Cloudy and light rains are expected in Moscow on Friday

Cloudy weather and light rain are expected in Moscow on Friday, said a top expert from the Phobos Weather Center. Alexander Sinenkov.

According to him, the air temperature in the capital will increase to + 21-23 degrees, and in the region – & ndash; up to + 19-24 degrees, reports RIA Novosti. A northerly wind of 3-8 m/s is expected. Atmospheric pressure will be 743 mm Hg.

Previous forecasters predicted drought in central Russia and Moscow in July, & nbsp; which occurs once every 10 years.

Tatiana Pozdnyakova, a specialist from the Moscow Meteorological Office, also said, should we expect a repeat of the 'super shower' in the capital.

Recall, July 28 & nbsp; “ great shower '' fell on Moscow, about 70% of the monthly precipitation rate fell. According to forecasters, this was due to an active cyclone.


J&J announces the high efficacy of its Delta vaccine

Trace of a novel coronavirus pandemic that has spread from China

The American company Johnson & Johnson declared that its one-component vaccine against the novel coronavirus has demonstrated reliable protection against the delta strain, reports RIA Novosti.

“ Analysis of blood samples shows Johnson & Johnson vaccine induces delta neutralizing antibody appearance even at a higher level than against the “beta” variant; in South Africa, where the drug's high efficacy against the severe course of the disease has been demonstrated, '' & mdash; said in a statement.

It should be noted that the duration of the vaccine's immune response is at least eight months.

Previously, it was reported that scientists found the cause of blood clots & nbsp; in some people vaccinated against COVID. The drugs from AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson deliver the viral protein to the nucleus of a healthy cell, causing mutations that lead to side effects. & Nbsp;


Baltic fleet to be reinforced with latest diesel submarines – Izvestia

The Baltic Fleet will receive the last diesel submarines from Project 0636.3, writes the Izvestia newspaper. citing RF Defense Ministry sources.

It is noteworthy that the first in this series will be built the Petrozavodsk submarine. The construction contract was signed in 2020.

In the future, several more submarines are expected to be sent to the area. They will be more efficient compared to ships currently serving in the Black Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

According to experts interviewed by the edition, the latest diesel submarines are well suited for the Baltic and will become an effective deterrent against aggression against the Russian Federation.

From 2010 to 2016, under project 0636.3, six ships were created for the Black Sea Fleet, then a series of submarines for the Pacific Fleet were built.

Previously it was reported that before the end of this year the composition of the Baltic Fleet will include the Tempest 22800 project ships “ Karakurt & # 39; & # 39; and “ Graduate '' project 21631 & # 39; Buy-M & # 39 ;.


In the Rostov region, compulsory vaccination was introduced for some residents

Plot The third wave of coronavirus in Russia

The administration of Rospotrebnadzor for the Rostov region announced the introduction of vaccination compulsory against the coronavirus for certain categories of citizens.

It is reported that citizens working in the field of commerce, public food, public transport, beauty salons, consumer services, departments of financial organizations, MFC, education, health care, social protection, cultural, exhibition events, leisure, entertainment events, children's entertainment centers, theaters, cinemas, concert halls, housing and communal services.

In addition, compulsory vaccination is provided for officials and students of educational institutions over 18 years of age.

Previously it was reported that the & nbsp; Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has drawn up a draft order, according to which patients will be obliged to provide a certificate of vaccination in the event of planned hospitalization or spa treatment. & nbsp;

Previously the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko & nbsp; said the number of coronavirus vaccine I in Russia rose to 23 million people.

Russians can get vaccinated for free in all regions of the country with three national vaccines: Sputnik V, Epivakkorona; or Kovivak. Light Sputnik en masse will be put into civilian circulation by the end of July.


Check and recheck. On July 1, the medical examination of patients with Covid began

Field National projects

C & nbsp; July 1 & nbsp; All regions of the country will resume medical examinations and preventive examinations with additional examinations for those who have had a new coronavirus infection.

The events take place within the framework of the National Health Project. Despite the & nbsp; difficult epidemiological situation in & nbsp; 2020, nearly 35 & nbsp; million people have undergone preventive examinations and & nbsp; medical examinations.

Medical examinations help to identify gaps in health and & nbsp; disease risks, receive individual recommendations on & nbsp; health preservation, and & nbsp; also the timely identification of the risk of developing cancer and & nbsp; cardiovascular disease.

The clinical examination is carried out at the age of 18-39 years 1 & nbsp; once every & nbsp; 3 & nbsp; years (at & nbsp; 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39 & nbsp; years), and & nbsp; people over 40 & nbsp; years are entitled to annual examinations.

