Sochi authorities warned of possible tornadoes over the sea

Tornadoes are expected to form over the sea in Sochi over the Magri-Veseloye section. This was reported in the press service of the city administration.

The danger of tornadoes in this area persists until the end of this day, as well as through August 9.

City services are on high alert … Rescue workers recommend vacationers not to be near water.

The mayor's office added that due to a thunderstorm, five planes were unable to land in Sochi. They had to leave for the alternative airfields of Krasnodar and Anapa.

In addition, & nbsp; there is an unfavorable rise in water level in rivers. & Nbsp;

Earlier in Sochi due to expected thunderstorms, showers and gusts of wind, the Ministry of Emergency Situations issued an emergency warning.


The Hydrometeorological Center spoke about the weather in Moscow on Sunday

On Sunday, August 8, cloudy weather with clearings is expected in the Moscow region, light rains are possible, according to the site of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

In Moscow the air will warm up to 27-29 degrees, on Monday evening the temperature will drop to 15-17 degrees.

During the day in the Moscow region it is expected from 25 to 30 degrees, at night the temperature will be 13 to 18 degrees. & Nbsp;

South wind speed 5-10 m/s, atmospheric pressure & ndash; 747 mm Hg.

Meanwhile, an emergency warning has been issued in Sochi until August 9 due to forecasts of thunderstorms, showers and gusts of wind.


Shoigu congratulated the builders on their professional vacation

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu congratulated the construction workers on their professional holiday, celebrated this year on August 8.

The Minister of Defense noted that representatives of this profession work for the good of humanity. According to him, the specialists of the Military Construction Complex, who often work in extreme conditions, bear a special responsibility.

The congratulation says that the military builders are using advanced technologies and implementing large-scale projects aimed at strengthening the country with economic and defense potential.

Military specialists build both special and civilian facilities. Shoigu recalled that dozens of multifunctional medical centers have been built across the country. In addition, a hydrotechnical infrastructure was put in place in Crimea in record time. Construction of Suvorov and Cadet schools is underway.

“ I have no doubts that the work of all builders and specialists of the military construction complex will continue to be of the same quality and fruitful & # 39; & # 39 ;, & timid; & ndash; underlined the minister.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that the work of representatives of construction professions rightly enjoys special respect and honor.


Miss Silver Age. What destroyed the marriage of Berberova and Khodasevich

Nina Berberova appeared on & nbsp; light 8 & nbsp; on August 8, 1901 in & nbsp; Saint PETERSBOURG. Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming a writer, although those close to her were not at all happy with it. Nina's grandfather was a famous doctor, her ancestors founded the city of Nakhichevan-on-Don, now this land is located in the territory of Rostov. Grandpa hoped the granddaughter would follow & nbsp; its traces, but & nbsp; Nina did not want to & nbsp; in & nbsp; who did not want to associate his life with & nbsp; such a mundane profession. She, unlike her peers, didn't like to play with dolls, she loved to read. And & nbsp; went to study at the & nbsp; Faculty of History and Philology.

I met & nbsp; & mdash; and & nbsp; fell in love

In & nbsp; 1919 the family had to move to & nbsp; Rostov-on-Don. In her hometown, Nina was only able to return in 1921. She entered the Institute of Art History and joined the All-Russian Union of poets. There she entered an incredible business, which included Nikolay Gumilyov, Mikhail Zoshchenko, Lev Lunts . Nina plunged into the magical world of literature. And & nbsp; in & nbsp; 1922 was published and & nbsp; his & nbsp; first poem. It was heard by the venerable already in & nbsp; these & nbsp; years writer Vladislav Khodasevich … He decides to meet a talented young poet. Their & nbsp; meeting took place during the & nbsp; evenings of the Serapion brothers, where the poets read their poems. Among the speakers was Vladislav Khodasevich. True, at that time the handsome poet was married.

After a poetry evening, Nina Berberova decided to approach a handsome man. She asked him for an autograph. True, for a long time it was not & nbsp; could pronounce the surname of Khodasevich & nbsp; & mdash; Felitsianovich. She tells him that she also writes poetry. He asked to read it. And this is how their & nbsp; romance has begun.

