Duma committee supported bill on abolition of compulsory technical inspection

The State Duma Committee on Transport and Transport Infrastructure Development recommended that the lower house of parliament adopt at first reading a draft Law on the abolition of compulsory roadworthiness tests for car owners. This was reported by TASS, referring to the press service of the committee.

The bill has been submitted to the deputies of the United Russia faction for consideration; and senators from United Russia. The authors of the initiative propose to release the personal cars and motorcycles of citizens from technical control. The project & nbsp; does not apply to taxis and other vehicles used for the & nbsp; passenger transport, as well as company cars.

The press service clarified that the invoice was to enter into force immediately after its official publication. In case of adoption, people who own cars will request maintenance as they wish. Inspection will only be required upon registration, change of ownership, or design change. & Nbsp;

Previously it was reported that the Mandatory Maintenance Abolition Bill is being prepared for review after a period of non-working days in November.

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