Fedor Konyukhov goes to search for microplastics in the Arctic Ocean

Traveler Fyodor Konyukhov, on an expedition to the drifting polar station at the North Pole in July of this year, will find out if there is microplastic in it ; Arctic Ocean, reports TASS.

He explained that “ wants to measure if there is microplastic at the North Pole when the drift is activated. & # 39; & # 39; According to Konyukhov, although the North Pole “ nobody pollutes '', the current still brings plastic there.

Konyukhov stressed that it is necessary to pay great attention to the study and cleanup of the Arctic.

Traveler intends to spend 10 days on an expedition to the North Pole in July at a drifting polar station, located on the pack ice. He will study, among other things, the intensity of the ice melt.

In January of this year, Fyodor Konyukhov was hospitalized after a trip to Mexico. His son Oscar then said doctors diagnosed his father with pneumonia but the coronavirus test came back negative.

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Ivan Zhdanov inscribed on the international wanted list

< p> Former director of FBK (the fund is recognized in Russia as an NGO-foreign agent and extremist organization) Ivan Zhdanov was put on the international wanted list for failure to execute a court decision , reports TASS.

According to his lawyer Vladimir Voronin, it turned out that Zhdanov has long been indicted under the article on malicious non-execution by a representative of the organization of a court verdict , court decision or other legal act that has entered into force (part 2 of article 315 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). “ He is on the international wanted list. I was not told of a single action, ”the lawyer said.

The lawyer noted that the charge of non-execution of the court decision was brought in absentia, and they also chose preventive measure in the form of a written pledge not to quit places. Then Zhdanov was declared in absentia, first on the federal list and then on the international wanted list.

Currently, the investigation is asking the court to replace Zhdanov's measure of restraint with arrest in absentia.

Recall that Zhdanov is immediately underway. several criminal proceedings. One of the cases was initiated for non-execution of a court decision, another – under the criminal article “ Establishment of a non-profit organization infringing to the personality and rights of citizens. & # 39; & # 39;

In early June, the Moscow City Court recognized the & nbsp; Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), the Fund for the Protection of Citizens' Rights, which previously appeared in the register of foreign agents, as well as the public movement Headquarters of Navalny banned extremist organizations in the Russian Federation.

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Solar veil and heated jacket. How the Year of Science is changing reality

Field National projects

2021, declared in Russia the Year of Science and Technology, bears concrete results in the form of new revolutionary developments. And their authors are not venerable scientists, but students. To be specific, college graduates who have become participants in the Startup as a Diploma program.

According to the rules of the program, students, already during their studies, participate in the creation of a real business and protect it from potential investors. This thesis format allows for the involvement of graduates from completely different directions in technology entrepreneurship: managers, programmers, biologists can be in the same team. & Nbsp;

Washable electronic textiles & nbsp;

For example, Olavi Sikki, Undergraduate Faculty of Technology Management and Innovation, ITMO University creates a startup for the production of functional smart textiles based on nanotechnology and printed electronics technology. The young man aims to transform the market for sports, ski and tourist clothing, as well as work clothing for work in cold weather. The existing models of heated jackets and suits on the market are either too heavy or not safe enough. And the new technology of electronic textiles eliminates these problems, because it does not use threads: the heating elements are safe and are printed on the fabric itself. The students have already created a new generation of heated jacket and the same mittens. They can be washed and ironed.

In turn, & nbsp; student of Tomsk State University Institute of Economics and Management Vladislav Ryabukhin develops a startup for the development and production of rapid microbiological tests for quality control in craft breweries. The difference in this industry is that companies prepare small batches of the product. Therefore, as a rule, they do not have their own laboratory. However, even a small contamination with 'superfluous' microorganisms can alter the taste of the product. The student offered manufacturers a new method to quickly check the quality of goods using express microbiological testing and packaged it in a 'box'. solution.

