Sea devil. Russia will create naval version of Ka-52 helicopter

Russian Military Department and` `Russian Helicopters & # 39; & # 39; signed a contract for further development work on the creation of the 'navy' Ka-52K helicopter version, said the general manager of the holding Andrey Boginsky . At present, the unification of the sea and land versions of the Ka-52K helicopter for the Russian Navy is underway. It is also planned to carry out tests in conjunction with the carrier vessel. The creation of the new helicopter is expected to be completed by 2023.

Previously, it had been reported that the delivery of the Ka-52K was included in the weapons program until 2027. Currently, four prototypes of Ka-52K helicopters have been built under the program. design of a naval version of the helicopter. In 2014, the Ministry of Defense had already signed a contract for the supply of 32 Ka-52K series helicopters, of which the first 12 were to be manufactured in 2015. Then the machines were intended to arm large-type amphibious helicopter carriers. Mistral. France refused to supply us with these ships, and they left for Egypt. They also bought helicopters from the Ministry of Defense there.

Cars manufactured under the new contract will differ significantly. They received significant improvements, mainly & mdash; in weapon systems.

Unknown media

In August 2019, Andrei Boginsky said the ground portion of the testing of the four new Ka-52K prototypes had been completed and negotiations were underway with the Defense Ministry to conclude a continuation contract, but the work was hampered by the lack of carriers of these helicopters. It was decided to put these helicopters into service and start serial production only after the helicopter has been tested in sea conditions, preferably – & mdash; on the platform on which he will perform combat missions.

Their carriers were the Project 23900 Universal Amphibious Assault Ships, which are being built at Kerch. In 2020, at the Zaliv shipyard in Kerch, two Universal Amphibious Assault Ships (UDC) of this project were landed & nbsp; Zelenodolsk Study Office: Ivan Rogov and Mitrofan Moskalenko. Perhaps in this regard, the Defense Ministry continued to fund the Katrana creation project. & Nbsp;

The first flight of the experienced Ka-52K took place in the spring of 2015, and for 6 years it has been refined by the manufacturer, taking into account the import substitution program and the emergence of new technologies. The combat vehicle is positioned as an on-board combat reconnaissance and attack helicopter, it is a version of the combat attack and reconnaissance helicopter Ka -52. The ship version was made with a column of folding blades: they fold up along the hull of the helicopter, which allows it to be placed in ship hangars, with limited surface area. It is an all-weather combat vehicle capable of operating at any time of the day, designed to perform the fire support tasks of the landing troops during the landing on the coast, as well as to participate in the defense anti-amphibians in the front line and in the tactical depth of the battle. The vehicle has a modern multifunctional on-board electronic system that allows different types of recognition.

Maneuver and shoot

The maximum speed of the Ka-52K is 350 km/h and it can travel 460 km in a single refueling. The coaxial design of this helicopter provides great maneuverability and allows it to move sideways at speeds of up to 80 km/h and back up at speeds of up to 90 km/h. Reverse movement change takes place in seconds. The helicopter has a two-seater cockpit and can be flown by any pilot, which can aid in combat when one of the pilots is injured and cannot control the helicopter .

The KA-52K weapons complex is designed to suit all tastes. The helicopter is armed with a 30mm cannon, unguided missiles, and guided air-to-ground weapons. and air-to-air. To expand combat capabilities, taking into account the new tactical role, the ability to carry free-falling aerial bombs is provided. In addition, for the first time in domestic and global practice, an attack helicopter was able to use the Kh-31 and Kh-35 anti-ship missiles.

In 2021, there were reports of the completion of tests of the modified “ Whirlwind '' anti-tank missiles. for the Ka-52 helicopter. The helicopter can also be equipped with the Hermes missile system. with a firing range of up to 100 km, thanks to which its firepower is greatly increased, it has in fact obtained the capabilities of an attack aircraft. This promising helicopter weaponry can be used in multi-rocket mode against multiple spaced targets. It can also be synchronized with a laser designator to hit targets with high precision ammunition.


Confused with a criminal. Homeless man was mistakenly detained in mental hospital for 2 years

Authorities in Hawaii (USA) mistakenly arrested a homeless man for a crime committed by another. The man was locked in a mental hospital, forced to take psychoactive drugs, and then attempted to cover up the mistake by quietly releasing him.

