“Trace” TV Star Sentenced to Two Years Probation

The Tagansky Metropolitan District Court sentenced actor Andrei Lavrov to two years' probation for threatening to use violence against an inspector of the Military Inspectorate of the Automotive (VAI). This is reported by AGN “ Moscow ''.

According to the version of the investigation, which was confirmed by the court, on March 19 this year the artist in central Moscow on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment threatened an employee with VAI with a knife.

The inspector called for the illegal actions to stop, but Lavrov pursued him for a while, wielding a knife.

Subsequently, the artist was arrested. A criminal case has been opened on the incident.

Previously it was reported that during the incident Lavrov was intoxicated and behaved inappropriately.

In March, by court order, the artist was placed under house arrest.

The actor has appeared in the series Trace, Univer, SOBR, Kulagin and Partners and others.

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