“I hate to be afraid.” Svetlana Radionova makes sure that business does not harm nature

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 31. Without flag or anthem, but with medals and Tchaikovsky 04/08/2021

The little woman was tough, promising that she would seek redress for the damage done to nature. And she did. In addition to the cleaning activities carried out at the expense of Norilsk Nickel, its subsidiary Energy company Norilsk-Taimyr paid 146.2 billion rubles. Never before has such sums been collected from a business.

The head of the Federal Service for the Monitoring of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor) Svetlana Radionova told AiF that she was proud of this victory.

Not scary in combat

& mdash; You probably didn't believe me then, like millions of people. It was very difficult for us. It's both the great physical activity, when they were working out at it after the accident, and the cold, plus all of our guys got sick with covid (we weren't talking about it then ). Have you seen me & mdash; in gloves, masks. I just lived there & mdash; flew, worked, slept. & nbsp;

But now there is a result. And now everyone understands that this is not a faraway land & mdash; good, but not ours. No, we live in a society where justice can prevail. For me, this is a very important word in life: justice.

Of course, we are acting within the law and will not marry him. But we do our job, aware that it is not only in accordance with the law, but also justice. Well, and the sense of righteousness and the emotions arising from victory, & mdash; this is perhaps the brightest and most beautiful feeling after love.

Photo: Rosprirodnadzor Press Service.

& mdash; Svetlana Gennadievna, then, looking at you, & nbsp; such a small woman next to such tall men, I thought to myself: where did this combativeness come from?

& mdash; Apparently, unlike my short stature (well, God didn't give – laughs) with our tasks and decisions, it seems like activism. I just believe in what I do. I have a bad trait: I don't know how to present well, do public reports. In the field, in a tent with men, I feel more confident, and everything becomes clearer.

Fight? Probably, there is such … And this, apparently, from the belief that we do everything right, and the belief in people. I really hope for the people who work with me. REFERENCE Svetlana Radionova graduated from Saratov Law Academy in 1999. 2011 – Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after V.I. Gubkin, in 2012 – RANEPHiGIS. She worked in the Prosecutor's Office and the Investigative Commission of the Russian Federation. In 2010-2018 – Deputy head of Rostekhnadzor. Responsible for Rosprirodnadzor since 2018.

& mdash; It also takes courage in this kind of work. We understand how great men are able to behave when it comes to their interests (it's not Norilsk Nickel anymore). Are you afraid ?

& mdash; Yes that can be scary, I'm blonde … (laughs) But you know I'm so scared of being scared that I hate this state. If the room is dark, on entering it the first thing I do is find the switch and turn on the light & mdash; so that it is not scary. Well at work I know it will be a lot worse if you don't. It will be worse if you stop. Therefore, you cannot stop.

Everyone knows the motto of the paratroopers: 'No one other than us. & # 39; & # 39; So it is very applicable to our work. Scary often happens after. When you are in combat, you are not afraid.

You know, a very rich man once asked me, “Well, & nbsp; why are you trying so hard? I replied that by working here I was doing my job well. I will work elsewhere & mdash; I will try there. I believe the state hired us to do our job well.

Photo: Rosprirodnadzor press service.

& mdash; How do you feel when you are under pressure?

& mdash; They often put pressure on us. At least they're trying to push. The first feeling in such situations is & mdash; disgust. The second & mdash; want to fight back. It's also probably because I don't like to be scared.

I collect hippos and know a lot about them. There is an expression: “The hippo has poor eyesight, but with its weight, that's not its problem.” The hippo appears to be running aggressively. Actually not aggressive, but because he's shy. Precisely because he is afraid, he runs to the source of danger.

General cleaning

& mdash; You have been working at Rostekhnadzor for many years. This is a completely different oversight. Was it difficult to delve into the specifics of the maximum allowable concentrations?

& mdash; The first thing I did when I got here was & mdash; looked at the supervisee lists and said, “ Hello again! '' That is, I work with almost the entire industry, but I have also worked with her at Rostekhnadzor and know the industry very well.

But here I started to remember the times that I hadn't paid attention to back then because they were not within my purview. I saw, for example, a polluted area, but it was not my job. And now I remember with what disdain they would tell us: & # 39; Here the environmentalists have come & # 39; & # 39; ; don't worry, we'll take care of them. And that is shocking. Maybe, of course, the same disdain was for us, only we didn't see this & mdash; No one will tell it to your face.

I came to Rosprirodnadzor not alone & mdash; with the whole team. The first six months earlier & nbsp; only at 2:30 a.m. & nbsp; we did not leave from here. Many, many, many have searched, studied, analyzed, looked at, immersed. We are still studying something, but somewhere we have brought our own vision.

We have met a lot and met companies. We are not enemies of those who do not harm nature. We have formed a scientific and technical board, because we understand that no one is the smartest, and often competent expert advice is needed.

Photo: Rosprirodnadzor Press Service.

& mdash; Sergei Kuzhegetovich, flying over the Arctic, was so impressed by the traces of economic activity that he announced a general cleanup of this area. You have headed the department for three years. Obviously they've traveled all over the country before. What can you say about our situation in general?

& mdash; Of course, I have traveled across the country. And then the Deputy Prime Minister came with us. She also cares about what happens to our nature. Victoria Valerievna Abramchenko came after our trips to the Prime Minister, told about the situation. Mishustin announced a closed-cycle economy, and the socio-economic development strategy, which the government is currently discussing, includes a large section on general cleanup. This is in addition to the national 'Ecology' project. In my opinion, action has been taken of great importance.

Air, soil and water

& mdash; Which industries represent the most serious threats to the environment?

& mdash; If we are talking about rivers & mdash; this of course is about the state of the water utilities and anything to do with treatment facilities and industrial flooding. Over 60% of water pollution & mdash; water services. Today, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities both have extensive treatment facility reconstruction programs. We are finally starting to build them on the seas, which makes me personally very happy. Why we still don't have a clear sea & mdash; & nbsp; I do not understand.

The company, of course, always has the desire to introduce 2-3 lines of a poultry farm first, and only then, when the money is earned, to introduce set up treatment plants. Because they don't want to spend the money right away. And this is a disaster for the territory.

As for air, the main pollutants & mdash; they are metallurgists. Severstal, Norilsk Nickel, Rusal, Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant, Mednogorsk Copper and Sulfur Combine operate in 12 of the dirtiest cities in Russia … In addition, coal-fired boilers pollute the air a lot.

The soil is damaged by the barbaric behavior of some underground users, who use natural resources in the wildest way, not wanting to modernize technologies. It's like having a watermelon & mdash; cut out the middle and throw the rest away to rot in the sun.

And the second serious source of soil pollution is & mdash; it is our common waste, which we produce a lot and which already has a completely different component composition than it was 20-30 years ago.

& mdash; Many industrial giants are reporting that they are modernizing their production facilities, installing super filters, building new processing plants, and that environmental damage from their activities is a thing of the past. What can you say: have the owners really become responsible for the impact of production on nature?

& mdash; These statements are largely false. All of our industrial owners have a lot to do in this regard.

