Artificial intelligence is involved in courts – Izvestia

In the Russian Federation, artificial intelligence began to be involved in the process of preparing and adopting court decisions, writes the newspaper Izvestia; with reference to the Council of Judges of Russia. & nbsp;

It should be noted that the & nbsp; prepares the documents and checks the requirements.

The pilot project was launched in the Belgorod Region, where the AI ​​was connected to several sites of justices of the peace to form court orders to collect debts on property taxes, land and transport.

According to experts, the use of artificial intelligence is a step in the future, relieving government authorities, reducing budget costs and minimizing risks error.

Previously it was reported that the Cabinet of Ministers & nbsp; until 2024 & nbsp; will allocate & nbsp; 5.3 billion rubles for the implementation of pilot projects to introduce artificial intelligence in various sectors of the Russian economy.

It has also become known that residents of Europe and China are ready to hand over certain political functions to artificial intelligence. found out, & nbsp; is it really possible.


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