Another student from & nbsp; TSU & mdash; & nbsp; Kristina Klyueva & mdash; created a startup for the production of new ultra-light and extra strong carbon-titanium bicycle frames. After studying the market, Christina found out that the production of bicycles with a carbon frame is very expensive (about 5 million rubles). Therefore, it was decided to split the technological process: one company involved is preparing carbon tubes, the other – & mdash; titanium assemblies on a 3D printer, and the startup is responsible for the assembly. & nbsp; “ It will be a flexible production, the first in the Russian Federation. The prototype is already ready, there is a potential customer. According to plans, an improved prototype will appear in a few months, and in a year or two we will go into production ',' ' says Christina Klyueva.

From eco-cafe to railway diagnostics

The students of the Institute of Gastronomy of the Federal University of Siberia develop & nbsp; the eco-cafe , whose concept is & mdash; Conscious consumption: rejection of disposable plastic, the most environmentally friendly materials in interior and production. According to & nbsp; startup participant, 4th year Federal Siberian University student Victoria Vylkova, & nbsp; in high season, the coffee already receives 1 to 2 orders per minute. The high school students were involved in all stages of the work: acquiring equipment, furniture, crockery, interior design, finding employees and marketing. ; a diagnostic system of the technical condition of the railway and have already managed to secure the first venture capital investments for this project. According to Mark Denisenko, principal investigator of the Design Center for Microelectronic Component Base for Artificial Intelligence Systems at SFedU, the system is able to record and recognize faults in engineering structures: machines, mechanisms, technological equipment and structures. At the heart of development & mdash; artificial intelligence algorithms that will accelerate the transition to advanced digital production technologies in industrial companies in Russia.

Solar sail and its creator

Anastasia Khramtsova, graduate of FEFU, laureate of the online accelerator student Startup as a Diploma , is working on the project solar veil , whose mission will be to converge small satellites in low earth orbit. The second iteration of the sail deployment system has already been developed and its prototype was made using a 3D printer. In collaboration with the Institute of Automation and Control Processes of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the material of the sail was determined. Designed and commissioned with grant funds for the satellite, which will control the vehicle in orbit. Work is underway to prepare the launch of the vehicle with on-board systems to test them in real operating conditions. Upon successful completion of the mission, these boards will be used for the solar sail vehicle. Anastasia admits that she immerses herself completely in all of her plans: she wakes up and goes to bed thinking about how to solve a particular problem. And she, like other young Russian scientists, succeeds, among other things, thanks to the national Science and Universities project. One of his key tasks & nbsp; & mdash; an increase in the share of young researchers under the age of 39 in Russia: today young scientists receive grants and the opportunity to work on the most advanced equipment, the main laboratories. & nbsp;

2021, declared in Russia as the Year of Science and Technology, has a monthly gradation … June, according to plan, & nbsp; & mdash; months of new production technologies and new materials. Young engineers and scientists develop and use new fabrics, alloys and polymers. As part of the national project “ Sciences and Universities '' World Class Science Centers (NTSMU) and Science and Technology Initiative (STI) Competence Centers are being established, carrying out research on the priorities of the country's scientific and technological development. All together, it gives a start in life and a powerful start to talented students and young scientists, whose ideas are already advancing scientific progress before our eyes.

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Moscow region authorities explained whether QR codes are needed at sports fields

Plot The third wave of coronavirus in Russia

In the Moscow region, authorities have taken additional measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, reports the television channel 360. in reference to the decree signed by the governor of the region.

The document explains that public events in the Moscow region can be attended with a QR code. An exception can be made for events where spectators keep a distance of one and a half meters. At the same time, the number of visitors to such an event cannot exceed 50. Similar rules have been introduced for outdoor events, but with a limit of 500 people.

In addition, sports, entertainment, culture and other events are allowed with a special QR code. Bars and restaurants from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. will receive customers with a QR code.

You do not need such a code to visit children's play areas, but it will be required on sports fields.