Most companies have engaged in modernization not at all for environmental reasons, but in order to reduce costs. Less water consumption & mdash; pay less. They take less electricity & mdash; pay less. That is, they count the money.

Let's not go back to the steelworkers, but let's talk to the people who live near our animal breeding giants. There are not only smells but also direct damage to farmland. Animal waste is simply taken to the field. Moreover, they themselves believe that this is normal, they say, they always carried cow droppings to the fields. Yes, but only such a huge herd of 10,000 head ever existed, and the cows grazed in the meadows & mdash; they ate grass, not what they eat now.

Those territories and companies that are now included in the general cleaning & mdash; there is a lot of accumulated damage. Where is he from? Obvious reluctance to do anything to clean up. These are Usolye-Sibirskoe, Volgograd Chemical Plant, Altai Khimprom and Ufakhimprom.

We are now working with legislators and explaining to them that we cannot give companies the possibility of endlessly increasing the number of facilities where they deposit their waste. For example, a sludge collector no longer has & mdash; the second will be put, then the third, the fifth … The land is great, & nbsp; there is enough room. And then the business died & mdash; and there won't be anyone to do anything?

& mdash; The state will recover at its own expense …

& mdash; The state does not have an account. We pay with you & mdash; taxpayers.

But, on the other hand, it makes no sense to torture a business with fines if it shows the momentum for improvement. We understand that it is impossible to drastically change the situation overnight. And we understand that it is impossible to leave the dialogue & mdash; you have to maintain the desire for change. It's like a child. If I tell my kid he fails he will give up. But I say, 'Well you've done something already, well done! Let’s try again. & # 39; & # 39; And he is encouraged to continue to do so.

Direct communication

& mdash; You are active on social networks. Previously, the ministry did not seek to release the results of its inspections until the prosecution was terminated. And now you are announcing your current findings, even entering public discussions.

& mdash; It is my horror. I think periodically: maybe close Instagram? I communicate there myself (when I drive by car – there is no other time), and it is very difficult.

Actually, I have few subscribers. I am not a blogger. I have nothing to show except shape and some kind of environmental pollution.

There were several reasons for maintaining an account. First of all, I wanted to understand what people really think and how willing they are to spend their time communicating about these topics. The second & mdash; I wanted to tell you that the department is changing. Well, and the third & mdash; we live in the 21st century and I think we should not use the communication technologies given to us & mdash; it is atavism. I don't want to be a dinosaur. Therefore, I carry this personal burden. They write to me a lot and rude …

& mdash; Trade disputes.

& mdash; Oh yes! But business & mdash; it is good. But it happens that they evaluate my appearance or say that I am the letter 'p'; I'm not saying it. However, there are also very good people who understand the situation, know where to look at certain documents, who to talk to. For their sake, I continue to keep an account. I am also present in Telegram channels & mdash; where you can respond in the comments. I mainly answer people from the regions & mdash; that we have seen this problem, this one.

Volunteer helpers

& mdash; Is the institution of public inspectors in the department that you are developing spontaneously forming or has there been some orientation in there? Who are these people ?

& mdash; He was even before us, but probably not as active. Although even now in my opinion there is not enough activity. Public inspectors & mdash; they are volunteers. And I would like some voluntary organizations to pay attention to us.

We are 3,000 people across the country & mdash; we can't look around every corner. Therefore, we are waiting for helpers & mdash; people who are not committed, not mad, not so angry, who say that everything is bad and that it will never be good. We need positive people who see what's wrong, but want to work with us to make it feel good.

& mdash; Was there a lot of advice from these people?

& mdash; A little, but there are some very substantial ones. We have closed, for example, a coal port & mdash; this is based on the urgent collection of information by our public inspector. He also acted as a witness in court.

There are active and intelligent people in the North Caucasus. I communicate with a whole group on Kavminvody.

& mdash; What are you talking about ?

& mdash; About land, pollution of sources, illegal logging and illegal construction. After all, it's not just about building & mdash; it changes the landscape, exerts anthropogenic pressure on groundwater bodies. The greater the pressure on the slope or on the mountain, the more water migrates to other horizons. Everything is interconnected. Nature & mdash; a single living organism. As we are with you. If one hand isn't working for us, the other will be under a lot of stress. If there are problems with the circulatory system, then there will be poor coordination & mdash; as a result, you can bump and injure your knees.

& mdash; How do you assess the potential of our people, their willingness to take care of nature?

& mdash; I believe 85% are ready. I think the potential is high, but so far we haven't even half revealed it. I believe that in 10 years the company will be radically different. Throw the garbage in the forest, leave the dirt behind or execute an illegal order to turn off the filters & mdash; that would be the equivalent of hitting a child today. The mentality will change.

Ecology & mdash; everyone's business. And everyone should understand and remember this. And write also, please, that ecology & mdash; this is not a fashion trend. It is still true.

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ISS plans to breed quail

As part of the experiment, which will be carried out on the basis of the laboratory module “ Science & # 39; & # 39; at MSC, scientists want to breed Japanese quail chicks. Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes about this on Wednesday.

'Science' module promises to become the main platform for experiences in the Russian segment of the station, one of the studies & ndash; check the influence of weightlessness, temperature and radiation on living things. In particular, scientists want to breed Japanese quail chicks under ISS conditions. As the post explains, the experience of the & nbsp; Quail aims to provide products for manned shipments, namely & ndash; receive fresh quail eggs in orbit. & nbsp;

The first such study was undertaken in 1978, but it was not successful. In 1990, at the Mir station eight quails hatched, but they quickly died. And only in 1999, scientists received the result: for the first time in history, living things were born in space, and after living there for several days, three chicks returned to Earth. Today, in the 21st century, biologists have a new opportunity to continue their research.

In addition, the ISS will soon study the evolution of microbes, the conditions of sterility during biotechnology experiments in space, as well as growing lettuce by the conveyor belt method and to create crystals for IR detectors.

Recall that the module of Multifunctional laboratory 'Science' was launched & nbsp; to the ISS from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on the Proton-M rocket; July 21. On July 29, the module successfully docked & nbsp; at ISS.

On July 31, the cosmonauts of the ISS & nbsp; have performed & nbsp; a video tour of the new module. & Nbsp;

It should be noted that according to & nbsp; future Science and two other modules under development for the ISS could become the basis for an independent Russian orbital station.

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Support with a browser. How can I obtain information on eligible services?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” n ° 31. Without flag or anthem, but with medals and Tchaikovsky 04/08/2021 Plot Social insurance

Navigator on the road & ndash; practical assistant for the driver. But if we are not talking about highway, but about social support, then the social browser will help you. The Social Security Fund (FSS) has developed a mobile application available on IOS and Android operating systems. Help The Social Navigator app is free. You can download it on devices with Android and IOS operating systems from Google Play and App Store mobile app stores.

For different occasions

Application “ Social Browser '' will help, in the first place, to understand what kind of state help one can count on in a given life situation. The situations themselves are indicated there & ndash; just select the one you want:

  • COVID-19. Special social benefits;
  • maternity;
  • temporary incapacity for work;
  • invalidity and categories of citizens' benefits;
  • occupational accident and occupational diseases;
  • loss of a loved one.