Khodasevich did not & nbsp; started to hide for a long time that he had met another, and & nbsp; confessed to & nbsp; all his wife. But & nbsp; the spouse was against divorce. Khodasevich rushed from & nbsp; young mistress at & nbsp; usual life with & nbsp; woman and & nbsp; could not decide on & nbsp; com & nbsp; stop the choice. Nina & nbsp; did not know for a long time that Khodasevich is not & nbsp; free. It & nbsp; went to rest with & nbsp; his wife, and & nbsp; then wrote letters to Nina. By the way, these letters were forwarded by a friend of Khodasevich & nbsp; Korney Chukovsky . But & nbsp; Nina, in & nbsp; finally discovering the truth, broke with & nbsp; his beloved and & nbsp; didn't want to hear anything about & nbsp; him. They say that & nbsp; Khodasevich, on edge, even began to have convulsions. After these events, Khodasevich's wife & nbsp; Anna Chulkova-Grenzion in & nbsp; suddenly, everything & nbsp; has resigned himself to & nbsp; his departure and & nbsp; even decided to tell her rival about it: she invited her & nbsp; to return to & nbsp; Vladislav.

Take-away meals

And & nbsp; Nina took this advice. Khodasevich and & nbsp; Berberova wanted to create together in the & nbsp; new revolutionary company being created at their & nbsp; eyes. But this environment has proven to be too aggressive towards creative personalities. After Gumilyov's arrest and execution, Khodasevich invited Nina to leave her homeland. It was a huge loss for our poetry , Andrey Voznesensky at & nbsp; her time was called Nina Berberova 'Miss Silver Age'. For the poet, the departure of Khodasevich and & nbsp; Berberova marked the end of that same Silver Age in & nbsp; Russian poetry.

After leaving the Soviets, the spouses first surrendered to & nbsp; Berlin, but & nbsp; could not live long in the & nbsp; Russian colony, so they continued their journey further to & nbsp; Sorrento. Maxim Gorky, who lives in & nbsp; this Italian city, invited them to work together in & nbsp; his almanac 'Conversations'. This work became a landmark for Nina Berberova, where she met Maria Zakrevskaya, the prototype of the protagonist of her famous book The Iron Woman.

But & nbsp; and & nbsp; to & nbsp; Sorrento Khodasevich and & nbsp; Berberova did not stay, they decided to try their luck in & nbsp; Paris. In & nbsp; the most romantic city in the world with & nbsp; the work was tight. In order not to starve, Nina had to take care of no business. She didn't just write poetry, but worked as a typist, embroidering on napkins and tablecloths. But & nbsp; literature has always been the main one. This is when the cycle of his stories, Biyankur Holidays, The Last and the First, The Lady and Without Sunset, comes out.

Saga of & nbsp; life

Immigration difficulties did not unite the spouses, on the contrary, they began to move away from each other. Khodasevich constantly fell into the & nbsp; depression: in & nbsp; Europe it & nbsp; was not so requested, and & nbsp; and & nbsp; the longing for his country tormented him constantly. And & nbsp; Nina was fed up with constantly listening to the negative she wanted to create. And & nbsp; in & nbsp; 1932, Nina Berberova left her husband for the sake of the artist Nikolai Makeev.

In & nbsp; 1950, Nina Berberova moved to & nbsp; United States. There she met the & nbsp; pianist Georgy Kochevitsky , it & nbsp; becomes his & nbsp; third husband. On & nbsp; another continent, the writer began to teach Russian in & nbsp; Yale University and & nbsp; Russian literature at & nbsp; Princeton. After work, Nina sat in the enclosure as always. She devoted a lot of time to her main book & nbsp; & mdash; autobiography “ Italics to me. & # 39; & # 39; “ And & nbsp; here I & nbsp; now i don't & nbsp; to plant trees, & nbsp; tinker with & nbsp; bees, do not dig into strawberries. I am writing a saga about & nbsp; my life, on & nbsp; myself, in which I & nbsp; am free to do whatever I want, to reveal secrets and to & nbsp; keep them & nbsp; for myself, talk about & nbsp; myself, talk about & nbsp; of others, no & nbsp; of & nbsp; that, stop at & nbsp; at any time close this notebook, forget it, hide it & nbsp; far. I & nbsp; assumes all responsibility for & nbsp; six hundred pages written and & nbsp; & nbsp; six hundred unwritten, & nbsp; all faiths, & nbsp; all default values. For & nbsp; speech and & nbsp; for & nbsp; breaks. Everything that is written here is written according to & nbsp; two laws that I & nbsp; recognized and & nbsp; that I respect: first: open up to the & nbsp; end, and & nbsp; second: hide your life for yourself alone, & nbsp; & mdash; this is what Nina Berberova said about & nbsp; his main book.