In Russia, in the last day, 20,616 new cases of COVID-19 infection were detected. The most difficult epidemiological situation is developing in Moscow & ndash; 6,723 cases, followed by the Moscow region and St. Petersburg & ndash; 2,608 and 1,298 respectively.

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Belgium extradited Russian Federation accused of attacking Chechen school in 1996

Belgium extradited to the Russian side a citizen accused of an armed attack on a school in Chechnya in 1996, said the official representative of the Ministry of the Ministry of Chechnya 39; Interior of the Russian Federation Irina Volk.

The crime took place in the spring of 1996 in one of the educational institutions in the village of Geldagan, in the Chechen Republic. According to the investigation, the accused Ali Ozdamirov learned of the entrance to school of a large sum of money intended for the payment of scholarships and salaries. Deciding to steal the money, he created an armed group.

The day before the money was received, the accomplices entered the school building and entered the school building. # 39; are hidden there. In the morning, they opened indiscriminate fire in the room and stole more than 40 million rubles ($ 20 million). As a result, several people were injured.

Almost all of the participants in the attack have been arrested. They were then sentenced to heavy prison terms. Ozdamirov fled from law enforcement, he was put on the wanted list through Interpol channels.

In addition, Russian citizen Ekaterina Kholodkova, accused of illegal organizing and driving gambling in Voronezh, was extradited from Belgium. The woman was a member of a criminal community which, from 2015 to 2019, managed to extract revenues of over 21 million rubles.

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NATO exercises on Ramstein alloy take place in Baltic states

Joint exercises of NATO and their partners Ramstein Alloy (“ Ramstein rafting '') have started in the airspace of the Baltic States , writes TASS with reference to the main headquarters of the Estonian Defense Forces.

In the maneuvers participate fighters of the Italian and Spanish air forces, pilots from Germany, Spain, Poland, Turkey and Finland, located at the bases of Amari and Siauliai. In total, they plan to use around 20 aircraft, including aircraft from the AWACS E-3 early warning and control system.

The participants wish to develop communication and control procedures, as well as guarantee air safety. . For example, they intend to lead to actions in the event of communication failure, aircraft escort, low-speed vehicle detection, as well as search and rescue operations. p>

It should be noted that NATO performs such maneuvers three times a year.

Earlier it was reported that Exercise Sea Breeze 2021 began in the Black Sea on June 28. The Russian delegation at the talks on military security and arms control in Vienna said the maneuvers are not helping to strengthen security in the region.

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The Government of the Russian Federation will allocate funds for the treatment of serious diseases in children

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishoustine said the Cabinet of Ministers will allocate around 18 billion rubles for drugs for serious and rare diseases in children, the funds will go to the Circle of Kindness fund, writes RIA Novosti.

The corresponding ordinance of the Government of the Russian Federation has already been signed. The installment is the third in a row.

Circle of Kindness Foundation; appeared about six months ago at the initiative of the Russian president for the rapid purchase of drugs that are quickly delivered to sick children.

The fund's support has enabled more than 1,000 children to receive expensive treatment, and its work will continue, the prime minister said.

Among the priorities of the Circle of Benevolence & ndash; the implementation of an additional organizational and financial support mechanism for the provision of medical care to children with serious and chronic life-threatening diseases, including rare diseases, as well as the provision to these patients drugs and medical products, including those not registered in Russia.

Yesterday it became known that the foundation had started accepting requests for drugs for children with spinal muscular atrophy. Today, 1083 of these children are receiving medication.

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Professional researchers. Preparations for the Prospectors' Forum have started

On October 21 and 22, 2021 at the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (NRU MGSU) in Moscow, the 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference “ Russian Forum of Prospectors & # 39; & # 39; outfit.

last year at the NRU MGSU as part of events dedicated to the celebration of the industry holiday 'Day of the Prospector' ; the All-Russian conference with international participation “Russian Forum of Surveyors”, organized by the National Association of Surveyors and Designers, was held.