After going to the corresponding section, information on the types of benefits, the conditions and procedure for their accumulation, as well as how to receive them, opens. And the amount of the allowance can be calculated, and taking into account regional characteristics, & ndash; for this there is a “ Smart Calculator '' function. Of course, calculations are carried out on a benchmark basis, and the final decision on the amount of compensation or compensation is taken by specialists of the FSS of the Russian Federation. But this function certainly helps to navigate.

By the way, people with disabilities and families with disabled children can find other important information for themselves: how to get technical means of rehabilitation (prostheses, wheelchairs, daily care products, etc.) or what compensation is owed to them. these funds by themselves.

Expecting a Baby

For example, a family is expecting a baby and wants to know the extent of the benefits for pregnant women this year. Mom and Dad get into the app, and pretty quickly it all becomes clear.

Maternity allowance, they learn, will amount to 100% of the average pregnant woman's salary. In addition, its maximum size for 140 days of the decree & ndash; 340 795 RUB In case of complicated childbirth for 156 days of maternity leave & ndash; 379 743 RUB with multiple pregnancies for 194 days of maternity leave & ndash; 472 244.5 RUB The minimum amount of maternity leave for 140 days of maternity leave from January 1, 2021 (provided that a woman works full time) is 58,878.4 rubles.

In addition, a woman can receive an allowance when she enrolls in an antenatal clinic during early pregnancy (up to 12 weeks) & ndash; 708.23 rubles; a lump sum upon the birth of a child & ndash; 18,886.32 rubles; monthly childcare allowance in the amount of 40% of the average salary (maximum amount – 29,600.48 rubles/month, minimum – 7,082.85 rubles/month).

At the same time, the family understands that the last allowance (for childcare) can be received not only by mom, but also by dad, grandmother or grandfather & ndash; if they are looking after the baby and the mother goes to work.

Personal account

In the personal account of the beneficiary of social services, available in the Social Navigator mobile application (login with the same username and password as on state services), it is possible to follow the status of your requests to the FSS and the receipt of benefits and payments, to know the data on the electronic hospital, the treatment in sanatorium, as well as on the types of activities rehabilitation recommended according to the individual program.

The map of socially significant objects you might need can also be found here. Choose & shy; those in your area & ndash; and it displays FSS offices, multifunctional utility centers, post offices, medical institutions, pharmacies, etc. Immediately & ndash; their addresses, phone numbers, websites, and business hour information. Plus, you can get directions to any selected object.

If you still have questions, please contact the Social Insurance Fund (there is a form in the application) or call their hotline. Details of her with a speed dial button are also available in the appendix.

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The business of employers. What subsidies will companies receive for hiring unemployed people

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 31. Without flag or anthem, but with medals and Tchaikovsky 04/08/2021

Employers can now receive grants for the employment of the unemployed. Payments are made by the Social Insurance Fund, which received 12 billion rubles for this purpose. from the budget.

The spread of COVID-19 has left many people out of work in 2020. Businesses, especially in tourism, entertainment, restaurants, which were under restrictions due to the pandemic, have been forced to shut down or to lay off employees. According to the Higher School of Economics, the number of employees in the labor market fell by 1.5 million, mostly due to small businesses. To support employers and their employees, to bring employment back to pre-pandemic levels, the state has developed support measures. One of them & ndash; payments to employers for the employment of labor exchange citizens. The program has been running since March.

Who and how are hired?

“ You can hire an employee through the employment service and then apply to the Social Insurance Fund with an application and receive a grant based on the results of the work of the ; employed in a month, then after 3 months and 6 months, & ndash; explains Acting President of Social Insurance Fund Tatiana Lototskaya … & ndash; The subsidy is equal to the minimum wage (minimum wage, in 2021 – 12,792 rubles) plus social contributions to funds (all jobs and shy; donors who pay salaries also pay contributions for an employee to extra-budgetary funds), in taking into account the wage coefficients. After the start of the program, it was proposed to extend the proposal on grants to employers who will hire in 2020 graduates of educational institutions registered with the employment service. & # 39; # 39;

` `Such actions to support entrepreneurs during a pandemic save jobs, earn wages for people, and therefore stabilize economically, & # 39; & # 39 ; & ndash; convinced District Coordinator of Business Russia for the Federal District of Siberia, member of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes Viktor Zubarev .

On average, it turns out that for an employee hired by the labor exchange, the employer could receive a subsidy of 50,000 rubles. in the amount of three installments. Thanks to the program, drivers were mostly hired, and in second position is & ndash; tractor operators. In general, among agricultural businesses, the program has proven to be the most in demand. Public companies in the food sector, in particular bakery and confectionery companies, have submitted many applications for vacancies for unskilled workers. For example, one of the catering companies in the city of Verkhniy Ufaley in the Chelyabinsk region employed 7 people under this program.

“ For five employees, we received two full payments after three months of work, for two more & ndash; payments after the first month of work, & ndash; says individual entrepreneur Tatyana Maksimova . & ndash; It is easy to register a request to participate in the program. We were greatly supported by our employment service, whose employees told us about this program, and helped us complete the documents.

And here is a private farming company “ VectorAgro '' from the Kurgan region employed even more staff than he did. “ We have been working since 2019, previously there were only 15 people on staff. Thanks to the program, we recruited 20 people from the labor exchange. We received money in two installments, 800 thousand rubles. It was a very good support for us as our work is seasonal and we usually get profit for our products in the winter. We invested in repairing equipment, bought air conditioners and installed them on tractors. The heat has reigned in the Kurgan region since April, which has made life much easier for our tractor drivers and drivers. We also bought coveralls, shoes, hats and protective gear. I would like this program to continue into the next year. “

“There are no restrictions on where the employer can send the environment.” I am happy that the funds received by many employers are used to improve the working conditions of workers, as well as to protect them & # 39; & # 39 ;, & ndash; & timid; Tatiana Lototskaya noted.

Among the regions, the Altai Territory turned out to be the most active in hiring citizens. The regions of Omsk, Kurgan, Rostov, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Orenburg, Voronezh, Dagestan and Crimea are also in the top 10.

The program is calculated until December 27 2021. Therefore, employers still have the option of receiving grants … Those who hire employees in September will have time to receive only one payment – if the program is not extended.

How will the employer be vetted?

& # 39; The employer via his personal account on the portal & # 39; Work in Russia & # 39; submits a request for participation in the project, where he can attach a list of professions, vacancies, & ndash; tells Deputy & shy; Head of the Department of Control and Coordination in the field of employment Yulia Kholomtseva … & ndash; The demand goes to the employment service. Then the experts check if the employer meets the requirements. In particular, the company must be registered before January 1, 2021, must not be bankrupt, have arrears of wages, taxes, etc. After confirmation of the employer's ability to participate in this project, proposals are received from the employment department on applicants until the position is closed. And then, in the style of an interview with the employer (in person or in video format), a decision is made regarding their employment.

In the next step, the Social Insurance Fund is connected.

