Powerful “Link-3S”. Russia to create nuclear war aircraft

Voronezh begins construction of Doomsday aircraft & mdash; Council for the command and control of troops in the event of large-scale military conflicts, including the use of nuclear weapons. In total, the Russian aerospace forces will receive two of these planes. The project is called Link-3C. The aircraft & # 39; s radio complex will be used to issue orders to strategic aviation troops, strategic nuclear submarines within a radius of 6,000 kilometers, as well as mobile and silo launchers.

For the first time, it is planned to update Russian air command posts were announced in October 2020. … Then it was reported that the new product will significantly increase the combat service time in the air and would increase the area of ​​command and control coverage. New apocalyptic aircraft will cover a distance twice as long as aircraft of this type currently in service.

Implementation of the Zveno-3C project the Voronezh Joint-Stock Aircraft Building Company will be engaged. At the moment, one aircraft is in production, in total there are plans to create two air checkpoints. The new air command post was based on the promising Il-96-400M, which will be manufactured using modern technology. When building the air command post, only Russian components will be used. The aircraft will receive Russian PS-90A1 engines, and in the future – & mdash; more modern PS-90A3 engines, which will significantly increase the speed and range of the aircraft. Modern control systems will reduce the number of crews to two people.

Today in the Russian Aerospace Forces there are four air command posts based on the Il-80. 'Product 65c' (according to the NATO classification – Maxdome) was developed in the late 1980s. Two Il-76SK aircraft, analogues of the VKP based on the Il-86, are also in service. The detailed data on these planes have the status of state secrets. In addition to controlling all types of troops, flying command posts are needed to evacuate top leaders from the country and in the event of destruction of land and satellite infrastructure. Their flight characteristics are such that they can operate in nuclear war. The aircraft is capable of in-flight refueling and is accompanied by an in-flight fighter.

However, secrecy did not stop thieves from boarding one of these planes, based in Taganrog. In December 2020, unidentified people removed from the Il-80 more than 30 radio stations installed on board. Doomsday Plane was in Taganrog for planned modernization work. After their completion, the main entrance, cargo hatch, and three emergency exits were sealed, but that didn't stop the thieves. Fingerprints and fingerprints of the criminals were found at the scene of the crime.

The name “Planes of the end of the world” air command posts received in the United States. As a reminder, the US Air Force is currently in service with four E-4B Nightwatches, also known as the 'End of the World' planes. . In May 2019, one of these air command posts was shown from inside for the first time in history. These planes are based on passenger Boeing 747s and are assigned to an air base in Nebraska. They were put into service in 1974. One of the four E-4Bs is always ready for take-off in a matter of minutes, and on the President & # 39; s trips abroad it automatically becomes “ board number 1 ''. # 39; & # 39 ;.

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Faster and more powerful. The national project will improve the functioning of airports

Field National projects

Thanks to the national project` `Productivity at work '' and Federal Center of Competence (FCC) experts, airports will not only provide better services in less time, but also increase economic performance.

Speed ​​affects efficiency

Orenburg Airport them. Gagarin carries 700,000 passengers per year. Even despite last year's coronavirus restrictions, 19.5 thousand planes have taken off.

Airport workers learned to apply lean manufacturing principles to their jobs for six months. During this time, they managed to achieve significant results. The speed of passenger pre-flight procedures increased by 35% (20 minutes instead of 37). Additionally, pre-departure aircraft maintenance time has been reduced by 23% – now this process takes 40 minutes. Support from FCC experts as part of the national project helped.

“ The building lacked visualization. Passengers wasted time looking for check-in counters and necessary exits. We made intuitive markings, put up signs and signs, installed an electronic check-in kiosk and self-weighing baggage device at the entrance. These changes have halved the time it takes to complete the check-in ',' & ndash; noted & nbsp; FCC project manager Sergey Kotov. & nbsp;

Passenger boarding and disembarking has also become faster. If before it took at least 16 minutes, now 8. The process is accelerated by 2 ladders, which are simultaneously brought to the plane.

In addition to labor productivity at the airport, economic indicators have also increased. The reduction in aircraft maintenance time opened up the possibility of attracting new flights. As a result, the effect of participation in the national project amounted to 48 million rubles.


Voronezh International Airport them. Peter I joined the national project 'Labor Productivity & # 39; & # 39; in March of this year. And in mid-July, the Regional Competence Center (RCC) summarized the first results.

According to the deputy director of the RCC Dmitry Sinyukov , & nbsp; during 3 months of the 'Diagnosis and planning' stage. 18 problems in the production process have been identified and 16 technological and organizational solutions have been developed. Major errors found & ndash; lack of standards in carrying out operations, long waiting times between them and a high risk of failure of service equipment.