To undergo a medical examination or preventive examination, you must apply with a & nbsp; passport and & nbsp; compulsory medical insurance policy at the & nbsp; polyclinic of & nbsp; place of residence: all research and & nbsp; necessary consultations will be carried out there. You can register for the medical examination through the register of a medical body, call center), the regional portal of public services and & nbsp; in & nbsp; “ My health '' personal account on & nbsp; Public services.

According to the President's instructions, for citizens who have had coronavirus, the medical examination will include additional examinations.

The comprehensive medical examination will take place in two stages. The first of these includes seven studies. These are general and biochemical blood tests, measuring blood oxygen saturation (saturation), test with 6 minute walk, spirometry, chest x-ray, welcoming a therapist. For citizens who have had coronavirus, an analysis for the determination of the concentration of D-dimer in the blood will be added to this list, which allows to detect signs of thrombus formation.

All of these exams can be taken in one day. According to & nbsp; their & nbsp; results, doctors will determine the risks and & nbsp; signs of development of chronic diseases and & nbsp; if necessary, to clarify the diagnosis, they will send the patient to the & nbsp; second step. It & nbsp; will include three other surveys & nbsp; & mdash; echocardiography, scanner & nbsp; lungs and & nbsp; Doppler examination of the vessels of the lower limbs.

In & nbsp; 2020 & nbsp; Due to an unfavorable epidemiological situation, the medical institutions of the Vologda region suspended the medical examination for several months. In 2021, the clinical examination resumed, 58,000 inhabitants of the region have already passed it, preventive examinations of 26,000 people.

Au & nbsp; Tatarstan, a mobile clinic with doctors from Chelny provides assistance to residents of villages and & nbsp; villages. Mobile Complex & # 39; Mobile Clinic & # 39; Municipal Hospital No. 5 received patients in the village of Bikbulovo, Menzelinsky district. The most experienced narrow specialists are sent to residents: a neurologist, a cardiologist, a surgeon, a gynecologist, an endocrinologist and a urologist. Since the beginning of 2021, experts have examined residents of six villages in the Mendeleevsky district and six villages in the Agryzsky district. In the & nbsp; village, many elderly people have heart disease, joint disease, endocrinological problems with & nbsp; health, so a cardiologist, surgeon, endocrinologist for us & nbsp; & mdash; the most requested specialists.

Mobile diagnostic and treatment laboratories 'Health Trains' visited & nbsp; 126 settlements in the Nizhny Novgorod region since & nbsp; April 2021 & nbsp; year, when in & nbsp; the area resumed medical examination. & nbsp; 19 & nbsp; thousand. residents of remote areas visited “ modern polyclinics on & nbsp; '' wheels. More than 10 & nbsp; a thousand people received consultations from limited specialists. Human. Over 24.5 & nbsp; thousand. research. According to the results of the work of “ Trains de la Santé '' 6,610 residents of Nizhny Novgorod are directed to & nbsp; additional review, and & nbsp; more than 1000 & nbsp; & mdash; for & nbsp; hospitalization.

In the territory of & nbsp; of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the action “ Healthy Republic – Healthy Region '' is in progress. Health Train makes trips to remote areas. A team of doctors examines the rural population in the & nbsp; medical examination volume & nbsp; provides the necessary medical care to people under dispensary supervision, and & nbsp; also with risk factors for diseases of the circulatory system, cancer and other chronic non-infectious diseases. Reception of residents is carried out by a general practitioner and narrow specialists. Also organized: passage on & nbsp; modern medical equipment ECG and & nbsp; USDG, mammography and & nbsp; fluorography, spirometry, blood pressure measurement and & nbsp; intraocular, tests.


Seminar on the courses of Rosneft. School principals will be trained

Seminar for principals with Rosneft classes organized by the largest Russian oil company. An event of this kind is organized every two years.

& nbsp; 60 directors and deputy directors of partner schools from 54 cities and towns across the country participate in the seminar. Within three days & nbsp; the leaders familiarized themselves with the most important areas of Rosneft's work; in the field of education, got acquainted with new technologies of career guidance work. As part of the training, those present exchanged experiences in organizing special class and cooperation activities in company enterprises.

& nbsp; The task of the seminar is to ensure uniform approaches for the development of a pre-university training project in the region. It should also increase the efficiency of its implementation in educational organizations. In 2021, a key area was the introduction of the concept of early profiling and pre-profile training of schoolchildren. Here they discussed the issues of attracting talented young people to science and the world of technology. In addition, this year has been declared the Year of Science and Technology. In addition, special attention has been paid to the use of modern services and infrastructure for additional education in the regions, which will improve the quality of pre-profile training and training. 39; vocational guidance for students.

