Astronaut spoke about the risks of SpaceX's unprofessional crew in space

Pilot-cosmonaut, hero of Russia Andrei Borisenko expressed his opinion on the announced flight into space of the spacecraft Space X without professional astronauts, writes

Sending an unprepared professional crew is risky due to possible emergency situations, he says.

“ In general in my opinion this is a completely wrong decision as all is well in space until some kind of emergency occurs . In the event that this should happen, the crew must be prepared to overcome this situation, & ndash; Borisenko is sure of it. & ndash; It is almost impossible to prepare a layman for this kind of activity in a short time. Professional cosmonauts and astronauts have been preparing for many years, so I am very wary of such flights. The crew will be very lucky if there are no emergencies. & # 39;

The newspaper's interlocutor added that “ tourists '' an experienced professional should accompany you aboard the spaceship. “ When flying in space, the main burden falls on professional cosmonauts, so the commander of a spacecraft must necessarily be a professional with quite a bit of experience in spaceflight. Putting an inexperienced professional on a spaceship, surrounded by tourists & ndash; this is a risk which in my opinion exceeds the allowable limits', '' ndash; considers the speaker.

He also noted that in Russia such flights will become possible when the country manages to achieve the appropriate level of space technology, which he says will not happen for 50 years.

The crew of the first Inspiration4 civilian mission is scheduled to go into space aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon on September 15.

Earlier it was reported that SpaceX chief Elon Musk organized the grandson of the creator of the Soviet rocket and space technology Sergei Korolev Andrei Korolev to your factory.


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