Forecasters predict waves up to six meters high on the Tuapse coast

On the coast of Tuapse, including in the port, waves up to six meters high are expected. This is what the scientific director of the Roman Vilfand Hydrometeorological Center said, reports RIA Novosti.

According to him, the peak of bad weather will be on the night of December 1, waves are expected from 3 to 6 hours.

Recall the bad weather observed in recent days in Crimea. On the eve of about 200 ships were unable to cross the Kerch Strait due to the strong wind. In Yalta, one ship sank and four were thrown from the anchorage as a result of a storm.

In addition, it rained on the peninsula mixed with yellow sand.


“Mental pain.” Oncologist – on the funding of federal medical centers

According to experts, federal medical centers are experiencing funding problems due to the lack of return from the SWOT. About & nbsp; Yuri Tyukalov, chief physician of the Oncology Clinic of the Oncology Research Institute of the Tomsk National Medical Research Center, spoke about it. He shared this opinion during the & nbsp; roundtable on the dynamics of citizen satisfaction with the availability and quality of medical care, which took place in the framework of the 12th All-Russian Congress of Patients. .

According to the results of the CHI reform, all federal medical organizations from 2021 receive direct funding from the CHI Federal Fund. In this context, there were serious problems with the funding of the medical care provided. At the same time, there is hardly any feedback from & nbsp; FFOMS.

“ It's not just a headache, it's probably a mental pain. We & nbsp; today & nbsp; today we do not have the opportunity to work serenely and & nbsp; and & nbsp; we have no direct feedback mechanism with the & nbsp; Federal MHI Fund, and & nbsp; ; the tremendous amount of work that we & nbsp; do, we & nbsp; cannot & nbsp; transfer to evaluate our work and & nbsp; get funding & raquo;, & mdash; said the chief doctor of the oncology clinic of the Tomsk National Medical Research Center Yuri Tyukalov.

As the chief doctor of the Tomsk Oncology Clinic noted, his clinic specializes in providing high-tech care and is now half-funded by the CHI line. & Nbsp; The expenses of these funds are paid for & nbsp; 67% of hospitalizations, most types of radiation therapy, many surgical methods of treatment. In addition, the clinic receives a significant number of patients from other regions according to territorial calculations.

For the year 2021, as the doctor notes, the FFOMS has set up the second system of accounting for the medical care provided. However, the data on hospitalizations are entered with distortions and do not coincide with the actual medical care provided. In addition, the Fund arbitrarily and without notifying medical organizations amends the requirements for setting up records for payment. At the same time, questions asked by federal clinics often go unanswered. In the & nbsp; result, there is hardly any return, says Yuri Tyukalov.

In addition, it & nbsp; noted that medical care for benign neoplasms and & nbsp; the appearance of tumors of unknown etiology is not & nbsp; considered to be an 'oncology' profile. The volumes are minimal. The clinic & nbsp; can not refuse these patients & nbsp; assistance with & nbsp; compulsory health insurance and the & nbsp; signaling, exclude any degree of freedom in & nbsp; medical decision making, which ultimately leads to & nbsp; a decrease in quality and & nbsp; the availability of medical care, & nbsp; & mdash; notes the specialist.