“Cheaper to demolish.” On Holodomor's Day, a fountain of excrement flooded the homes of Kherson

There is a lot of symbolism in what is happening in Ukraine right now. While in Kiev, President Zelensky and his entourage try to figure out what will happen before the & mdash; & nbsp; coup or invasion of the Russian army, in the regions they are literally drowning in excrement. & Nbsp;

Brown jet in the sky

On November 27, a “ dirty bomb '' exploded in the Ukrainian Kherson. This is the sweetest possible definition of what happened in the city's Shumensky quarter on Shturvalnaya Street.

In the parlance of professionals, what happened is called a pressure manifold breakthrough. Witnesses described the incident as a 20-meter sewage fountain towering above the private sector. However, some claim that the excreta flow increased by 30 meters.

Five private households were in the affected area. The homes of the unfortunate were literally inundated with human waste.

Local deputy Artem Kirichenko on his page on the social network he said: “ One of the two-family houses cannot be repaired, it is cheaper to completely demolish it and build one news. 20 people were injured. The damage is estimated at nearly 1 million hryvnia. & # 39; & # 39; & Nbsp;

The emergency team pumped sewage from residential buildings for two days. Then they began to drain and disinfect the buildings, although the effectiveness of these measures is still unclear. People coming from homes flooded with excrement have so far been placed in dormitories. & Nbsp;

The lifespan of communications ended 20 years ago. But we are not talking about replacing the pipes

“ The issue of the allocation of money for the elimination of the accident will be brought up to the city council meeting on December 3. It is worth noting that there is no sensible reaction from the mayor of Igor Kolykhaev and the body of deputies, & mdash; & nbsp; reports local edition & nbsp; Kherson.life.

As the Kherson edition notes, & laquo; New day ', a repeat of such an incident is possible at any time. In the past three years, around 20 major accidents have been eliminated in the local sewage system.

The reason for this is happening & mdash; & nbsp; catastrophic wear and tear of communications. The pressure pipeline from the main sewage pumping station to the city's sewage treatment plant was built in 1969. & nbsp; Pipes with a diameter of about one meter had a durability resource of 30 years, which already expired in the years of independence of Ukraine. However, the authorities never managed to fix the problem. & Nbsp;

On the day of the stinking Kherson flood, the victims of the 'Soviet genocide' were honored

Kherson City Council MPs on November 27 did not have time for this. They celebrated Holodomor Victims' Remembrance Day, which this year coincided with the fecal discharge in Kherson. During a requiem rally at the monument to the victims of the totalitarian regime, representatives of the city authorities and public figures cursed the communists who organized the 'genocide of the Ukrainian people. & # 39; & # 39;

Apparently, the Kherson authorities would have gladly attributed the breakthrough of the pressurized pipeline to the intrigues of the Bolsheviks & mdash; & nbsp; after all, the city sewage system was done with them. & Nbsp; Modern Kherson has become like a living illustration of the city of Foolov, invented by Saltykov-Shchedrin. If Holodomor in 2021 in Kherson was 'celebrated' fountain of excrement, the 30th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine & mdash; & nbsp; heavy drop from a 70 meter flagpole. & nbsp;

Boom the price of 8 million, not counting the car

The site for the mast installation was chosen near the regional library named after Honchar. On the morning of August 20, construction started to go up which turned into a steep drop. The full weight of Ukrainian patriotism has fallen on Lexus. The car was simply run over. Fortunately, by the time of the fall, there was no one in the foreign car, otherwise the story would have gone from comic to tragic.