America's homeless nightmare Joshua Spristersbach began on a hot day in 2017 in Honolulu. The cops pulled her off the 'couch' in the catwalk and taken to the police station.

The homeless was mistaken for the criminal

Joshua believed he was arrested for breaking the city law prohibiting sitting and lying on public sidewalks. But he had no idea things were much more serious. The story is told by the & nbsp; Hawaii Innocence Project & nbsp; & nbsp;

The police mistook the homeless man for a certain Thomas Castleberry , who had an arrest warrant for probation violation in a drug case. The fact that the two men don't even look alike didn't bother the police. They didn't even check the photographs and fingerprints.

In Hawaii state court, the accused claimed it was a misunderstanding. But that didn't convince the judge. Joshua was sent to a mental hospital to his horror, where he spent two years. & Nbsp;

To make him confess to a crime, the doctors injected him with tranquilizers. & Nbsp;

“ The more Mr. Spristersbach declared his innocence, claiming he was not Mr. Castleberry, the more the doctors declared him delusional and mentally ill and forced him to take strong drugs, & mdash; explains the human rights activist “ Innocence ''. & mdash; Mr Spristersbach was restless when he was illegally jailed for the crime of Mr Castleberry, although he consistently denied he was Mr/h2>

No one believed Joshua Spristersbach until a psychiatrist decided to heed his words and conduct an internal investigation. He hired a private investigator & mdash; and the truth has been revealed! & nbsp;

The detective checked the fingerprints and photographs of two people: they did not match. Also, Joshua Spristersbach was not at the scene of the crime committed by another: Thomas Castleberry. As it turned out, the real Castleberry had been in jail in Alaska since 2016.

Spristersbach spent two years and eight months in a mental hospital.

“ We will ensure that those responsible for this error incurred liability. Including the judge who tried to help cover it up, & raquo;, & mdash; human rights defenders write 'Innocence'.

American Project 'Innocence' created by human rights activists on the Internet to help convicts prove their innocence.


Storm warning announced again in Sochi

A storm warning will be in effect in Sochi until August 12, reports the press service of the city administration.

Forecasters predict that these days there will be heavy rains, showers with thunderstorms, hail, wind squalls with gusts of up to 20-24 m/s .

The water level in rivers can rise to critical levels, mudslides in mountainous areas are possible.

Earlier in Sochi, an emergency warning was also announced until August 9. It was noted that on Sunday, due to a thunderstorm, five planes were unable to land in Sochi. They had to leave for alternative airfields in neighboring towns.


Mishustin spoke about the school overhaul program

The government of the Russian Federation is developing a program to overhaul Russian schools, writes RIA Novosti with reference to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Michoustine.

He reminded Deputy Premiers that the topic was discussed recently at a President's meeting on preparations for the new academic year. The Head of State instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to develop an agenda.

According to Mishustin, during a conversation with the head of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation Sergei Kravtsov, the president criticized the existing plans for overhaul and called for 39; speed up the work.

where children study are physically and morally overwhelmed. It is necessary to put them in order & ndash; create comfortable conditions for study, growth and development ', & ndash; stressed the head of the Russian government.

He added that the authorities will also continue to help the regions with the construction of new educational establishments.

Earlier it was reported that United Russia is celebrating; handed over to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation the register of schools in need of major repairs.


What do we know about NATO & # 39; s “best in the world” aircraft missile – the Su-57 killer?

The German Air Force has conducted flight tests of its latest air-class missile. air & # 39; & nbsp; Meteor. Based on their results, the military decided that the ammunition was ready to be incorporated into the fighters & nbsp; Eurofighter Typhoon & nbsp; and to a number of & nbsp; other combatants serving in NATO countries. According to experts, the new ammunition is now the best in its class and will be effective against fifth generation aircraft, including the Russian Su-57.

In June, the Bundeswehr Air Force carried out initial tests of the & nbsp; Typhoon & nbsp; with missiles & nbsp; Meteor. Two Eurofighter Typhoon planes participated and they did not fire live ammunition. Based on the results of the exercises, the German Army decided that & nbsp; Meteor & nbsp; is ready to integrate with all hunters of this type, except their old models & nbsp; Slice-4. The next step will be final and involves filming.