This event was endorsed by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin and Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Land Management ; environment Alexei Mayorov .

The Minister of Construction, Housing and Public Services of the Russian Federation personally took part in the plenary session. In total, more than 70 speakers were received at the Russian Prospectors Forum, its plenary part and its thematic sections, including through distance communication. Videos and texts following the results of the forum have been published on the Internet on the NOPRIZ channels and the Bulletin of Engineering Surveys, a collection of reports has been published.

Planned events of the 2021 Forum

Today, the Russian Prospectors Forum is the only specialized discussion platform for prospectors, providing a real understanding of their role in achieving national development goals and implementing national projects and projects. discuss the areas on which the quality of design solutions depends. This includes improving the quality and safety of capital construction projects, solving environmental issues, developing a modern sector qualification system, improving and upgrading development of the 'national register of specialists' institute taking into account the independent assessment of qualifications, digitization, the introduction of progressive methods of work production and the strengthening of the production interaction between surveyors and designers.

The initiator of the forum in 2021 has traditionally been the National Association of Surveyors and Designers (NOPRIZ).

The main themes of the 2021 Forum: “ The role of professional standards in the development of the education system '' & # 39 ;, 'Evolution of the regulatory framework & # 39; & # 39; and “State Policy in the Field of Technical Studies”.

On the first day of the Russian Prospectors Forum an All-Russian meeting on the development of technical studies will take place. During the thematic sessions, current issues of digitization, the establishment of modern equipment, the development of geographic information systems, the implementation of tasks related to the control on the field, quality control and assessment of the conformity of the results of engineering studies with the requirements of regulatory documents will be considered. & Nbsp;

On the second day of the forum, the plenary session “ Science and education in the field of engineering research '' will take place. with the participation of representatives of educational bodies implementing secondary and higher vocational education programs in the field of engineering research. It is also planned to organize sessions on the themes 'Scientific research in engineering surveys', '' Development of qualifications in the field of engineering records' and the development of education in various fields of research activities.

The main objective of the conference is to consolidate the universities of the industry to solve the issues related to increasing the personal, technological and economic potential of survey and design and investigation enterprises, to draw the attention of state authorities to the issues and the most important tasks that need to be solved in the interest of effective participation of researchers in the implementation of national projects in the field of technical studies.

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In the Russian Federation, during hospitalization, they may be required to provide a certificate of vaccination

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has drawn up a draft order according to which patients will be obliged to provide a certificate of vaccination during planned hospitalization or spa treatment, the document is published on the Federal Portal for Draft Regulatory Legal Acts. & nbsp;

The explanatory note states that the obligation to confirm vaccination is due to the creation of comfortable and safe conditions for citizens in treatment. & nbsp;

It should be noted that the project of the Ministry of Health regulates issues related to the implementation of measures to prevent and reduce the risks of the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

Previously, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation recommended that employees of subordinate institutions be vaccinated against the coronavirus before August 25. Employees without vaccination and medical treatment may be temporarily restricted in the right to visit the premises of the organization.

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Investigators verify due to threats against fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev

Investigators are checking due to threats against fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev and a possible scam with his property, reports TASS with reference to the UK. & nbsp;

It is noted that Fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev turned to investigators, informing about possible illegal actions on the sale of his property and threats related to it.

The representative of the fashion designer was invited to a personal reception at the Moscow branch of the investigation committee. The conduct and results of the check were placed under the control of the head of the investigative committee.

Previously, the court decided to return the property of actor Alexei Batalov to the property of his daughter. Maria Batalova's lawyer Tatyana Kiriyenko said the court declared the life-support contracts with dependents with actress Natalya Drozhzhina illegal. A request to cancel these transactions has been filed by the Moscow Prosecutor's Office. Investigation found that the actor's widow, acting on behalf of her daughter, signed life-sustaining contracts with dependents under the influence of deception. & Nbsp;

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