& nbsp; Heads of institutions were introduced to the Vernadsky project, which is implemented on the basis of the Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov. The partner is Rosneft. & Nbsp; It aims to support the regions of the country in terms of scientific, technological and socio-economic development.


How severe will the drought be in July and what regions will it cover?

Traditionally the wettest summer month is & ndash; July & ndash; in 2021, the weather will be very sunny and dry in many parts of the country. Over the past half century, such a drought has only occurred once every 9-10 years. This is reported by the Phobos Weather Center.

Where will the drought occur?

According to long-term forecasts of meteorologists, drought will come to Moscow and central regions of European Russia.

How much precipitation will there be?

The region will not receive more than 20-30% of the monthly precipitation (in July – 94 mm). In northwestern central Russia, a complete lack of rain is expected in the second summer month.

A similar situation with the drought in July has been six times in the past 55 years. In 1972, only 16 mm of precipitation fell, in 1992 – & ndash; 23.3 mm, in 1997 & ndash; 6 mm, in 2002 & ndash; 23.8 mm, in 2010 & ndash; 12 mm, and in 2014 & ndash; 4 mm. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

The number of clear days in July 2021 will be 2-3 times higher than the mid-summer average.

What will the temperature be in July 2021?

During most of July, the temperature in central Russia will be 0.5-1 degrees higher than long-term values ​​(the average July temperature in Moscow is 19.2 °). The only exception will be the middle of the month, when the bottom temperature will correspond to the climatic norm (for July 16 in the capital – 19.3 °).

What will the weather be like in Moscow this week ?

On Thursday and Friday July 1 and 2, the capital will warm up by a few degrees after a slight cold snap against a backdrop of thunderstorms at the start of the week. According to the forecast of Phobos, the temperature will be + 23 & hellip; + 25 & deg; during the day and at night & ndash; + 17 & hellip; + 19 °, precipitation is not expected. & Nbsp;

On the weekend of July 3-4 in Moscow it will be hotter during the day until + 26 & hellip; + 28 °, at night & ndash; up to + 18 & hellip; + 19 °. Light thunderstorms can occur in places. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

With the start of the new week on July 5, the atmosphere over central Russia will finally calm down, and the rains and thunderstorms will stop.


The Cosby Show. Comedian convicted of rape gets his conviction overturned

The activists of the #MeToo movement are in shock. The first celebrity, whose verdict they considered their victory, is released. The court overturned the previous verdict against the 83-year-old African-American comedian Bill Cosby .

American Dad

Cosby for American TV & mdash; star of the first magnitude. He started his career in the 1960s, skillfully avoiding racial contradictions and trying to unite black and white with his jokes. In 1965, having received the main role in the television series “ I & # 39; & # 39; mdash; spy, Bill Cosby became de facto the first black star of American television.

In 1984, the comedy series The Cosby Show, which in the United States was called the most successful television project of the 1980s, was released. For his role as the head of a wealthy African American family, Huxtable Cosby was nicknamed the American Father.

During his career as an actor and musician, he has received several Emmy and Golden Globe awards. and a Grammy, and also became the owner of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In the late 1990s, after her son was killed by a street thief, Cosby began to devote a lot of time to social activities advocating for the empowerment of African Americans and helping the poor.

3.4 million civil suits

The comedian's positive image began to crumble in the early 2000s, when the former athlete and friend Cosby Andrea Konstand accused her of rape. According to the lady, she came to ask Cosby for advice and he offered her a drink, after which Andrea passed out. Taking advantage of her helplessness, the comedian raped her.

The evidence against Cosby was clearly not enough, and then the prosecutor offered her a deal: recognition of certain facts in exchange for refusing to prosecute. After making such a deal, the comedian admitted he was purchasing sleeping pills for women he was planning to have sex with.

In 2006, in a civil lawsuit, Cosby agreed to pay Constand $ 3.4 million, which seemed like the end of the story.

Bill Cosby leaves court after indictment, 2015 Photo: Reuters

The #MeToo campaign brought her back to life. Konstand demanded a new trial, citing the fact that Cosby has gone unpunished and continues to be a positive example for many. The woman demanded to send the rapist to jail.

Three Weird Rapes

Here it should be noted that the comedian's loves were no secret to his colleagues. Cosby hasn't skipped a single skirt since the 1960s, when fame came to him. But he insisted that his relationship with women was purely voluntary. As for drugs, their ladies, he said, took them on purpose.

Of course, you can't believe it, but all is not well with Konstand. The woman was constantly confused in the testimony and then generally stated that she was a lesbian and did not care about men. At the same time, in her own words, she came to Cosby at least three times, each time he gave her sleeping pills and then raped her.