“ Population employment services send us contact details of employers and SNILS employees they have hired, & ndash; said Vyacheslav Tolkachev, head of the department for ensuring the insurance payments of the Social Insurance Fund … & ndash; And employers, a month after hiring workers, through the insured's personal account on the FSS website, submit a request, where they indicate the hired employees for whom they want to receive a subsidy. . After verification, within 10 working days from the date of the application, the employer receives a grant. Payments are made in three installments. After the first month, then after the 102nd day and the third installment after the 192nd day of employment. At the same time, it is enough to send an application once for each employee.

With the introduction of electronic work notebooks, it is now easy to verify the fact of use. “ Since 2020, employers are required to transfer this information to the Pension Fund within one working day from the date of issue of the employment order. An employee, & ndash; explains Natalya Belyantseva, head of the department of organization of personalized accounting of pension rights of insured persons of the Pension Fund. & ndash; If the employer has provided us with information about a citizen's employment in a timely manner, then the information is sent to the FSS that, yes, indeed, that employee is working for that ` “ employer ''.

“ It is important to note that in this project the employer does not need to personally visit government structures due to the fact that the Work in Russia portal, the personal account in the form of ; an electronic workbook and the employer's personal account on the Social Insurance Fund website have already been introduced which you can use to apply '', & ndash ; emphasizes Tatiana Lototskaya.

All businesses, including sole proprietorships, public limited companies, etc., can participate in the Unemployed Hiring Subsidy Program. There are no restrictions on legal and territorial status. There are many examples where an organization registered in one region recruited employees from other regions and received 'grants.

All questions about a job project can be asked by employers by calling the hotline. Social insurance fund or in the regional telegram chat. To connect to it, you must call the Foundation's regional office and request a link with an invitation. The processing status of a grant application can be tracked in the employer's personal account on the FSS website.

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The one who yearned for Mars. Oleg Baklanov was at the center of the events of the twentieth century

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 31. Without flag and anthem, but with medals and Tchaikovsky 04/08/2021

He passed away on July 28 & ndash; until the 90th birthday was not enough that one year. But he's already done a lot.

Writer, journalist, & nbsp; Laureate of the USSR State Prize Vladimir & nbsp; Gubarev:

Do you know what the difference is between a minister and a manager? Time has shown that this is huge, since one makes decisions and then executes them, and the second only discusses the decisions to be made. Besides, he speaks a lot of words, but not deeds … S. A. Afanassieva , which has championed the interests of rockets and astronautics at all levels of government and has not allowed the industry to be turned into a farce. With Baklanov's appointment, party leaders hoped to have an 'obedient minister', but they got it wrong – Baklanov not only continued the work of his predecessor, but also significantly expanded the scope of work. Space giants have been added to the country's powerful defense missile systems. Energy & ndash; Buran, Zenit, new orbital stations, including Mir. We are always proud of these achievements.

All chief designers have bad personalities. They can scandalize, and sometimes they don't shake hands, and they can quarrel to their heart's content. In general, they are different people, but they also have one thing in common: the unusual and the desire to fully serve the Fatherland. Minister of & shy; ru & quot; rocket and space department & quot; it is essential to always find a common language with the chief designers of all ranks. Here you have to be kind, determined, tough, and sometimes even cruel, but always fair. However, the bottom line is & ndash; respected, that is, a true professional.

O. D. Baklanov was just such a minister, then secretary of the party's central committee, in charge of the defense department. At the time, I was editor-in-chief of Pravda. in science, and therefore contacted him often. I remember the meeting the day before Buran was launched.

& ndash; Why is this needed? After all, we don't have the science equipment to 'fill in'

& ndash; It is our misfortune, the situation with the instrument & shy; structure is irrelevant, but the situation is not hopeless, & ndash; Baklanov replied. & ndash; In the years to come we will fix it & hellip; Then we will use 'Buran & # 39; & # 39; in full.

& ndash; What projects?

& ndash; Lots of them. From applied research on Earth to flights to the Moon and even to Mars. 'Energy' system & ndash; Buran allows you to solve almost any problem in near and far space.

& ndash; I feel like we're putting the cart before the horse.

& ndash; Car, dear, elegant car, on which even until March it is not a shame to ride! But seriously: “ Energy '' and “ Buran '' required to create thousands of the latest technologies, and they ensure the rapid development of all industry and science. You just need to use this achievement wisely & hellip;

Unfortunately, Baklanov's hopes did not come true. One of the Burans, intended for testing, was sold to a collector in Austria, another was auctioned off to a private museum, and the third turned into a restaurant in a parkland. 39; attractions. And for a while (derision of the creators!) Even served as a public toilet.

Created & nbsp; another reality

After his release from prison (he ended up there as a member of the State Emergency Committee), Oleg Baklanov assessed what was happening as follows: “Without it” collapse of the USSR, which we tried to prevent, I'm sure we would have visited Mars already. The unique “ Energy '' rocket could send someone there and come back. This is what we were aiming for! And there were such elaborations, and the technique allowed it. With this rocket & shy in general, we created a different dimension: a block with a mass of 105 tons! Can you imagine the Mir-2 system assembled from such modules ?! It's an entire space city and launch complex. We planned to modernize this rocket so that it could launch 200 tons into orbit. But after our arrest, Yeltsin came to power with a bunch of his Neanderthals, who began to destroy and destroy everything. Immediately, like a carrion jackal, Soros ran to Russia, and began to buy for pennies set in the “ Energy '' system. & ndash; Buran development & hellip; Today, Russia lags behind major foreign countries in rocket and space technology and space exploration by around two decades. If funding for home cosmonautics stays the same, we will eventually lose experienced personnel, and in the future our cosmonautics will have to be restarted from scratch. ''

Bitter words & hellip;

Here is a fragment from another of our conversations.

& ndash; I will support & shy; will live your project, but there is no need to advertise it. In the 'Energy' against the participation of a journalist in a space flight, & ndash; Baklanov told me. It was about the theft into space of a Soviet journalist in defiance of the Japanese project & ndash; In 1989, a trade deal was signed in Moscow for an eight-day space flight by a Japanese journalist. Japanese television's biggest commercial contract cost TBS $ 37 million. As a result, the Japanese journalist Toyohiro Akiyama , director of the TBS Washington office, flew into space.

& ndash; Why? The prestige of astronautics is declining, children no longer dream of becoming astronauts, and therefore, in my opinion, the Cosmos project; children '', which we invented, will contribute to the popularization of science in general, and of astronautics in particular.

& ndash; I fully understand, but on 'Energy' want to earn money on journalist robbery. We're talking about $ 20 million, which is money for the business … If I openly support you, they will misunderstand me.

& ndash; It seems to me that our astronautics has strayed from the right path, such trade will not lead to good, & ndash; I complained.

& ndash; I agree. It is good that there is also a military space. There is still order. Well, for the 'Cosmos' project kids '' we will continue to fight.

We didn't have to, because the coup of August 1991 took place soon, and Baklanov became one of its main ones participants.

& hellip; “ Satan '' !

Despite all the importance of the space projects for which O.D. Baklanov was in charge, the first place was always to protect the country.

The world situation was alarming. The Americans were building their nuclear power. We have managed to maintain parity.