“We have gained significant experience in manufacturing verified pointing instruments,” said Roman Frolenko, airport general manager. & ndash; The key performance indicators for us in the near future are a 20% reduction in ground handling time for an aircraft, a 50% reduction in work in progress and a 20% increase in production per employee. . Today the company is starting to live in a new way looking for possible improvements. ''

Plans for the future

International airport. Leonov in Kemerovo & ndash; new participant of the national project. With the support of the RCC experts, a pilot project will be set up here to prepare the planes for departure. After the opening of the new airport terminal, an increase in the number of flights and an increase in passenger traffic is expected. Lean technologies will help organize it with comfort for crews and travelers.

“ The airport is expected to improve the quality of the delivery of pre-flight activities and reduce aircraft maintenance time. Lean technologies are an effective tool for this, – says Aleksey Grishin, Minister of Labor and Employment of Kuzbass. & ndash; The experience of the companies participating in the national project in Kouzbass shows that already in six months of work on the principles of lean production, the productivity of the pilot sites has increased by more than a quarter. & Nbsp;

First, employees and experts will analyze the work of all special airport services that perform aircraft inspection, refueling, passenger boarding and baggage loading. Then the reasons for the loss of time and manpower resources will be identified and eliminated.

Some airport employees will be trained by the RCC experts in the field of labor productivity. In the future, they will share their Lean skills with their colleagues and introduce new approaches to working in other areas.

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Floods in London

Heavy rains hit London on July 25, and within hours the city received monthly rainfall. Many streets in the UK capital have been flooded resulting in traffic jams. The natural disaster mainly affected the eastern quarters of the British capital, rescuers received hundreds of calls due to basement and street flooding, roof collapses. Authorities have issued a yellow warning for much of south-east England, where rainfall can reach 100 millimeters, and recommend that travel be stopped soon. & Nbsp;

This is the second flood in London in a month. The last flooding occurred on July 13, when the city also received monthly rainfall.

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“They are like tractors.” Wild boars harm the climate as much as cars

In & nbsp; in recent years, environmentalists have taught us to & nbsp; thoughts on & nbsp; the fact that the cattle & nbsp; & mdash; one of the & nbsp; guilty of global warming. Cows eat grass, and & nbsp; it is digested and & nbsp; form of methane & nbsp; & mdash; the most powerful greenhouse gas, from which & nbsp; the temperature is increasing on the planet and & nbsp; meteorological disasters occur.

And & nbsp; after & nbsp; the cows came around the pigs, while & nbsp; & mdash; Savage. New research by scientists shows that wild boars that have bred all over the world, digging in the earth, tolerate global warming.

Equivalent to emissions from 1.1 million cars

Most of the carbon in the terrestrial biosphere is found in the soil. When the ground cover is disturbed, CO2 is released from it & nbsp; & mdash; the same carbon dioxide, the concentration of which in the atmosphere is steadily increasing, bringing civilization closer to climate collapse. The main sources of carbon dioxide from the soil are considered to be agriculture (farmers plow fields) and land degradation (desertification). But & nbsp; there is & nbsp; other reasons & mdash; in & nbsp; in particular, the impact on the & nbsp; ground cover of various animal species. Previously, there were almost no precise estimates of such an impact. A group of scientists from Australia, New Zealand and the United States decided to fill the void.

The researchers looked at the global wild boar population, which originally only lived in & nbsp; Eurasia, and & nbsp; have now spread over & nbsp; all continents except Antarctica … When they forage for food they loosen the topsoil resulting in carbon dioxide emissions.

“ Since the & nbsp; soil contains almost & nbsp; three times more carbon than l & nbsp; atmosphere, even a small part, being released, can accelerate climate change, & nbsp; & mdash; says study lead author Christopher O & # 39; Brian of the University of Queensland. & mdash; & nbsp; They are like & nbsp; tractors that plow the fields turning the soil in & nbsp; in search of food.

To estimate the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere, the scientists used data on the number of these animals and their range. Next, we modeled the density maps of their & nbsp; establishment on the & nbsp; planet and & nbsp; superimposed on & nbsp; factors that play a role in the situation analysis & mdash; the presence of predators, the structure of the vegetation, the amount of precipitation and evaporation. Thus, the area of ​​the soil plowed by wild boars was calculated. That's 123,500 square kilometers per year, and we're talking about areas where this species is alien (or, in scientific terms, invasive). The maximum areas of disturbed coverage are found in & nbsp; Oceania and & nbsp; North America.

