Tons of good. How Muscovites can help Donbass refugees

Story Worsening situation in Donbass

“AiF” visited the charity organization “Fair Help of Doctor Lisa” to understand how the collection of things for people in need in Donbass is organized.

< p> 2 cars arrive throughout the day, from which volunteers immediately begin to unload many boxes and packages. This is the help of ordinary Muscovites, as well as employees of non-profit organizations. Just yesterday, so many necessary things were collected that two tons of things were quickly sent to the refugees.

“In the morning we went to the store, bought sugar, cereal, stew – which is stored for a long time, – and brought here, – brings products Representative of the Tochka Opory Charitable Foundation Maxim Chumakov. – Our association helps the homeless, drug addicts, released from prison. But we learned that refugees need help. We will try to help them.

Photo: AiF/Eduard Kudryavitsky

Director of the Help and Development Center “OkWeAn” Oksana Chelmodeyevatwo years ago, as a volunteer, brought humanitarian aid to Donetsk. In Moscow, she and the center's volunteers are now helping refugees. Literally in one day, 12 large boxes were collected and delivered to Novaya Basmannaya: there are new clothes, school uniforms, jeans, skirts, toys, antiseptics, diaries, notebooks, books, etc. .

With a question on how to help, I contacted “Fair Help of Dr. Lisa”; Elena Yermoshina, coordinator of the North-Western Administrative District of the Association of Large Families of Moscow. The mothers of many children are willing to volunteer.

Photo: AiF/Eduard Kudryavitsky

International public charity organization “Doctor Liza's Fair Help” created in 2007 by doctor of palliative medicine Elizaveta Glinka.The main task – help the homeless, the dying sick, the lonely pensioners and the handicapped. Since 2014, assistance has been provided to residents of Donbass. Dr. Lisa has personally taken seriously ill and injured children to Russia for treatment. For eight years, more than 800 children from the DPR and the LPR have been accompanied by the association. In 2022, the number of people in need has increased significantly. About 2,000 seriously ill children should be evacuated from the Donbass territory, and their families need full support.

Photo: AiF/Eduard Kudryavitsky

“I am very grateful to our colleagues in charities and Muscovites who contribute all they can – food, clothes and other necessary things for people who have next to nothing, – says president of Dr. Lisa's Just Aid Olga Demicheva.– There are a lot of boxes with disinfectants, there are enough for now. We need diapers, including adult diapers, disposable diapers, bed patient care products, disability products – canes, crutches, walkers. Relevant Personal Hygiene Products – toothbrushes, pastes, creams. We need absolutely new sets of underwear (panties, bras), children's shorts, socks, tights. It was something that was impossible to take from home in sufficient quantity. Also among our needs – additional transport assistance to deliver the kits we have trained to the addresses of people in need in different cities. The website details what kind of assistance victims of hostilities now need.

Photo: AiF/Eduard Kudryavitsky


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