& ndash; Exclusively thanks to the 36th rocket, & ndash; Baklanov once confessed. & ndash; We call it the 'Voivode', and Americans' ndash; Satan. Its special feature is that it has 40 decoys and 10 warheads. That is, in the case of the launch of the 'Voevoda' the enemy will see 50 missile blocks threatening them, but will not know which of them are troublesome and which are ready for battle. Fully locate the 'Voivode' it will be more difficult for him. This rocket is overpowering. She has a mortar start: 200 tons are thrown out of the mine in a second and soar into the sky. Depending on the specific objective, 12 to 30 minute flight to USA.

“ Satan & # 39; & # 39; was premiered in Dnepropetrovsk at the famous Yuzhmash in KB Yuzhnoye. Chief designer of Satan was C tanislav Ivanovich Us. I went to Dnepropetrovsk, I met us.

& ndash; Baklanov knows our problems very well, he often visits us, & ndash; told us in one of the conversations. & ndash; After all, he understands that only our machine is capable of stopping the Americans if they decide to brake us. He took his responsibilities boldly, sometimes making risky decisions. We let ourselves enter the Pacific Ocean. As usual, two cars were prepped for launch – No. 10 and No. 11. The second was launched earlier. And the track was passing right over the capital of Indonesia. And it had to happen that the third floor would explode right above her. In addition, the explosion was so powerful that it “ blinded '' US vessel tracking systems. The second rocket & ndash; No. 10 & ndash; was on high alert, and the Chairman of the State Commission & ndash; and it was Baklanov & ndash; ask me, 'What are we going to do?' I reply that the cause of the explosion is unknown, and therefore the second missile must be fired. The launch has taken place. And it was a wonderful start! And what happened to car number 11, we didn't understand. After this incident, there was not a single emergency start. But if O.D. Baklanov had not taken responsibility, the development of 'Satan' could have hung around for a long time & hellip;

Now in service in Russia there are new & shy; leks, and we must remember that the foundations for their creation date back to when OD Baklanov was also responsible for the country's defense.

* & nbsp; * & nbsp; *

I didn't say anything in particular about the State Emergency Committee, of which Baklanov was one of the main figures. The point is, yesterday's villains often become heroes, and current mindbenders are quickly fading from our memory. Sometimes they come back, but it rarely happens.

History is unpredictable so let's trust it. It seems to me that the name of Oleg Dmitrievich Baklanov will remain in the offspring for a long time, because it was at the center of the events of the last century, the very ones that largely determined both the present and the future. , even a very distant.

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Deceived the whole world. Conflicting facts about Meghan Markle

From & nbsp; since Meghan Markle went from & nbsp; ordinary television actress at & nbsp; wife of Prince Harry and & nbsp; nbsp; became (albeit briefly) as a member of the royal family, we learned a lot about the & nbsp; Duchess of Sussex. On the occasion of & nbsp; birthday of the woman who immortalized her name with & nbsp; with the help of & nbsp; Megsit, AiF.ru recalls the facts of & nbsp; his & nbsp; biography.

1. A show for the whole world

It's no secret that even before meeting Prince Harry, the actress was married to Trevor Engelson. Now the media is calling the producer no & nbsp; otherwise as 'Meghan Markle's ex-husband', although once it was hard to imagine, as Megan's merits in & nbsp; cinema, to say the least, were not exceptional. But the relationship with the royal family made her a real celebrity.

The couple divorced in the summer of 2013 & nbsp; year. It was rumored that despite the break from & nbsp;, Megan continued to receive money from & nbsp; ex-lover and & nbsp; refused & nbsp; financial aid only when the whole world learned of the existence of & nbsp; his & nbsp; relationship with the & nbsp; prince. Thus, the marriage with the producer was the first for the actress. She then married & nbsp; Harry. We all got to watch their amazingly beautiful wedding ceremony on May 19, 2018 of the year. However, before & nbsp; her Markle made it down the aisle again. “ We got married & nbsp; three days before & nbsp; the wedding. Nobody & nbsp; do not know. We called the Archbishop and said: & nbsp; & bdquo; It is a spectacle for the whole world, and & nbsp; we want to enter into an alliance between us and & nbsp; for us & ldquo; & raquo ;, & nbsp; & mdash; said the actress in a & nbsp; interview with Oprah Winfrey.

During the secret ceremony, which took place in the backyard of the couple's home, there was no one there other than the lovers and the Archbishop of Canterbury, so what happened on & nbsp; May 19, 2018, indeed, can be called a 'play', after all, Harry and & nbsp; ; Meghan was already married.

2. So & nbsp; had not & nbsp; of relationship with & nbsp; father

& Nbsp; Megan has a wonderful relationship with & nbsp; mother Doria, but & nbsp; here with & nbsp; his own father Thomas & nbsp; none at all. After her parents' divorce, the future Duchess of Sussex has always kept in touch with & nbsp; Markle, but & nbsp; little by little it went to & nbsp; no. Even up to the altar, the actress was not led by & nbsp; Thomas (he was unable to attend the ceremony for health reasons), but by & nbsp; Prince Charles. Unsurprisingly, Meghan's dad never goes out with his grandchildren, even though the oldest Archie is two! “ Hope to see my grandchildren someday because I'm a pretty good grandfather '', & nbsp; & mdash; Thomas said in a & nbsp; interview with Australian show 60 & nbsp; Minutes. However, the & nbsp; less upset father is not going to give up: in an interview with Fox News, he said he was going to get the right to meet & nbsp; Archie and & nbsp; baby Lilibet by court. So the peace of Megan and & nbsp; Harry are only dreaming. Those close to the Duchess of Sussex, like no one else, know how to deliver her troubles to her.

3. Lived and & nbsp; lives on a & nbsp; big foot

To & nbsp; these & nbsp; eras when Harry and & nbsp; Megan was still performing their duties as a member of the royal family, reporters were closely monitoring & nbsp; & # 39; s appearance Markle, because the actress had not saved money for & nbsp; her outfits. According to the Daily Mail, the Duchess of Sussex's wardrobe on her tour of Oceania cost $ 238,789. Therefore, for & nbsp; Megan quickly established a reputation as a real spendthrift, which she has confirmed on several occasions, for example, with her American Baby Shower, which her famous friends Serena Williams and & nbsp; Amal Clooney were having fun. To & nbsp; States, Markle delivered a private jet, and & nbsp; upon arrival, the actress stopped in & nbsp; one of the & nbsp; most expensive hotels in New York.

Surprisingly, & nbsp; even after Harry and & nbsp; Meghan have stepped down as royalty, Markle's demands have not abated. She still lives on a & nbsp; big foot and & nbsp; do & nbsp; refuses & nbsp; expensive things. For example, when the prince's wife recorded a video message for the online event Vax Live, which aired on American television, she wore a Carolina Herrera dress for £ 1,200. But & nbsp; that's not all: journalists have just seen at & nbsp; Markle watches from the jewelry house Cartier valued at 17.8 thousand pounds sterling and bracelets from the same brand valued at 5000 and 2360 pounds sterling. Such an expensive outfit, according to the Daily Mail, angered many users, as Megan was asked to speak about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on women, and did not show her level of wealth. .