Simulations have shown that around 4.9 million tonnes of carbon dioxide enter the atmosphere & nbsp; per year because of wild boars. . This is equivalent to the emissions of 1.1 million passenger cars. But the figure, as the researchers note, will be larger in the future. The wild boar population continues to grow, and & nbsp; if they enter areas where the & nbsp; soil contains more carbon, carbon emissions will increase dramatically.

“ More research is needed on the contribution of wild boar to & nbsp; soil damage & nbsp; & nbsp; & mdash; the authors write in & nbsp; their article. And & nbsp; the problem of a rapidly growing population, if confirmed, is proposed to be solved at the expense of trapping and hunting.

“ Soil breathing & # 39; & # 39;

“ Any disturbance of the ground cover results in & nbsp; a rapid increase in carbon dioxide emissions, & nbsp; & mdash; says the chief researcher of the Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences Dmitry Zamolodchikov … & mdash; & nbsp; The point is & nbsp; in the & nbsp; layer of soil, CO2 is constantly formed during respiration of plant roots and & nbsp; soil organisms, including animals, fungi, bacteria. The gas gradually infiltrates through the layers of the soil and & nbsp; enters the atmosphere & nbsp; & mdash; this process is called & quot; soil respiration & quot ;. If you loosen its & nbsp; upper layers, they will stop creating barriers to gas leakage and & nbsp; there will be a strong release. Then the emission starts to decrease, because some of the gas has already been released. In addition, since the wild boar has already removed the roots, rhizomes and invertebrates from the & nbsp; soil, the mass of respiratory organisms in & nbsp; it decreases, and & nbsp; therefore, respiration rates may become even lower than in & nbsp; soil intact. Within hours or days, CO2 emissions reach their previous values. & # 39; & # 39;

Dmitry Zamolodchikov refers to & nbsp; his own research carried out in the & nbsp; Belogorye Reserve (Belgorod Region). They also devoted themselves to the burrowing activity of wild boars. The results showed that carbon dioxide emissions from & nbsp; plots that were plowed a week ago represent approximately & nbsp; 80% of & nbsp; emissions of & nbsp; undisturbed soil areas.

the activity of wild boars is temporary, & nbsp; & mdash; concludes the environmentalist, & nbsp; & mdash; and & nbsp; long-term effects on & nbsp; soil carbon stocks are not & nbsp; easily apparent. However, and & nbsp; the authors of the international study note that their & nbsp; Total estimates of additional emissions are extremely uncertain. They range from & nbsp; significant to & nbsp; absolutely negligible values. Therefore, they & nbsp; urge to actively conduct scientific research on this subject, and & nbsp; not to start & nbsp; of measures for & nbsp; immediately regulate the number of wild boars. & Quot ;.

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A start in life. Rector of SPbGUP – on prospects for students after graduation

The competition for budget places of the Ministry of Education and Science at the St Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions a week before the end of the recruitment already amounts to 63 people per place. This is on average. Up & ndash; management (185), economy & ndash; 169, linguistics (124). The rector of the university, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Zapesotsky answered questions from AiF.

& mdash; Alexander Sergeevich, your university has been one of the champions of Russia for several years now. What is it that attracts people?

& mdash; The biggest problem for the last 30 years in Russian universities has been the education of young people. The Union University of Humanities never gave up on that. The point is, education is training and education. If you don't deal with the second, the first goes awry. The quality of education has gone down.

And young people don't like edification. It is necessary to organize the environment in which the student finds himself during all his years of study, to offer him values ​​that he will accept deliberately, which will inspire him. Education is not only done through lectures and seminars. It is very important what type of communication occurs between people.

A freshman comes to our university and finds that the graduating students have certain values ​​and that they are not there to write a cheat sheet and cheat on a teacher. These are the values ​​of creativity, knowledge, spiritual life, mutual aid. Our students often leave university at ten in the evening because they are interested in living within the walls of SPbGUP, they study, engage in creativity, sport and communicate. Hence the competition.

Photo: SPbGUP press service

& mdash; What is the reason for the particular popularity of certain specialties?

& mdash; In principle, there are more people who feel able to manage others or count money than those who need to be a choreographer or conflict expert. In addition, & nbsp; these professions are traditionally considered prestigious, although at the University of Unions there is not a single specialty that would not give children a wonderful future.

