been arrested. Photo:

In 2017, Colombian anti-trafficking police dropped leaflets from helicopters offering a $ 5 million reward for information that would help stop it.

President Ivan Duque has promised to cooperate with the American authorities, but announced his intention, above all, to shed light on the crimes of the drug lord in Colombia itself.


The introduction of a distant in schools after the holidays is not planned – Kravtsov

Field The fourth wave of coronavirus in Russia

The transfer of schoolchildren to distance education after the holidays established from October 30 to November 7 is not planned. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the head of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation Sergei Kravtsov.

He said the period of non-working days in the country for many schools coincided with their vacation schedule. Kravtsov noted that for this reason he did not see the need to change the curriculum.

Previously, it was reported that the Ministry of Education and Science allowed universities to postpone vacations to non-working days. Also, the Department of Education approved college vacations starting October 30, but taking into account the revised curriculum.


Publication of the first photos of the delta strain of the coronavirus

Specialists of the “ Vector & # 39; & # 39; for the first time received real images of the delta strain of the coronavirus, reports the press service of Rospotrebnadzor.

The photos were taken under an electron microscope.

The report notes that the virus was cultivated artificially on a culture of African green monkey kidney epithelial cells.

The delta strain & nbsp; is & nbsp; dominant in the world for a long time. It is considered the most infectious of all the variants of the new coronavirus.

Earlier, Rospotrebnadzor noted that the delta strain of the coronavirus accounts for almost 100% of all strains circulating in Russia. More dangerous variants of the coronavirus in the country have yet to be recorded.


Hydrometeorological Center predicts new heat wave in Russian Federation

Forecasters promise residents of the European part of Russia the return of heat and air temperature in the day until + 12 degrees. The Atlantic cyclone, which brought the cold with it, is heading towards the Urals. The head of the laboratory of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation, Lyudmila Parshina, spoke about it during a conversation with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

The forecaster noted that an Atlantic cyclone with hot air coming to European territory, thanks to which the air in Moscow is already Tuesday and Wednesday it will warm to +9 degrees. The columns of the thermometer at night will not drop below +4 degrees. & Nbsp;

On Thursday, October 28, in the western part of Russia, warming is expected to +12 degrees during the day and up to +7 at night, which corresponds at the temperature in early October. On Friday, the air temperature will also reach +12 degrees, but there will be wind and light rain.

Forecasters note that relatively warm weather will remain in the center of European territory until the end of October. & Nbsp;

Previously, it was reported that the night of October 24-25 has become the coldest in Moscow since early autumn.


Who benefits from global warming?

“Arguments and Facts” weekly n ° 42. Supernumber: 152 questions answered 10/20/2021

It is true that the theory of global warming was deliberately invented to strengthen the domination of developed countries and slow down the growth of competing countries, including Russia? What do scientists think?

Expert response 0 + –

The deputy director of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics named after Obukhov RAS Vladimir Semionov:

& ndash; There is such an opinion, but it is an illusion. The knowledge of climatologists is based on a great deal of research. The conclusions are that due to the increase in the content of greenhouse gases, mainly СО₂, the planet since the beginning of the twentieth century. warmed by 1.3 °. The first results in the field of greenhouse effect theory date back to the 19th century, at that time there was no politicization of this problem. The most accurate quantitative estimates date from the 1960s and 1970s, when the temperature dropped and there was talk of global cooling.

There is also an opinion that climatologists who talk about the anthropogenic factor are working against the interests of Russia, are doing so for foreign subsidies. And those who declare the error of this assumption, & ndash; patriots. But that's not the case either. We climatologists know what is happening with the climate, we understand the consequences of warming, including for Russia. We are a Nordic country, and in addition to the negative consequences for it, there are also positive consequences. We do not advocate rushing headlong on the rails of “green” energy. We are for the sustainable development of the country, but physics is physics. The causes of climate change should be discussed by experts competent in this field.


Tyumen resident wins moral injury case over Instagram post

A Tyumen resident has won a moral injury case due to the posting of stories on Instagram, the press service of the Tyumen Regional Court reported.

It is noted that this is the first such case in Russian judicial practice. The court ordered the plaintiff's ex-wife to post a rebuttal on her account and not delete it within 24 hours, as well as pay her five thousand rubles.

It appears from the documents in the file that the spouses divorced in 2019 at the initiative of the wife. In February 2020, a woman said on her Instagram that her ex-husband attempted to kick her and the children out of the apartment and take the car. According to her, the ex-spouse also does not pay child support, and during the marriage he lived at his own expense.

The man finally filed a complaint against his ex-wife, demanding to refute information discrediting his honor and dignity. He wanted the woman to write down the rejection and not delete it for a year. In addition, the plaintiff claimed compensation in the amount of 30,000 rubles.

At first, the Tyumen District Court did not support the man, he therefore appealed to a higher authority. The Russians provided income certificates, bank checks for the payment of alimony. He also proved that he made mortgage payments and paid off the kindergarten.

“ The College of Civil Affairs of the Tyumen Regional Court overturned the district court's decision and partially satisfied the plaintiff's claims, & # 39; & # 39; & ndash; reads court message.