4. Did you cheat on your grandmother?

The accusations of & nbsp; address Markle echoing incessantly. One of them was made by the author of several books on the royal family Penny Junor. The writer is sure that Harry and & nbsp; Megan weren't completely honest with & nbsp; Elizabeth & nbsp; II when they turned to & nbsp; her to agree on the name of their newborn daughter. They wanted to call the Lilibet girl “ Lily '' Diane. The child's first name has been given in & nbsp; honor of the house nickname of the great-grandmother, the second in & nbsp; honor of the grandmother & nbsp; & mdash; Princess Diana. Junor is sure that the agreements with the & nbsp; queen were formal in nature, the couple would have already decided everything before the conversation with & nbsp; Elizabeth II & nbsp; Thus, the & nbsp; on the day of the call, the address lilibetdiana.com was purchased, and & nbsp; before & nbsp; this May 31 & nbsp; a similar address has been registered & nbsp; & mdash; lilidiana.com. “ Prince Harry clearly hasn't consulted the & nbsp; queen & # 39; & # 39 ;, & nbsp; & mdash; quotes the Mirror journalist's words.

And & nbsp; after all, the couple's rep had previously reported that if Harry and & nbsp; Megan did not have received permission from the & nbsp; queen regarding her daughter's name, then the & nbsp; girl & nbsp; would not have received Lilibet's name. Somehow the baby has become 'Lily', by the way, according to the Daily Mail, her name recently appeared on the list of heirs to the throne on the official website of the king family.

Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

© Reuters

David and Victoria Beckham. © Reuters

© Reuters

© Reuters

The guests arrive for the wedding. © Reuters

Philip Middleton and James Matthews. © Reuters

Oprah Winfrey, Sabrina Daur, Idris Elba. © Reuters

The guests arrive for the wedding. © Reuters

Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian. © Reuters

Prince Harry and Prince William. © Reuters

Megan's mother is Doria Ragland. © Reuters

Meghan Markle. © Reuters

Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Meghan Markle. © Reuters

© Reuters

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© Reuters

David and Victoria Beckham. © Reuters

© Reuters

© Reuters

The guests arrive for the wedding. © Reuters

Philip Middleton and James Matthews. © Reuters

Oprah Winfrey, Sabrina Daur, Idris Elba. © Reuters

The guests arrive for the wedding. © Reuters

Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian. © Reuters

Prince Harry and Prince William. © Reuters

Megan's mother is Doria Ragland. © Reuters

Meghan Markle. © Reuters

Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Meghan Markle. © Reuters

© Reuters

© Reuters

© Reuters

Source: Daily Mail, Mirror, Fox News

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Near Samara, Switzerland. Rostourism advises you where to spend an unusual holiday

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” n ° 31. Without flag or anthem, but with medals and Tchaikovsky 04/08/2021

The holiday season is in full swing. Where to spend it for those who haven't decided yet? Consider non-seaside destinations & ndash; active holidays, wellness or cruises.

Head of & nbsp; & nbsp; Federal Agency & nbsp; for tourism Zarina & nbsp; Doguzova: & nbsp;

For health & nbsp; and impressions & nbsp;

It is good to combine active tourism and outdoor recreation, beaches by the lakes and even wellness programs, like the balneotherapy & shy logia. If we are talking about not so remote regions of central Russia with incredibly beautiful landscapes and opportunities for active recreation and health improvement, then these are Bashkortostan and Chelyabinsk region in the Caucasus & ndash; Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Tcherkessia, my native Ossetia, Chechnya and Dagestan.

In the North & ndash; this is of course Karelia and the Murmansk region. Further & ndash; Altai, unique Baikal, both from the Irkutsk and Buryat side, and, of course, from the Far East & ndash; and Primorsky Territory, and Kamchatka, and Sakhalin Island, which is now also possible to fly & shy; inexpensively.

A great format for a summer vacation off the beach & ndash; cruises: there are hundreds of different routes in our country along rivers and along the Black Sea coast. These are very special trips, with their own traditions and atmospheres. A true classic & ndash; cruise along the Volga, the largest river highway in Europe. You can access it from all major cities of the Volga & ndash; Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan. Cruise on the Volga & ndash; these are ancient trading towns, and knowledge of different cultures, new gastronomy, for example, in the Tatarstan republics, Chuvashia. You can cross the Volga downstream and travel to Astrakhan, where lotuses bloom from the second half of summer until early fall.

Cruises between the two capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg, are good. And from St. Petersburg you can choose routes in northern Russia & ndash; to Valaam and Kizhi, to the Solovetsky & shy archipelago.

Cruise on wheels

But cruising can be not only on the water. A new type of cruises has appeared in Russia & ndash; railroad & shy; road. Here the principle is the same, only instead of a 'hotel on the water'. you are traveling to a hotel on wheels. The 'Pearl of the Caucasus' tourist train is new for the season. It leaves until the end of September every Saturday from Moscow & shy; you. It is a unique route, a bright mix of the South, the Volga and the Caucasus. For weeks & shy; ny trip you can visit the thermal springs in Kislovodsk, take a seaside walk in Novorossiysk, see the ancient citadel of Derbent or the Sulak cany & shy; it is in Dagestan, the most beautiful mosques in Chechnya, and end the trip by visiting Mamograev Kurgan in the Volga Volga.

In the city & ndash; and on the beach

You can spend your vacation comfortably in large cities, which already have a high-quality tourist infrastructure, & ndash; opportunities for recreation outside the city in nature and near water, for example, on the banks of the Volga & ndash; in Kazan, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, in the Baltic & ndash; in St. Petersburg and Kalinin & shy; grad, in the south & ndash; in Rostov-on-Don. Atmospheric walks in Kaliningrad can also be combined with ecological routes along the unique Curonian Spit, relaxation on white sandy beaches, as well as balneology. Kazan & ndash; it's the flavor of Tatar culture and UNESCO sites on the island town of Sviyazhsk and ancient Bolgar, and a trip to picturesque Kamskoye Ustye. Samara & ndash; it is not only a very beautiful city with Art Nouveau architecture, but also the longest riverbank of the Volga, sandy beaches in the city, Samarskaya Luka, Zhiguli mountains, which s ; call the Volga Switzerland. And Nizhny Novgorod celebrates its 800th anniversary & ndash; and it promises to be the highlight of this summer season. At the same time, from Nizhny Novgorod you can go to the sandy beaches of the Gorky Sea and the famous Svetloyar Lake, as well as walk around the ancient cities & ndash; Semionov, Gorodets. To be calm on vacation, I recommend getting vaccinated before the holidays.

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Let's hit the Tik-Tok with “Knowledge”! How to get young people out of social networks?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 31. Without flag or anthem, but with medals and Tchaikovsky 04/08/2021

73 million views & ndash; That figure stunned the country with the New Knowledge educational marathon held in May of this year. Its speakers were the most prominent representatives of Russian science, culture and government. The marathon was organized by the Russian company 'Knowledge', about which the most devoted readers of the 'AiF' & # 39; remember the end of the 1970s: then our newspaper started to appear as its newsletter.

