Shaninka Zuev's rector indicted in fraud case

The investigation indicted Shaninka rector of fraud Sergei Zuev in the case of embezzlement of the RANEPA institute of more than 20 million rubles, according to the website of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation.

According to the survey, in 2018 Zuev, Marina Rakova, who then held the post of Deputy Minister of Education and former Deputy Director General of the FGAU “Fund for New Forms of development of education 'Evgeny Zak entered into false employment contracts between RANEPA and 12 employees of the Ministry of Education for their fictitious employment as researchers.

These people did not do any work at university, but received a salary from 2018 to 2020. As a result, RANEPA suffered material damage.

The large-scale fraud criminal case has been separated into a separate proceeding from the case against Rakova, Zuev and others on the theft of $ 21 million rubles allocated as part of the implementation of the Federal Teacher of the Year project.

Previously, Marina Rakova and Evgeny Zak were accused of fictitious employment of citizens at RANEPA.


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