Now the Germans Typhoon & nbsp; are armed with air-class guided missiles. air & nbsp; AIM-120 & nbsp; AMRAAM & nbsp; with a range of up to 75 kilometers and missiles & nbsp; IRIS-T & nbsp; of the same class, but with a range of 25 kilometers. & nbsp; In the near future they will be replaced by a long-range guided missile & laquo; air & nbsp; air & # 39; MBDA Meteor, which surpasses its predecessors in all respects. & Nbsp;

MBDA Meteor rocket. Photo:

Who created it?

To create the missile & nbsp; Meteor & nbsp; the European company MBDA (Matra BAE Dynamics Alenia) was specially created, which brought together German, British, Italian, French, Spanish and Swedish developers and manufacturers of tactical missile weapons (BAE, Saab Bofors Dynamics, Bayern- Chemie Protac, Inmize, TDW, LiteF GmbH). The companies embarked on an ambitious project to create the 'best in the world' aircraft missile in 2001. Rocket testing began in 2006. And they lasted until 2013, during the testing process, The intervention of designers was periodically required in order not only to eliminate errors, but also to increase Meteor's combat capabilities.


The result is an out of range missile that is today the best in its class. Range of missiles & mdash; 200 kilometers, speed & mdash; more than 4 swings, and it weighs about 180 kilograms. The allowed range of target overloads is & mdash; 11g. Length & mdash; 3.7 meters, diameter & mdash; 180 mm, wingspan and mdash; 400 mm, plumage & mdash; 630 millimeters. The cost of a rocket is around 1 million euros.

How it works

An important advantage of this rocket is that it, the only one of all aircraft missiles, uses a solid rocket jet engine that operates throughout the flight. In this regard, even after two hundred kilometers of flight, the Meteor maintains its declared Mach 4 speed. In addition, on the final flight path, the rocket has the same dynamic capabilities as at the start of flight. This is why the Meteor, even at its maximum range, is able to intercept maneuvering targets with overloads of up to 11g. That is, the rocket is capable of hitting any fighter at a range of 200 km, including the super-maneuverable fifth generation, capable of performing anti-missile maneuvers. All other long-range missiles & mdash; both Russian and American & mdash; they are not capable of it.

Who will be armed?

The first to be armed with the Meteor rocket in 2016 were the modernized Swedish fighters JAS-39C/D Gripen. Two years later, the French began installing the Euro-missile on their Dassault Rafale fighter. With this fighter, Meteor began to be introduced into the air forces of the countries in which it is in service. Germany, after successful tests, plans to accept these missiles in the near future. In 2024, the British Air Force intends to equip its fighters based on F-35B vertical takeoff and short landing aircraft carriers, purchased in the USA for its aircraft carriers.

Russian analogue

The Russian missile could become an analogue of Meteor; K-77PD. In 2012 Ko Vympel completed the R&D work on the creation of a “ produced 180PD '' rocket, which received a ramjet, which increased the range to 192 km. Like Meteor, the Russian missile received & nbsp; an active radar seeker with an array of active phased antennas, which greatly increases the noise immunity of the seeker, and also ensures the interception of any aerodynamic target at long range.

The missile was in a high degree of readiness, and a pilot batch of missiles was being prepared to be delivered to the military for a test operation. However, the project was closed due to the high final price of the product (the cost of the Russian missile is unknown). And they decided to focus on developing a cheaper, simpler K-77 missile ('produced 180').


Moscow City Court leaves businessman Viktor Baturin under arrest

The Moscow City Court has declared the arrest of businessman Viktor Baturin, accused of attempted fraud, to be legal, reports TASS.

The press service of the Basmanny District Court explained that the decision to elect Baturin as a preventive measure in the form of detention remained unchanged. The lawyers' remedies were not satisfied. & Nbsp;

Recall that Baturin was arrested on July 1 on suspicion of attempted fraud on a particularly large scale. According to the survey version, in 2011 the entrepreneur attempted to take 25% of the shares of Inteko. by filing claims with an arbitral tribunal. The Basmanny court in Moscow jailed Baturin & nbsp; until September 1, he doesn't admit his guilt.


Teachers and officials should be transferred to Russian messengers

The Russian government plans to forcibly transfer all state officials and employees to Russian courier, courier and video conferencing (VKS) services, writes the Kommersant newspaper. with reference to the action plan of the state program 'Creation of additional conditions for the development of the information technology industry', that the Ministry of Digital transmitted to the Council of Ministers.

