“Don't turn into a herd!” TikTok flash mobs have become dangerous for others

TikTok's new flash mob actually calls for crimes & mdash; twist the nipple caps of the wheels of other people's cars. Likes are collected by Tiktokers, but & mdash; the car drivers. And this is not the first nor the last flash mob that can harm others!

These videos are gaining millions of views. In search of tastes, teens mindlessly repeat trend ideas. They don't think they could pay for their health or get into the police.

Rolling the wheel caps

New fun & mdash; unscrew and steal the nipple cap on the car wheel.

The idea originated in TikTok and quickly gained popularity among children and adolescents in Russia. The more caps you have collected, the cooler you are! The process is filmed by teenagers on a cell phone and posted on the Internet for bragging rights.

We are talking about the plugs that cover the coils on the wheels of cars. Participants of a questionable flash mob don't think they can be criminally punished because their actions are illegal. & Nbsp;

Motorists, victims of Tiktokers, are outraged that children under 16 face almost nothing for such theft. Car enthusiasts promise to kick ass those who get caught and pick up the phone!

The press service of the Russian administration MIA for the Lipetsk region reports that the police have received several reports regarding damage to the cars. The police are checking. Similar statements are made in other parts of the country. & Nbsp;

Skip stop

Another challenge is truly life threatening, and not the lives of the Tiktokers, but their accidental victims. Videos with the hashtag #skullbreakerchallenge (challenge the destruction of the skull) or #trippingjump (disconnect the jump) appeared on the social network.

A sweep – and the flash mob participant is unconscious. Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Fun is very risky. Its essence is that two agreed-upon people offer the third to shoot a cool video for TikTok, which they'll jump into. The couple ask the victim of the prank to join them.

The first to jump in place are the conspirators, offering the third to repeat after them. When he does that & ndash; tiktokers kick him on the fly, knocking him to the ground, hitting his head or back.

After a fall, people often passed out and received serious injuries & mdash; reached the hospital.

Social network users have left many negative reviews on these flash mobs. And they are trying to educate the young: 'Don't turn into a herd!'

Victims of the Holocaust

Another challenge didn't physically hurt anyone, but offended many. Users of the social network TikTok launched a flash mob in which they presented themselves as victims of the Shoah.

In the video, bloggers with painted burns and bruises speak in music about relatives who died in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. & Nbsp;

Many considered such entertainment offensive, even the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum made a statement about it. “ This is not a theme that can be used to collect likes '' & nbsp; & mdash; users wrote under the video. In response, TikTokers justified that this content & mdash; educational, and their goals were the nicest & mdash; talk about the Holocaust. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

Injured, but not the others, but themselves & nbsp; & nbsp;

Schoolchildren in Russia and Ukraine succumbed to a dangerous call from TikTok and took pills that turned out to be fatal. Several people died, others were pumped to the hospital.

According to RBC, participants in the challenge used the drug in high doses in order to see hallucinations.

The hashtag with the challenge managed to gain millions of views while the page was not blocked at Roskomnadzor's request.

The nurse at the hospital, where the next flash mob participants were taken, spoke about the side effects to the body. These are heart complications, hallucinations, seizures, and an inability to urinate, so the patients had a catheter connected.

A flash mob of teenagers with drugs has started, according to one of the versions, in the United States. There, school children took an antihistamine, which resulted in the death of a 15-year-old girl from Oklahoma.

Swallow pills to see hallucinations, & ndash; isn't the only TikTok trend coming from abroad to Russia.

The essence of Blackout Challenge; is to induce controlled suffocation. Participants in the flash mob “Blackout Challenge” strangle themselves until they pass out for a few seconds. So, due to a flash mob, a 10 year old girl from the city of Palermo in Sicily accidentally suffocated.

The administration of the social network removes videos with dangerous content. But this usually happens after an accident or a request from the supervisory authority.

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