The girl who shot dead three children in Moscow has appealed against her arrest

Plot Investigation into an accident in Moscow in which children died

Student Valeria Bashkirova, accused of having committed an accident who killed two young children, has appealed against his arrest, TASS reports, citing the press service of the Tverskoy District Court in Moscow.

In the afternoon of July 16, 18-year-old Bashkirova, driving a Mazda, collided with three- and five-year-old boys and a nine-month-old girl in a wheelchair driving at an unregulated pedestrian crossing. They crossed the road with two adults.

The children were seriously injured and were hospitalized. The injured boys later died in the hospital.

Student has been charged with a traffic violation which inadvertently resulted in the deaths of two or more people, faces up to seven years in prison .

July 19, Tverskoy court on request The prosecution changed the measure of constraint of the accused from house arrest to detention until September 16.

Valeria Bashkirova received a driver's license last year, after an accident no traces of alcohol in her blood were found. The case against her is currently under investigation by the MIA headquarters in the capital.


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