Expert: the rules must be tightened for users of electric scooters

The number of crashes involving electric scooters, single-wheelers and similar personal mobility devices (SIM) has almost tripled since the start of the year. This data from the Ministry of the Interior, in a conversation with RT, was commented on by the vice-president of the National Motorists Union Jan Heitseer.

According to the expert, citizens who use electric scooters “ feel like pedestrians moving at high speed. '' “ They don't obey any rules, they don't follow any logic, '' & mdash; added & nbsp; Heitseer.

He noted that in this situation only the introduction of fines and other sanctions against users of electrical equipment will be helpful.

Heitseer recommended referring to the experience of foreign countries where there are restrictions on the capacity and speed of the SIM card, and also suggested introducing the right to drive them.

“If a scooter is over 250 watts it is pretty much the same as a motorcycle and presents the same danger to pedestrians and cars”, & mdash; Heitseer said.

The expert also noted the need to introduce & nbsp; responsibility & nbsp; for the use of drunk electrical equipment.

Previously, the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation released statistics on accidents involving personal mobility equipment. & nbsp; Compared to the same period of 2020, the increase in the number of such accidents amounts to almost 195%.

Recall that roller skates, scooters, electric scooters, skateboards, electric skateboards, gyroscopic scooters, segways, electric unicycles and other similar means of transport belong to SIM. The legal status of the means of individual mobility in the Russian Federation has not yet been determined.

In early June, the mayor of Kislovodsk, Alexander Kurbatov, underwent surgery after being seriously injured after falling from an electric scooter.

Before that, in St. Petersburg, a criminal case was initiated against a girl who, while traveling on an electric scooter, hit a child and fled.


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