The country's oldest educational organization is currently undergoing a reboot. President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke of the need to keep it in his message to the Federal Assembly … What will the renewed knowledge society look like, how to tear the youth away from Tik -Tok and what needs to be done to make the image of a scientist supplant the image of a blogger in mass consciousness, AIF. spoke with his CEO Maxim Dreval. Maxime Dreval file. Was born July 6, 1991 in Kemerovo. He worked at Yandex and Mail.ru Group, and in 2014 became co-founder of Netologiya-Group, the largest online education platform. In 2016, he founded L2P Limited, a company working at the intersection of education and eSports. Successful Entrepreneur, winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year award in the EY Education category. In May 2021, he was appointed general manager of the Russian company “Knowledge”.

What is the request for?

Dmitry Pisarenko, & nbsp; AiF: & nbsp; Maxim, we live in an age where all information is available with just a few clicks. How can we explain that young people listen to the lectures with sincere interest, as was the case in the New Knowledge marathon?

Maxim Dreval: & nbsp; We have made a lot of effort to get young people interested. We did a 'Wow! & # 39; & # 39; for them to come to our site, dive in, find it interesting – and stay. We realized that it was possible to attract them in this format. No short entertaining videos on YouTube or Instagram, but meaningful lectures lasting half an hour, an hour, or even longer. The fact that our young people are ready and interested in consuming such information was a pleasant surprise for us and a break from stereotypes.

Indeed, now almost all the information is available. But when there are a lot of them, it's like there aren't any at all. Because it's so hard to navigate, to find something really valuable. This is our task & ndash; give kids a reliable news feed, captivate them with education, make it a trend – cool and fashionable.

– Were you surprised by this indicator – 73 million views?

– I was surprised. In our wildest expectations, we were guided by 5 to 10 million for several reasons. I think the first is that the demand for meaningful information keeps growing. I see this growth year after year. The world is changing very quickly, new professions are appearing, which means that new knowledge and skills are needed. We conducted a study with high school and college students aged 16-25. The demand for intellectual content is now colossal: the modern generation pays great attention to personal development. Half of the respondents use new knowledge to develop their erudition, two thirds watch cognitive content even while relaxing. The greatest demand & ndash; on topics related to careers and career counseling.

The second reason is & ndash; practical size. During the pandemic, even people who were suspicious of the online format realized that in some cases it is irreplaceable. Finally, the third and, perhaps, the main reason & ndash; the level of our guest speakers. For each topic, we called the first people who are experts in their topic and the main sources of information.

Where do the myths come from?

– The speeches of Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak caused a stir. But you set the bar high: it will be impossible to always maintain such a level of speakers, and it looks like the marathons will become annual?

– We want to make the attraction of the most remarkable people the basic principle of the company of 'Knowledge', our specialty. It should be understood that the first people & ndash; they are not necessarily popular and famous people. They are not always company presidents. Take the bend, for example. After all, there is also a Chief Master, the first person in him, although he is far from Elon Musk in popularity. There are many of these people, and we will invite them.

And there shouldn't be a lot of public opinion leaders. But they are more than enough to motivate people, load them into an active position, move them forward, grow. It's not the quantity that matters, but the quality.

As for the frequency of New Knowledge marathons. We will be holding big marathons at least twice a year. The closest will be in the fall, and I'm sure it will be cooler than the first.

– Will you call Bill Gates? By the way, it would be topical: it has become almost a symbol of this pandemic. Many are worried if he launches the coronavirus, is there a threat of mass explosion behind all of this?

– Fight the myths & ndash; one of our tasks. Why do they arise? Because people cannot find reliable information on an important topic. In this case & ndash; on the subject of vaccination. There is so much confusion and misconceptions here! People don't understand how vaccines work, and it's easier for them to believe they're going to be microchipped or irradiated with 5G rounds. These people just weren't explained what and how. & Nbsp;

We have just launched the Awareness Campaign Let's Make Vaccines Known Together. We broadcast with exceptional people from the professional world, they answer questions from the public. This is, for example, the Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko, Head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, Head Doctor of Kommunarka Hospital Denis Protsenko and others. Our viewers and subscribers to social networks send many questions of a very different nature and receive answers in real time from the most competent speakers.

How to become a speaker?

– Why was it really necessary to restart the knowledge society?

– He was before and, it seems to me, he only grew. Like I said, the world is changing very quickly, society is transforming, and a pandemic has occurred. All this stimulates the demand for information, education. The country's leaders understand this.

“ Knowledge '' society is the oldest educational organization, it was founded in 1947. In accordance with a presidential decree in 2015, the society was re-established, and in April of this year, Vladimir Putin, in a message to the Federal Assembly, has stressed the need to restart it on a modern digital platform. The company, although it did exist, has not fulfilled its function to the extent that one would have liked it for a long time.

– And in what would you like? What educational work formats are planned? The “ live '' will it read lectures, like in soviet times?

– They are already read. Right now, as we speak, there are several lectures being read by the Knowledge Society in different parts of the country. – about ten, I guess. I'll tell you more: any of our lectures are read with a “ live '' public, even if it's streamed online. We invite those interested in the subject to this meeting.

We have a project called Smart Weeks. & Nbsp; In its framework, renowned experts, scientists, statesmen and public figures, entrepreneurs, athletes, as well as representatives of the spheres of culture and art organize meetings with students from the regions. The subjects are very different: history, science, modern technology, architecture, art, sports, leadership, information security, entrepreneurship. Until the end of the summer, we plan to hold conferences in all regions of Russia.

– By the way, about the speakers. How much do you need And how to become one of them?

– We have calculated that next year we will need over 10,000 speakers. This is a huge number. These should be experts – for example, university employees, representatives of companies and various professions, & nbsp; trusted by the public, otherwise the information will not be valuable to them.

This is why we are launching the League of Lecturers project, its goal is to find young educators all over the country. In fact, it will be a multi-step selection system. Whoever you are, if you have knowledge and want to share it, you can participate. We'll give you the opportunity to speak, we'll give you a platform, an audience, and that audience will then rate your performance. The best will take the next step, they will receive more and more opportunities, we will develop them, including teaching communication skills, public speaking, the ability to ' 'wrap' interestingly informing, giving presentations, making films, etc.

At the end of the year, we will host the New Knowledge Award. The winners will receive scholarships and new opportunities for study, development, travel.

Who is the most popular & ndash; blogger or scientist?

– You rely on adolescents and young people, but you are faced with an inconceivable task in terms of complexity – & ndash; snatch them from Tik-Tok and YouTube. How to do ?

– We understand that we are dealing with a very demanding audience, which is not easy to engage. Every time we have to surprise her, exceed her expectations, otherwise we will not be able to compete with YouTube, Tik-Tok, Instagram and other social networks, entertainment services and many bloggers. It is such a challenge for us. Until now it has been possible to gain attention.

On the flip side, all of these resources and the companies that support them are also interested in capturing the consumer's attention. They try to captivate him in the simplest and most primitive format. This is all clear, and taking a young man out of such a format is & ndash; the task is very difficult. But now a trend has emerged: Many have played enough, they understand that they have to shape their future on their own, and not to trust others to do it, not to be led by the hand. There are more and more such young people, and this gives hope.