For example, SPbGUP has a unique sound engineering department, I think the best in the country and one of the best in the world. Our graduates work at the Mariinsky Theater, Philharmonic Society, major city musical theaters and recording studios. However, the competition for this direction is around 12 people per seat, as such specialties require certain natural data. For some specializations in sound engineering, we hire people with musical training. Imagine, our graduates then record the concerts of the Mariinsky Theater for the whole world. What type of audience is needed here? & mdash; & nbsp; Could there be a competition of 200 people for a place in lyric singing? Not everyone has natural abilities.

Competition isn't the most important thing, even if it attracts public opinion. The job is much more important. We don't have a single specialty that wouldn't provide a student with a ticket to a decent life.

& mdash; & nbsp; How do you get there? Many universities work with companies, companies, organize alumni fairs.

& mdash; We just give a good education. We have 100% employment. In the past 15 years, we have graduated 20,000 people, and of those, only 25 people were unemployed for the first six months. Then of course they get a job and they are guaranteed a good career development. We follow their destinies, carry out sociological research.

& mdash; You are the oldest rector in the country since & mdash; & nbsp; 30 years. You can compare. How do current school graduates differ from the early 1990s?

& mdash; Guys come into college life in many ways much like my generation. They want to learn, they are drawn to real values. The best young people, the real elite, the people who want to find a worthy place in life through education, come to us at SPbGUP. However, there is a serious problem. A lot of people lack hard work, discipline, responsibility.

Right now in Moscow a tragedy – a student of a famous university knocked down three children in a car. She killed two. Out of elementary irresponsibility.

Additionally, the modern school does not provide high school students with a holistic picture of the world around them. During the Soviet period, great attention was paid to this. Now high school students have a clip thought, in which they poorly relate dissimilar facts into one big picture. This makes it difficult to get a thorough basic education. There is a need to strengthen the teaching of such disciplines as history, literature, cultural studies, philosophy. And the program was cut. It is impossible to seriously master the professions of humanitarian aid without a thorough study of these subjects. But we also overcome this.

Photo: SPbGUP press service

& mdash; Traditionally, there are many non-resident universities in the universities of St. Petersburg. How do you help them adapt?

& mdash; Conservatives, student government work. We have a tremendous asset. We introduce ourselves to everyone, we help make friends. There is a huge cultural program, organizing joint trips to theaters and museums. September 1 has not arrived yet and we are taking kids from other cities on a guided tour of St. Petersburg. There are also walking tours in the city center, along the rivers and canals. Children also travel by bus at night, accompanied by university staff, to see how the bridges are raised. The bus goes up the Neva to the last drawbridge. Such impressions are memorized for a lifetime. This is how guys become Petersburgers.

& mdash; How would you advise future freshmen to spend the month of August?

& mdash; I would advise you to have a good rest, because the completion of school education & ndash; it's a lot of stress. But I have another tip. Once Mstislav Rostropovich, an outstanding musician, addressing our students, recounted how the Pope received him. Rostropovich was then forcibly evicted from Russia, there was no accommodation, no representation contract. And suddenly the Pope said to him: “You have only one problem. Rostropovich became interested: “ I have a hundred problems, and you say ' & nbsp; a! & # 39; & # 39; “ No, & ndash; & nbsp; Dad answers him, & mdash; & nbsp; alone. You stand in the middle of the ladder of life, and you have every step & mdash; & nbsp; either at the top or at the bottom. I just want to take steps. ' So I wish our current and future students to take all the steps upwards only.

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Russian radar stations escorted 36 planes and 11 drones in a week

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that in the past week 47 planes carried out reconnaissance near Russian borders, writes & nbsp; Krasnaya Zvezda.

would have included 36 & nbsp; foreign planes and 11 & nbsp; drones.

Note that all flights were controlled by Russian radar systems. & Nbsp; To prevent violations of the borders of the Russian Federation, Russian fighters twice lifted Go to escort foreign planes.

The ministry pointed out that no violation of Russian Federation airspace has been committed.

Recall that from December 1, 2019 in Mordovia, the first horizontal” container “radar began its combat service. vehicles.

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Data from millions of Clubhouse social network users leaked onto the internet

Hackers posted a message on one of the forums regarding the sale of nearly four billion phone numbers from Clubhouse social network users.

They said they wanted to sell all the information by September 4 to one buyer at a time, and to prove the leak they published 83 million issues.

Cyber ​​security specialist Mark Rufe wrote about the leak on his Twitter microblog. He believes that not only were the number of people signing up to the Clubhouse on the web, but also their phone contacts. That is, even those who did not use this social network were included in the list.

Last week, the media reported that a Database of 7.8 million records of transactions of Russians on payment for activation services by SMS was leaked to the Network.

The file contains in particular information on the date and amount of the transaction, the first six and last four digits of the bank card number, as well as its validity period.