Nina Berberova does not & nbsp; became on September 26, 1993 & nbsp; year. During & nbsp; several years before & nbsp; this she managed to get to & nbsp; seething after perestroika in Russia. But & nbsp; did not want to stay in & nbsp; & nbsp; and returned to & nbsp; United States. According to the will, a full year after Berberova's death, the lights were on in her home in the United States.


Sochi announced an emergency warning due to wind, thunderstorms and showers

heavy rain, showers with thunderstorms, hail, wind squalls intensifying from 20 to 24 meters per second & # 39; & # 39;, said the emergency department.

< p> In addition, a sharp rise in water level is predicted on rivers, and in the mountains increases the risk of small-volume mudslides. & nbsp;

Now an operational headquarters is working in Sochi. & nbsp; Entrepreneurs are ready to quickly eliminate the consequences of bad weather. & nbsp; Earlier it was reported that & nbsp; after heavy rains in Sochi & nbsp; no one.


The amount didn't matter. Businessman donated 725,000 to save his cat

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 31. Without flag or anthem, but with medals and Tchaikovsky 04/08/2021

The operation cost the businessman Maxim Zinov 225 thousand rubles. 500 thousand additional rubles. he spent for his recovery in the hospital. Although he denies the rumors that the car should have been sold to save the animal. And he adds: When it came to the life of the whole family's favorite, the amount didn't matter.

The cat Pestrusha lives and lives today with his owner in Kineshma, in the Ivanovo region. And also Maxim took him his donor – Petersburg stray cat, Peach, and with that, too, everything is in order. But a year ago it wasn't like that at all & hellip;

Frankenstein veterinarian

In the summer of 2020, Pestrusha's kidney failed. There was a risk that it would happen again from the second. Vets predicted that the animal would die within a few days. Maxim abandoned his business and took Kineshma's cat to St. Petersburg. They came to the conclusion that without a donor kidney, Pestrusha had no chance of surviving. The situation was made worse by the blood group & ndash; AB, which occurs in only 1% of cats. By serendipity, the floppy-eared cat Peach, abandoned by the owners, wandered into the hospital. It was he who approached Pestrusha as a donor. & Nbsp;

As soon as we knew the cost of the operation, Maxim and the clinic that saved the cat's life staged a real persecution on social media. Even politicians joined her. “I think it's illegal. There is an ungodly attitude towards animals. These are veterinary Frankensteins & # 39; & # 39 ;, & ndash; State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov was indignant. Israeli social activist Rimma Ratkina accused the medical center of experimenting on our little brothers and appointed attending physician Pestrushi Mephistopheles and Dr Mengele in veterinary medicine. Animal rights activists suspected Pestrushi's owner of 'black volunteering' : according to them, he collected donations for animals via the Internet for personal use. Maxim remembers: threats were made against him, and once an unknown girl called and warned him: bad guys want to kill Peach and cause a scandal.

Maxim did not respond to the bullying. Under an agreement with the clinic, he took red-haired Peach to his home in Kineshma and promised to take care of him for life.

One year later

Time shows who in these online battles really liked the plight of the four paws, and who wiped their fingers on the keyboard for the sake of & shy; hype.

Peach settled into a new family and Pestrusha returned to a busy life. The only thing that has changed is & ndash; the cat now needs expensive maintenance medication. During the year Maxim had to pass exams and procedures several times. On one of the trips he nearly died in a car accident & ndash; his car crashed into a KamAZ. The cat walked away with a little fright. And recently, she had a full examination by a reputable veterinarian. No pathology was found & ndash; Peach's kidney in Pestrusha's body is functioning regularly. According to doctors' predictions, the 11-year-old cat still has years of happy life ahead of him.

A red donor goes without drugs. The once-useless cat appeals to new Kineshma owners with a healthy appetite. Lack of kidney & ndash; no problem, vets say: proper care will ensure & shy; the longevity of Peach.

Maxim thanks on every occasion the founder of the St. Petersburg clinic Alexander Alipov and the head of the intensive care unit Evgenia Novosyolova for the fact that its Pest & shy; Rusha is alive and will live.