It seems to me that it is also important to educate children about what is happening. really happening in our country – for example, in the scientific field. A lot of people just don't know it.

– Just as they don't know the names of young scientists. If previously the image of a researcher was the center of public attention, now a blogger has taken his place. One of them was even invited to SPIEF – to speak to the public.

– Young scientists were also present at the Saint Petersburg Forum. But, of course, the prestige of the profession must be increased and scientific activity must be popularized. In fact, we do. In our marathon, for example, participated physicist Alexei Fedorov, chemist Artyom Oganov, biologist Anna Kudryavtseva. These are all young researchers who have already obtained recognition. Alexey Fedorov, creator of “quantum blockchain” – incredibly talented and very cool. You look at it and you understand: how cool it is to be a scientist, really!

In fact, we are now entering a new stage of a technological breakthrough. Polls show that attitudes towards science among young people are changing. This is the area where they want to grow. And the pandemic has led to the growing prestige of the medical profession – many children will now go to work in medicine.

I'm sure that in the near future the image of a scientist will shrink the image of a blogger out of public consciousness. Intellectual activity will again be a priority.

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Our Olympic Games. Glavarchiv – on the closing ceremony of the main event in the USSR

41 years ago, the whole country watched, holding its breath, the closing ceremony of the 1980 Olympics, which was held in Moscow. The highlight of this event was the launch of the Olympic bear, whose height was 8 meters. The Glavarchiv decided to recall how it all happened.

August 3, 1980 at the Luzhniki stadium, then at the central stadium. IN AND. Lenin, the closing ceremony of the XXII Summer Olympic Games took place. With the help of materials from Glavarkhiv, which can be found in the virtual museum 'Moscow – with care for history', you can find out how this event came about unrolled.

The closing ceremony of the Games began at 7:29:30 p.m. The Kremlin chime sounded, after which the audience saw 170 swaggers, and the Moscow Olympics emblem, formed of colorful flags, appeared above the bleachers. Immediately, athletes with hoops and ribbons, girls and boys in traditional Russian costumes began to enter the stadium. The banners of the participating countries and the flags of the International and National Olympic Committee were displayed.

Photo: www.globallookpress.com/Alexandr Yakovlev

The Olympic rings appeared on the central platform, near which all the participants in the solemn parade were lined up. And then the flag of the USSR and the flag of Los Angeles, which took over the Olympic relay, were hoisted. The President of the International Olympic Committee Lord Michael Killanin delivered a speech in which he declared the Games of the XXII Summer Olympic Games closed. The Olympic flag has also been lowered.

Next, girls in tunics lined up around the bowl with the Olympic flame, mimicking the compositions of ancient Greek frescoes, and the Olympic flame that burned for 16 days went out.

At the end of the ceremony, athletes and performers in Russian folk costumes carried an eight-meter Olympic bear to the center of the stadium, which then hovered over the participants and spectators to Alexandra Pakhmutova's song on the words of Nikolai Dobronravov: “ Goodbye, Moscow, goodbye! Olympic fairy tale, goodbye! Wish your wishes come true, wish your friends a new meeting! & # 39; & # 39;

Photo: www.globallookpress.com/Alexandr Yakovlev

So, amid the flurries of festive fireworks, the landmark 1980's event came to an end – & mdash; XXII Summer Olympics, which have become the symbol of an entire era.

A total of 74 Olympic records and 36 world records were set at the 1980 Olympics. Victory in the team event was won by Soviet athletes who won 80 medals from the Olympics. Gold, 69 Silver and 46 Bronze.

In the virtual museum “ Moscow – with care of history '' & nbsp; you can learn not only about the Olympics but also about the life of the capital in the 1980s. It contains a large collection of photographs, documents and period artifacts. For example, photographs of the city and the Muscovites of those years, watches, commemorative medals, phonograph records. In addition, in the Glavarchiv section I created a newsfeed about the life of Moscow and its citizens from various documents and periodicals.

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What threatens Sergei Kosenko, who drove a tied up girlfriend in a Bentley?

Blogger-millionaire Sergey Kosenko decided to take his girlfriend in an emerald Bentley around Moscow, and not in the cabin, but strapped to the roof of a expensive car. For more effect, he sealed her mouth with duct tape and cuffed one hand to his. The incident was filmed, which Kosenko later posted on his & nbsp; Instagram.

“Have you done this 20 times already, haven't you?” – wrote one blogger in the comments of the video.

During the day, the extreme video scored nearly 72,000 'likes'. and nearly 3000 comments. & nbsp; In addition, Sergei Kosenko became the hero of the news columns of many TV channels. However, such fame played a cruel joke with him – law enforcement took an interest in the blogger's actions.

“ It looks like we're in big trouble. & # 39; & # 39; – wrote a blogger in one of the articles.

What threatens Sergei Kosenko?

It is known that the employees of the Moscow State Traffic Inspectorate launched a check on the fact of a video posted on the Internet.

Recall, in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, art. 12.23 part 3 for the transport for the transport of people outside the cabin of the car & nbsp; there is an administrative fine of one thousand rubles.

Also & nbsp; the Bentley on the check turned out not to actually belong to the young man (the owner's name is being established). According to & nbsp; Telegram channel 112, there are 68 unpaid fines for a luxury car, for a total of 78.5 & nbsp; thousand rubles.

How did Sergei Kosenko react to the alleged punishment?

He published an article where he watches a TV report & nbsp; channel “ Moscow-24 '' About me. When & nbsp; the expert expressed the possible punishment & nbsp; in the form of a fine of 1000 & nbsp; rubles, & nbsp; Sergei Kosenko and his family laughed. He added that not only one blogger took part in the action, but several.

Nevertheless, in his stories and in an interview with REN-TV, the blogger apologized for himself and that of his friend. & Nbsp; “I saw myself on all the news. I didn't know it would be like this. Therefore, I apologize, Ilona also joins in the apology. If suddenly someone sees it, they are in shock, they pass out, “Kosenko said.

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Why Sergey Kosenko has-t- he tied his girlfriend?

Sergey himself, in the comments of the video, explained that he and his girlfriend Ilona perform a certain task, and this passage is & mdash; just one of its stages. Who gave him such a task, the blogger did not specify. It's possible the action was planned as a publicity stunt to support his new show. & Nbsp; Later, the blogger posted a video in his stories, in which a voiceover tells his mother that Sergey would like to propose to Ilona. & Nbsp;

What is Sergey Kosenko doing?

Sergey Kosenko is known as a popular blogger (he has 5 million Instagram followers) and a businessman. He was born in 1987 in the Hungarian city of Kecskemete in a military family. Graduated from Power Engineering Institute in Moscow with a degree in computer science applied to economics. While studying at university, he swapped earbuds, and then opened a knitwear store in a Moscow shopping center. & Nbsp; After that, he worked in one of the branches of Sberbank of Russia, having reached the rank of director. From December 2011 to September 2013, he was also director of the retail department of the Moscow branch of the Smolensk bank. In 2013 he founded the Kosenko Retail group and also organized four brands of clothing and housewares. In addition, the entrepreneur is engaged in development, building the land purchased in Bali. In his video blogs, he explains how to start a business from scratch and records motivational videos.


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