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Roscosmos successfully tested the docking system of the Nauka module

The “ Parcours '' meeting and mooring system 'Science' module regularly tested in orbit, said the head of Roscosmos on the Telegram channel; Dmitry Rogozin.

According to him, the test passed at the 62nd loop.

Multifunctional laboratory module “ Science & # 39; & # 39; launched towards the ISS from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on the Proton-M July 21 rocket. The module is currently in low earth orbit.

His flight to the station will last eight days. Connecting science to the Russian segment of the ISS will require 10 spacewalks.

Currently, the Russian segment of the space station consists of five modules. These include the Zarya Functional Cargo Unit, Zvezda Service Module, Pirs Docking Bay, and Search Modules. and dawn.

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What will the weather be like in Moscow in the last week of July?

Residents of the capital early next week expect sunny and dry weather thanks to high pressure & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; Dana & # 39; & # 39; 39 ;. During the day, the thermometer will display 27-30 degrees Celsius. Nighttime temperatures will not drop below + 13. & nbsp; The main specialist of the FOBOS meteorological center & nbsp; Yevgeny Tishkovets said so in his Instagram.

According to the forecaster, the weather is quite warm expected also Wednesday However, & nbsp; by Wednesday night, like the bottom of the cyclone & nbsp; Dirk, who again flooded northern Europe, & nbsp; the sky will gradually be covered with cumulus clouds. And already Thursday evening & nbsp; “ blind '' & nbsp; the rain will turn into thunderstorms. The wind will intensify. & Nbsp;

“ The booming celestial cannonade will roar, and furious lightning will tear the blackness of the sky. It will be a real summer thunderstorm, 'the forecaster said.

How much precipitation will there be in Moscow?

The total amount of precipitation in Moscow in 12 hours can reach 5-10 millimeters, and near the capital in some places up to 15-20 millimeters, which is equivalent to almost 1/5 of the monthly standard.

When will the weather improve? & Nbsp;

The weather will only improve on Friday of next week. The capital will warm up to plus 25-30. & Nbsp; The improvement will not last long; on Saturday the thunderous western front will return to Moscow.

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What is the reputation of the director of the National Center for Medical Research in Hematology, Valery Savchenko?

On July 25, at the age of 69, general director of the National Center for Medical Research in Hematology of the Ministry of Health of Russia, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences & nbsp; Valery Savchenko has passed away. & nbsp; The cause of death was not specified.

Savchenko worked at the National Center for Medical Research in Hematology since 1988. & nbsp; Thanks to him, diagnostic algorithms and protocols for the treatment of diseases of the blood system, unrelated bone marrow transplant programs, prevention and treatment of complications after bone marrow transplant were developed. In addition, under his leadership, a school of therapy and basic research on leukemia and lymphomas was established. & Nbsp;

Valéry Savchenko. Photo: RIA Novosti/Evgenia Novozhenina

What do we remember about Valery Savchenko? & Nbsp;

Valery Grigorievich Savchenko was born on January 8, 1952 in Karnaukhovka, in the Ukrainian SSR. In 1975 he graduated with honors from MMI im. IMSechenov. & Nbsp;

After graduating from graduate school, he defended his thesis and worked for seven years as an assistant in the hematology department of the Central Institute for Advanced Physician Education.

Since 1988, Savchenko headed the Department of Chemotherapy of Hematologic Malignancies and Bone Marrow Transplant at the Hematological Research Center, and since 1992 he was the Chairman of the Research Group of Hematological Centers in Russia.

In 1993, he defended his doctoral thesis on the topic “ Modern therapeutic strategy for acute leukemia. '' In 1996 he received the academic title of professor.

Since 2006, Savchenko has headed the Bone Marrow Transplantation and Molecular Hematology Research Institute of the Hematology Research Center, and in 2011 he was appointed Director of the Center hematology research.

For many years, Savchenko led research in the field of molecular genetics, biology, physiology of hematopoiesis, cytogenetics and immunology of transplantation. Under his leadership, diagnostic algorithms and protocols for the treatment of diseases of the blood system were developed, clinical guidelines and standards for the provision of medical care related to hematology were prepared. & Nbsp;

Valery Grigorievich was also engaged in teaching activities and participated in consultations in difficult clinical situations. He was editor-in-chief of the journal Hematology and Transfusiology, and was also a member of the editorial board of the journals Therapeutic Archive, Hematology. Transfusiology. Eastern Europe. & # 39;

During his lifetime he published 390 works and received four certificates of invention copyright. 22 doctoral theses and 4 doctoral theses were written under his supervision.

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