What if I find a drug bookmark?

Expert response 0 + –

To & nbsp; Chelyabinsk, suspected of drug trafficking, a woman was arrested while making bookmarks with her daughter. In the & nbsp; caches indicated, the police found five packages of & nbsp; narcotic substance. tells you what to do if you & nbsp; find a cache of & nbsp; drug.

What to do if you & nbsp; did you find a bookmark by accident?

If you & nbsp; find bookmark, film everything on & nbsp; s camera (photos and & nbsp; video) and & nbsp; contact them immediately law enforcement agencies, advise lawyer and & nbsp; lawyer Ilya Prokofiev.

“ It is advisable for a person to film what is happening on & nbsp; video and & nbsp; to contact the police immediately. The main thing & nbsp; & mdash; you cannot touch & nbsp; these substances, touch them & nbsp; hands and & nbsp; move them & nbsp ;. Do not touch & nbsp; must not be & nbsp ;, & nbsp; & mdash; said Prokofiev.

The bookmark found should never be touched, as the police have to take the fingerprints of the intruder at the crime scene.

And whoever found it is certainly not & nbsp; will be suspected of & nbsp; drug distribution?

To remove any suspicion of & nbsp; itself, better to find other witnesses. “ Obtain the support of witnesses & nbsp; & mdash; people passing by, & mdash; so that they also confirm that you found the bookmark, or that it happened with you. In this case, there shouldn't be any problems. In the future, those drawn will act as witnesses in the case & nbsp; & raquo ;, & nbsp; & mdash; explains the lawyer.

The specialist advises to inform in detail the law enforcement agencies of & nbsp; under what circumstances you & nbsp; found the bookmark. In addition, the explanations must be recorded in writing. This way you minimize the number of police visits to testify.

Where should I go if I find a bookmark?

If you & nbsp; find a cache of & nbsp; drugs, you must report it & nbsp; by all means:

& mdash; & nbsp; ; at the & nbsp; police with & nbsp; phone numbers 112 or 102

& mdash; & nbsp; by & nbsp; Federal Service hotline & nbsp; RF for & nbsp; control over & nbsp; drug trafficking & mdash; 7-495-316-86-55, or on duty (24 hours a day) & mdash; 7-495-316-75-80.

& mdash; & nbsp; according to the & nbsp; GU official website feedback form & nbsp; Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

You can also submit a written request to the Territorial Police Service, the service unit of the office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. In the declaration of & nbsp;, it is necessary to describe the place where the bookmark was found, that is, indicate the address or describe the place as precisely as possible if the territory has no addresses. In addition, you will need to provide information about & nbsp; yourself as & nbsp; candidate (full name and address of residence).

Where are bookmarks usually hidden?

Zipped bags with medicines are placed everywhere. The most common places & nbsp; & mdash; window sills, letter boxes, batteries, electrical panels in the entrances of residential buildings. Play areas and flower beds are also popular. In addition, a bookmark can be attached to a & nbsp; tree, fixed under a bench, behind a & nbsp; water pipe, on & nbsp; railings and & nbsp; t.

How to understand that my house has become a place of 'mortgages' ?

You & nbsp; You can easily understand that the house has become a place of bookmarks with narcotic substances, by & nbsp; such signs:

  • open cable channels;
  • packages and & nbsp; papers scattered around the entrance to & nbsp; ;
  • calls from unknowns in & nbsp; intercom with & nbsp; request to open the door;
  • open standards;
  • unearthed land near & nbsp; trees, in & nbsp; pots;
  • being in the entrance of & nbsp; unknown people and & nbsp; inadequate in search of something, and & nbsp; t.

What if the house has become a “ mortgage '' refuge ?

Residents of the house can contact the management company and & nbsp; ask to change the combination lock and & nbsp; remove cue points for bookmark search. During the general assembly, locals can also raise the issue of installing CCTV cameras.


Roskosmos completes ground testing of Sarmat intercontinental missile

Ground testing of the new intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat ends, Dmitry Rogozin, the general manager of Roscosmos, said on YouTube channel Soloviev Live.

Rogozin stressed that Russia “ has not yet created such a rocket. & # 39; & # 39;

It is capable of delivering a warhead weighing up to 10 tons to anywhere in the world, both through the North and South Poles.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously said that Russia will soon set up alert new unique weapon systems – intercontinental ballistics the Sarmat missile, the on-board hypersonic missile Zircon, the anti- aerial S-500 Prometheus.

