What markings on the passport will be needed, and which ones will be affixed at will?

Marks on passports regarding marital status and children will be made at the request of the Russians. This is stated in the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, published on the official portal of legal information.

& nbsp; What marks in the Russian passport will no longer be needed?

According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 07/15/2021 No. 1205, the following marks will no longer be mandatory in the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation:

  • on registration and dissolution of marriage;
  • on children (citizens of the Russian Federation under the age of 14);
  • on already issued passports and foreign passports.

& nbsp; Russians can add marital status and child information to their passports at will.

& nbsp; As before, will remain optional and other marks:

  • on blood group and Rh factor;
  • TIN (individual taxpayer number).

& nbsp; Why are marital status and children no longer required?

The new decree aims to simplify the process and speed up the time for obtaining Russian passports. However, the exact reason for the cancellation of mandatory marital status and child marking has yet to be officially announced.

As the First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy Valery Ryazansky recalled, the authorities have electronic access to this information. “ All the information about who is married to whom, is married, and so on, can be found in the relevant databases, & mdash; Ryazansky told Rossiyskaya Gazeta. & mdash; Everything is there, so there is no need to put such stamps in passports. If anyone wants to quickly verify a citizen's data, this is done on request. & # 39; & # 39;

The legislator also recalled that soon paper passports will be replaced by plastic cards, which cannot be stamped. Thus, Muscovites will be able to issue electronic passports from December 1, 2021, and residents of other regions of the country & mdash; no later than July 1, 2023.

Which markings will continue to be required in passports?

The document states that the following marks will continue to be affixed on the passports of citizens of the Russian Federation:

  • regarding registration on the place of residence and the removal of a citizen from registration;
  • on military duty.

& nbsp; What else will change in the Russian passport issuance procedure?

According to the new decree, when a passport is replaced at the age of 20 or 45, the old passport will be valid until it is validated. he receives a new document. The period during which a Russian can obtain a new passport has been extended to 90 days from the date of birth. The completed document will be issued within five working days.

The resolution also indicates the reasons for replacing the passport if it is worn or damaged. These are flaws that do not allow to establish the authenticity of the passport (violation of security elements), the absence of a page or parts of the latter intended for the entry of information, the inability to visually unambiguously read the information contained in the document or to collate a photo.

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