Why are the scribes asking about income, language skills and apartment size?

In Russia, from October 15 to November 14, 2021, the census of the population of the whole of Russia is organized. Its task is & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; to collect the most complete and relevant information on the population, to determine its structure, its ethnic groups, to know the number of small peoples. & Nbsp; Permanent residents of Russia are questioned 33 questions, of which 23 & mdash; socio-demographic and will relate to gender, age, nationality, place of birth, nationality, language skills, sources of income, etc. & nbsp;

Does the questionnaire contain a question on knowledge of foreign languages? & nbsp;

In the quizzes there is a question about proficiency in other languages. There is also a question about the active use of languages ​​in everyday life. The respondent can name up to three language variants: they are recorded in free boxes. Answers to & nbsp; the questions will use & nbsp; & nbsp; in statistics. & nbsp; Census of the population of all Russia & mdash; the only source of information about languages ​​used in Russia. The data obtained will make it possible to assess the effectiveness of educational programs, the degree of need of national schools, as well as to determine priority areas to support cultural initiatives.

Is income requested during the census?

No, they are not asking. There is no question about the amount of income on the questionnaires. Only the question is asked about the source of income & mdash; employment, pension, allowance, scholarship, dependency, etc. Earlier & nbsp; during a press conference on the All-Russian Population Census & nbsp; advisor to the head of Rosstat & nbsp; Pavel Smelov & nbsp; stated that & nbsp; the sources of income will show how many people receive a salary and therefore work, and how many are unemployed. & nbsp;

“ From the benefits we can determine how many people are living on the benefits, or is it additional income, '' & nbsp; & mdash; said Smelov. & nbsp;

What if the scribe asks about income?

& nbsp; The interviewee has the right to refuse to answer any question. But scribes shouldn't ask about income. If you are asked & nbsp; & nbsp; passport data, information about owners, income level, salary and pension, etc. & nbsp; refuse to communicate and call the census station. Report what happened. Experts will resolve the situation and send you another enumerator or offer to do the enumeration on site. & Nbsp;

Why do people ask about living space? & nbsp;

During the census, interviewers are asked to name the type of dwelling, the time of construction of the house, the total area of ​​the apartment or house, the number of rooms and the types of the house. equipment. At the same time, scribes should not be interested in who is the owner of the apartment or the house in which a person lives. According to Smelov, Rosstat is interested in the living conditions of citizens of the Russian Federation, the living conditions of residents of the country.

“ That is, not just the presence of a house or an apartment, but that this house, apartment has & mdash; & nbsp; it is internet, and radio, tv, electricity, even including the presence of central heating, sewerage, hot and cold water. In fact, & mdash; & nbsp; not all of these conditions are available to people, you need to know how common this is, & mdash; & nbsp; Smelov.

Are citizens responsible for providing false information?

No, they are not. The answers to the questions of the questionnaire will be recorded only according to the words of the respondent. You do not need to present any documents confirming the information you provided (passport, pension certificate, apartment documents, etc.). When participating in the census, citizens should take into account that the information received will be used in social program development and budgeting.
& nbsp;

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