Discussions about the incident on the head of Kherson & # 39; s regional administration displeased social media & nbsp; Sergey Kozyr , who hastened to reply to all the malcontents thus: “ The day was a success! There is something to talk about! What did you do for your Kherson area? Or is everything always going well with you and nothing breaks? Where are you from so perfect and correct? Take a look around and think about what you've been up to besides laughing at problems! But these are not our problems, these are the problems of the Kherson region, because this is all done for the people, for you! Not for me or anyone else & mdash; for you! & # 39; & # 39;

By the way, 8 million hryvnias were spent on the flagpole, received “with the help of attracting grant funds and European donors.” Why can't European donors fund the overhaul of Kherson's sanitation system, but spend money on flag poles? O. Director of Territorial Development Department, Head of Construction and Financial Support Department of Kherson Regional Administration & nbsp; Vitaly Karavaev, in charge of & hellip; work on the installation of a flag pole. Moreover, Karavaev took the matter literally the day before, with his predecessor hastily resigning. & Nbsp;

How Kherson's leader threatened Russia

It wasn't boring in Kherson even before the mast fell. In 2017, the then town chief & nbsp; Vladimir Mykolaenko & nbsp; was nicknamed the mayor on horseback. Two playgrounds were solemnly inaugurated in Kherson. In order not to disturb the solemnity of the moment, the children were taken away. Reporters at the event complained that it was impossible to photograph happy children. “ Let's go for a walk '', & mdash; said the mayor and got on a horse designed for preschoolers.

In December 2019, the mayor of Kherson threatened Russia and its president: “ I think we have to remind & nbsp; Putin & nbsp; and to all its supporters that the primordial Russian territories & mdash; they are swamps near Moscow. Everything else & mdash; these are territories that the Muscovites took possession of thanks to their own cruelty to animals and their cunning. By breaking agreements, ignoring promises, creating internal crises in neighboring states with their own hands, they managed to build a great empire. Great, I mean. This empire rests on its bones. On the bones of millions of people whose lives meant nothing to Muscovites … The Black Sea region is so beautiful and far from the Moscow swamps that it's hard to imagine how Putin could have thought that Russia had anything to do with us. Southern Ukraine is ethnically, mentally, geographically, culturally Ukrainian. I have always been Ukrainian and always will be. It will be Ukrainian when Russia is gone. And we must remember that too, especially in these holy days for Christians, when we must all remember that good is eternal. And evil is doomed to defeat no matter how strong and arrogant it may appear today. Evil is doomed. Russia & mdash; this pain. I ask you to remember this and, if possible, to participate so that this evil turns to dust and bad memories asap. & # 39; & # 39; & Nbsp;

The new mayor of Kherson has started renovating the cabinet. Hands do not reach sewers

The mayor of Kherson was replaced in the fall of 2020, but problems persist. In April 2021, Mayor Igor Kolykhaev told reporters in the Kherson Online publication about my office renovation: “I want it to be where I am. I can't work if there isn't a comfort zone where I can accept people and communicate. Repair & mdash; & nbsp; at my personal expense. I really want to contribute to Kherson & hellip; Then we are going to make a hallway, transparent doors in the offices on this floor. There is nothing wrong with that, are people working? … one of the examples of what we want to do now. We have the city executive committee building and the plaza behind the city hall where the cafes are across the street. One of the ideas & mdash; & nbsp; to create an episode from the past and the future. We plan to reconstruct the facade of the building, to make the sixth floor, to which the session hall for 120 people will be moved, and two transparent elevators will be installed. The rest of the room is an open art space for receiving guests, organizing exhibitions, conferences. The next step is & mdash; & nbsp; rebuilding the square: laying out beautiful cobblestones, putting up a Christmas tree, organizing festivals. & # 39; & # 39;

Igor Kolykhaev, Mayor of Kherson: The guests immediately saw the beautiful city. & # 39; & # 39; KHERSON Online socio-political Internet edition (khersonline.net)

It is clear that the city sewer is not the object that attracts the mayor of Kherson. However, it would probably be nice to have exhibitions and lectures in houses flooded with shit, so that Kherson's guests could see it, so to speak, in all its glory. And the disaster area and the excrement fountain can be declared a facility & mdash; & nbsp; will be very much in the spirit of modern European art. & Nbsp;

It seems that today in Ukraine it is more realistic than replacing pipes which exhausted their service life two decades ago.

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