Public opinion was divided. Some believed the victim, others twisted their fingers at the temple, explaining that only an idiot would go to the rapist three times, knowing what he was doing to him.

Will sit

When the story started to unfold again, dozens of other women, whom Cosby crossed paths with over the years of his career, spoke up. They all said the same thing: the artist pulled them to him, gave them sleeping pills, then raped them. Granted, for the other episodes of Cosby, it was impossible to show anything due to the expiration of the statute of limitations. Therefore, it all boiled down to considering the story with Konstand.

In September 2018, the #MeToo movement achieved its goal: Cosby was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison for three episodes of rape.

As activists rejoiced, calling the verdict a triumph of justice, the comedian did not give up. He said he did not consider himself guilty and that he would fight for his release.

Comic's Revenge

On June 23, 2020, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that Cosby could appeal the conviction based on the victims' testimony that was more biased than probative. Separately, the court agreed to review the episode with the prosecutor's promise not to prosecute him in 2005.

A year later, on June 30, 2021, it was Cosby's turn to triumph. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the conviction and ordered the artist's immediate release.

The court ruled that the comedian's charge was based on his own testimony given during the case with the prosecutor in exchange for a waiver of prosecution criminal. The new prosecutor, who felt free from the obligations previously given by his predecessor, was not entitled to this step. There was no other convincing evidence that Cosby had used drugs to rape.

“Always defended innocence”

The comedian himself wrote on his social media page: “ I never changed my stance or my story. I have always stood up for my innocence. Thank you to all my fans, supporters and friends who have supported me in this challenge. Special thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for upholding the rule of law. & # 39; & # 39;

#MeToo supporters are outraged by Cosby's release, but, objectively speaking, their own tactics are failing them. The desire to support any accusation, even those with a manifestly weak evidence base, compromises fighters against sexual violence. In recent years, there have been numerous instances where the accusations have proven to be downright far-fetched and unsupported by the facts. The audience was starting to get fed up. Cosby's defense tried to avoid emotions and operate only with legal tools. This, in fact, led to the release of the comedian.

While it's not a fact, Cosby would have excelled in defense if he was white. And so in this story, figuratively speaking, the #MeToo campaign overlapped with the BLM, which led to the mutual elimination of public posts and the study of the only facts that played out. in favor of Cosby.

Will the 83 -an active return-to-work comedian ?, unknown. But now he has more than enough material for further performance.


Putin signs law banning funding for unwanted NGOs

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law providing for criminal liability in the form of a prison term of up to five years for participating to the funding of a foreign or international non-governmental organization (NGO) whose activities are recognized in the undesirable country.

The document is posted on the official Internet portal for legal information.

The law also provides for criminal liability for the organization of the activities of such a structure in the Russian Federation or participation & nbsp;

Donating to an unwanted NGO will be punishable by imprisonment for one to five years, or forced labor for up to four years with restriction of liberty up to at two years. In addition, compulsory labor of up to 360 hours may be imposed as a penalty. & Nbsp;

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Federation Council's Committee on Constitutional Law, Andrei Klishas, ​​noted that this document does not increase sanctions in case of organization or participation in an unwanted NGO. In particular, the maximum sanction for organizers of NGO activities will remain unchanged. up to six years in prison, and for participants it will be increased from six to four years. In addition, citizens who have voluntarily ceased their participation in NGO activities and actively contributed to the investigation of the crime will be able to avoid criminal liability.

It was earlier reported that the prosecutor The General's Office of the Russian Federation recognized the activities of the international non-governmental organization Spolecnost Svobody Informace as undesirable. ZS and the American educational non-governmental organization Bard College.


Safronov, accused of high treason, will not agree to deal with investigation – lawyer

Plot Detention of Roscosmos chief adviser Ivan Safronov in case of treason

The adviser to the leader of Roscosmos Ivan Safronov, accused of high treason, will not agree with the investigation. TASS was made aware of this by his lawyer Dmitry Katchev.

“ He firmly decided that he would not give evidence that could harm anyone, including to himself, added the agency contact.

He also clarified that investigators had not conducted any confrontations with Russian officials. According to Katchev, there is no information on this on file. & Nbsp;

Another Safronov lawyer, Ivan Pavlov, in turn told reporters that Czech citizen Martin Larish was not involved in his criminal case.

According to a source from TASS, Larish is an executive in the Czech special services. & nbsp; Safronov, in a media interview, confirmed his knowledge of this Czech Citizen, but denied any espionage work for him.

Previously, it was reported that the court extended the length of Safronov's detention until October 7. Recall, the Roscosmos chief's advisor was arrested last summer. The FSB believes he was recruited by the Czech Secret Service. & Nbsp;