In 2022, the authorities intend to extend this initiative to teachers in schools and universities who will only be able to communicate with parents, schoolchildren and students through the Russian IT services.

By December of this year, the Ministry of Digital Industry of the Russian Federation is expected to prepare a regulatory framework for the transfer of employees of government agencies and budget organizations to the platform of State “ to support work communications: mail, instant messaging, video conferencing services. & # 39; & # 39; & nbsp; In addition, the plan says that by February 2022, the Department of Education and the Department of Education will develop recommendations that teachers in schools and universities should communicate with parents, schoolchildren and students using Russian services only.

Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko was informed that on July 20 the initiatives were approved by the government commission on digital development. The department added that we are talking about already existing solutions, but did not name the affected products.

Previously it had been reported that the endangered photo and video sending feature appeared in WhatsApp. also wrote about how crooks steal money through instant messengers. Experts explained how to recognize them. The most prevalent method of deception was by mailing with the addresses of fraudulent resources.

Additionally, in July, the Supreme Court discussed the sanction for insults on social media. To register an offensive address on the network, you need to contact a notary and the prosecution.


Russian Navy will receive three nuclear submarines at a time in 2021

A source in the shipbuilding industry said that by the end of this year the Russian Navy will receive three nuclear submarines at a time, reports RIA Novosti .

It is reported that this is a strategic submarine 'Prince Oleg' (project 955A, Borey-A), multipurpose Novosibirsk (project 885M, “ Ash-M & # 39;) and the drone carrier “ Poseidons '' & # 39; Belgorod (project 09852).

According to available information, “ Prince Oleg & # 39; & # 39; will be transferred to the fleet in September this year, and Novosibirsk will be commissioned in December.

Earlier it was reported that several nuclear submarines & nbsp; submarines from JSC PO Sevmash; are tested at sea, they are the 4th generation submarines of the Yasen-M projects; and 'Borey-A', they are actively sailing.

In addition, the & nbsp; first nuclear submarine in series & nbsp; project 885M & quot; Ash-M & quot; Novosibirsk will be handed over to the Navy at the end of this year.


What type of Prichal module is launched on the ISS?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 31. Without flag and anthem, but with medals and Tchaikovsky 04/08/2021

& # 39; As a preliminary the & nbsp; November 24th, we plan to launch another module on & nbsp; ISS & nbsp; & ndash; nodal (“ Bunk ''). We have it between us with a 'ball' we call. This will allow us to expand the possibilities of mooring with the station of our ships, in & nbsp; including the new 'lunar' ship 'Eagle' & raquo ;, & nbsp; & ndash; wrote on & nbsp; his page on & nbsp; Twitter the leader of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin .

'Docking' module should tie in with the 'Science' lab module. In shape, it really looks like a ball, having six mooring knots for & nbsp; receive and & nbsp; place around it other modules and & nbsp; spaceships & ndash; Manned unions and & nbsp; Cargo Progress. Assembly and & nbsp; factory testing of the 'Couchette' were carried out in & nbsp; 2014 & nbsp; g., since & nbsp; since then it has been in & nbsp; storage in & nbsp; RSC Energia; to & nbsp; Korolev near Moscow.


Production of an improved version of the Su-57 could start in 2025

A source from the military-industrial complex said production of an improved version of the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter is expected to begin in 2025, reports TASS.

within the ROC “ Megapolis & # 39; & # 39; a completely redesigned cockpit will be installed, with the most advanced avionics. In addition, the aircraft will be equipped with a & # 39; second-stage powerhouse, & # 39; & # 39 ;, & # 39; mdash; he clarified.

It should be noted that the Su-57 fighter as part of the Megapolis ROC; will be run in a single-seater version.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov said that the last Russian fifth-generation fighter Checkmate would be ready within four years . & nbsp; The plane's premiere was at the MAKS-2021 airshow.

According to Manturov, it is planned to unify as much as possible the single-engine fighter with the Su-57 in order to reduce the cost of the project. & nbsp;

Other countries will become the main selling market, but Russian aerospace forces will also buy a certain amount of these planes. In the domestic market, Checkmate can take the name Su-75. & Nbsp;