What new rules for children traveling abroad can be adopted in Russia?

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In Russia, the laws regarding the problems of minor children traveling abroad will be changed. This was reported by Head of Main Directorate of Migration Issues of the Ministry of Interior Valentina Kazakova

What are we talking about?

According to Kazakova, we are talking about situations in which one of the parents may not allow another to leave the country with a minor, and then leave him with a child himself.

“ If a citizen declares that he does not allow to leave with another parent, the parent himself will be able to leave with that child so that he can rest, receive medical care, and so on. . If, nevertheless, questions arise, all of this will be decided by the court. But such changes do exist & # 39; & # 39 ;, & mdash; RIA Novosti quotes Kazakova.

This issue needs to be formalized in a regulatory manner, Kazakova added.

What is a ban on leaving the child?

By law, a minor child can travel abroad with both parents, with one of the parents, with an adoptive parent, with a guardian, with a guardian, with an attendant (grandmothers, aunts, uncle, at a sports camp, on an excursion with a group) or alone.

No going out & mdash; this is a limitation that may be imposed by either parent of the child. If there is such a ban, no one will be allowed to travel abroad with a child.

To issue a ban, you must submit a declaration of disagreement with the departure of one of the parents to the Migration Department of the Ministry of the Interior of the place of residence. The information about the ban is transmitted to the border service for control.

What is the procedure for children traveling abroad to Russia?

Since July 2021, Russia has introduced a new procedure for children traveling abroad:

  • A minor can go abroad with a legal representative (parent), unless the other legal representative has made a declaration of disagreement with this departure.
  • Notarized consent of the second parent for the child to leave in the absence of a travel ban is not required. & nbsp;
  • If a child leaves Russia without being accompanied by his legal representatives, he must have with him, in addition to a foreign passport, the notarized consent of one of the parents to leave. At the same time, in the notarized consent, the parent can indicate the date of departure and the countries that the child intends to visit. Previously, both father and mother had to give such consent. & Nbsp;
  • Each legal representative of a minor has the right both to file a declaration of disagreement with the departure of the child from the country, and to withdraw such a declaration from the child ; amicable.
  • When filing a declaration of disagreement with the departure of a child, the legal representative can indicate for how long he imposes such a restriction, as well as the countries where the ban is imposed. applied.
  • The ban does not apply to the departure of a child from Russia accompanied by the declaring representative who is a Russian citizen. At the same time, a foreign parent who filed a dispute will not be able to leave the Russian Federation with a child.

Is there a ban on leaving children to Russia? & nbsp;

The ban on the departure of a child only applies to other countries, it only applies to travel within Russia. & nbsp;

Who can revoke the ban?

Only the parent who imposed it can revoke the ban on leaving the child. The dissenting parent can appeal the ban to court. & Nbsp;

How to know if there is a ban on the departure of the child? & Nbsp;

Knowing if there is the ban on leaving the child is best done in advance. This can be done at the Department of the Home Office at the place of residence.

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The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have increased health requirements for conscripts

The health requirements of those called up for military service have increased in the RF armed forces, said Vitaly Cherkashin, deputy chief of the Main Center of Military Medical Expertise in the Ministry of the RF. Defense.

According to the changes introduced in the provisions on the military medical examination, restrictions on health conditions will be applied to people at risk of sudden death from cardiovascular diseases, and to those who have suffered from tuberculosis.

According to Cherkashin, the tightening of approaches to selecting citizens for military service for health reasons will affect the general aptitude indicator. So, in the spring conscription campaign the indicator was 73.5%, while in the spring of 2020 it was 76.4% and stood at around 75-76 % since 2016.

During the spring conscription, the doctor over more than 672 & nbsp; 000 people were examined.

Over 127 & nbsp; 000 people are subject to conscription this fall.

Previously, it was reported that in Russia in 2022-2024 it is planned to increase the number of contract servicemen, for which 73 billion rubles are allocated in the federal budget.

It also became known that in the Scandinavian countries the problem of conscripts is worsening due to the excess weight of young people and the socio-demographic situation: men are feminizing and women & mdash; courageous.

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More than 127,000 people will be called up for military service this fall

In the fall of 2021, more than 127,000 people will be called up for military service in Russia, said Colonel-General Yevgeny Burdinsky, chief executive officer of the Russian Federation. organization and mobilization of the general staff of the armed forces of the RF.

Recruitment commissions will start working from October 1 in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation, except municipalities, where conscription takes place once a year. & nbsp;

Burdinsky noted that around 5 million medical masks and over 200,000 tests have been delivered to military stations – systems to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infections during the work of the committees.

It is clarified that special attention will be paid to ensure that sick citizens do not enter the troops. For example, young people who have suffered from tuberculosis or cardiovascular disease, which are at increased risk for them, will be restricted for health reasons.

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