On the eve of & nbsp; Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the first flight test of the Sarmat missile will take place this year, and & nbsp; in 2022, it will be transferred to the Strategic Missile Forces.


Who most often commits crimes in Russia?

A man with no constant source of income, previously involved in illegal actions & mdash; this is what the portrait of the average criminal in Russia looks like today. This is reported by TASS, with reference to data from the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation on the state of crime in the country for six months.

According to the agency, in the six months of 2021, 446,000 people have been identified who have committed crimes in Russia. Of these, 64% (285,000) have no permanent source of income and 58% (257,000) have already committed crimes. & Nbsp;

Who most often commits crimes in Russia and why?

Most often, according to the Interior Ministry, crimes are committed by male Russian citizens. Women are involved in one in six offenses. & Nbsp;

Foreigners represent less than 4% of illegal acts. For six months, law enforcement identified 16,000 foreign citizens who committed crimes, 80% of whom & mdash; these are immigrants from the CIS countries. It is noteworthy that compared to last year their number has increased by 6%.

One in three crimes in the country, writes TASS, was committed while intoxicated, while their number fell by 7% during the year.

What does the structure of crime look like in the country in January & mdash; June 2021? & Nbsp;

The picture of crime according to the Home Office looks like this : & nbsp;

0.9% & mdash; these are crimes related to the violation of the highway code and the driving of vehicles; 0.7% & mdash; diversion or waste; 0.1% & mdash; vandalism; 1.1% & mdash; corrupt practices; 1.5% & mdash; murder, deliberate injury to health, rape; 1.8% & mdash; theft, theft; 3.3% & mdash; violation of traffic rules by a person subject to an administrative sanction; 16.5% & mdash; fraud; 34.6 – theft; 39.5% & mdash; others. & nbsp;

Is cybercrime affecting the crime situation in the country? & nbsp;

According to the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation, the growth of computer crime continues to be an important factor which has a negative impact on the crime situation in the country. Compared to the same period last year in January-June 2021, it stood at 20.3%. The proportion of these illegal acts in the overall crime structure reached 26.5%. The growth of crimes committed using the Internet & mdash; by 42.1%, using computer technology & mdash; by 35.6%.

How does the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation generally assess the state of crime in Russia over the past six months? Its official website. & nbsp;

In January-June 2021, the number of homicides and attempted murders in the country decreased by 6.9%, the facts of intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm & mdash; by 12.3%, thefts & mdash; by 19%, thefts & mdash; by 21.3%, burglaries & mdash; by 20.9% and vehicle theft & mdash; by 29.5%.

The number of crimes committed in public places decreased by 3.3%, including in streets, squares, parks and squares & mdash; 7.6%. Street thefts decreased by 17.2%, thefts & mdash; by 27.2%, theft and mdash; by 8.2%.

In addition, over six months, the number of crimes committed by minors and with their participation decreased by 17.2%, there is also a decrease in crimes in the family and domestic sphere.


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Law enforcement officers painted a portrait of the average criminal in the Russian Federation

Most often, men in Russia break the law without a constant source of income and have been involved in illegal actions in the past, according to Interior Ministry data on the subject. state of crime for six months. TASS writes about it.

According to the Home Office, during the six months of this year, police have identified 446,000 people who have committed crimes. Of these, 64 percent (285,000) have no permanent source of income and 58 percent (257,000) have committed crimes before that. One in three offenses was committed while intoxicated, while the number of such crimes decreased by 7% during the year.

According to statistics, most illegal acts are committed by men, Russian citizens. Women represent one in six offenses, while foreigners represent less than 4%.

In the last six months, crime has decreased among minors and students (by 15 and 12%, respectively ). In just six months, more than 13.7 thousand juvenile criminals and more than 15.8 thousand pupils and students who committed illegal acts were detained in Russia.

Note that last year in Russia & nbsp; has developed a & nbsp; criminal search for programs based on artificial intelligence. The app has been reported to define the age of an attacker with 80% accuracy. The presence of mental illness is detected with a reliability of 81.5%. The Forensic Research Institute of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation then noted that with the help of the program, a portrait of a maniac would be obtained in a matter of minutes. Calculation.