When will 11th graders write their final essay in 2021?

The final grade 11 essay will take place on December 1. This was reported by the press service of Rosobrnadzor. Additional dates & mdash; February 2 and May 4, 2022.

The final 11th dissertation gives access to participation in USE.

What topics can you write an essay on?

At the end of August, the Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov announced five topics for the final essay:

& mdash; “ A person who travels: the road in a person's life '';

& mdash; & laquo; Civilization and technology & mdash; hello, challenge or tragedy? & raquo ;;

& mdash; 'Crime and Punishment' eternal theme & raquo ;;

& mdash; & laquo; Book (music, performance, film) & mdash; about me & raquo ;;

& mdash; “ Who lives well in Russia? & mdash; a citizen question. & # 39; & # 39; notes and other means of storing and transmitting information.

In 2020, the writing of the final essay began at 10:00 a.m. local time and lasted 3 hours 55 minutes. The recommended amount of work was at least 350 words. & Nbsp;

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Alexander Mazhuga: popular science will help universities find business partners

Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Chemistry Alexander Mazhuga expressed the opinion that in order to popularize science it is necessary to create special units in scientific organizations and universities, which will say in a simple and lively form on the achievements and work of scientists. From his point of view, this will also make it easier for higher education institutions to find companies for cooperation.

“ Special structural units should appear in Russian research organizations and leading universities, the main task of which will be to popularize the scientific results obtained, & ndash; of course Mazhuga. & ndash; Promotional information about accomplishments should reach the broadest layers of the population, not just specialists. ''

Such activities are needed in countries that do not have an extensive system of public funding for research, which is why scientists must independently solve the problem of fundraising. At the same time, Mazhuga believes that such an experiment will also be useful for Russian scientists. In particular, popularization will make it possible to interest company representatives in new developments and build a business partnership. In addition, information programs will help educate society on the importance and prestige of scientific activity.

The scientist's initiative was supported by Mikhail Ponomarev, a youth expert. He cited the spectacular and exciting documentaries from National Geographic Channel or Discovery Channel HD as examples. “ Foreign experience in popularizing scientific and technical activities provides a good example to follow, so we should follow the already beaten path '', & ndash; underlined the speaker.

In turn, the specialist of Optic-Vision LLC; Mikhail Misharin, on the other hand, insists that scientists engage directly in science and not waste time talking about their work. And the popularization of scientific achievements, in his opinion, should be dealt with by the media, delving into the problems and describing the new developments in a way accessible to all.

Earlier, Mazhuga said that the developments of Russian scientists have always been in demand in the field of defense and thanks to them the RF Armed Forces receive unique means of protection.

The professor also spoke about Russian development, which will affect world science, & ndash; a synthesized airgel capable of producing light.

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“AiF” launched the “Listen to history” and “What & # 39; s what” podcasts

Now AiF materials you can not only read but also listen. The publication launched the 'Hear the Story' audio podcasts. & nbsp;

In the 'Hear the Story' podcast collected the best texts from the journalists of “ AiF & # 39; & # 39; about big names and battles, little known facts and stories. Was Peter III really killed? How was literacy forced in the USSR? Who made the execution of the Decembrists a tragicomedy? Each episode lasts approximately 10 minutes. New issues will be published three times a week.

“What is this? »- daily short episodes. In this podcast, with the help of experts from a wide variety of fields, AIF answers questions that haunt many. Can Mantoux get wet? Why is the football field scratched? Why did they make a window between the bathroom and the kitchen in Khrushchev? & Nbsp;

You can listen to podcasts on the AiF.ru site using the built-in player. And you can find them on all major podcast platforms: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Yandex.Music, Castbox, Soundstream, Overcast, SberSvuk.

Download the selected app and type the name of the podcast in the search bar. & Nbsp;

Last year, the AiF project appeared on podcast platforms. – audio version of the children's book of the war. The book, which consists of 35 authentic children's diaries, was voiced by 35 famous people: artists, public figures, athletes, TV presenters, heroes of Russia and the USSR.

Podcasts & mdash; they are regular audio programs that you can download or listen to online. The very term podcast coined in 2004, crossing the words iPod and broadcast & mdash; broadcasting. The main difference between podcast and radio & mdash; the ability to choose a genre, topic, and listen to episodes anytime. & nbsp;

For Russia, podcasts & ndash; a relatively new journalistic format. According to VTsIOM, in 2020, only 19% of Russians listened to podcasts and 66% of respondents did not even know such an audio format. Nevertheless, the podcast market in our country continues to grow, and media researchers forecast an increase of almost six times the average monthly audience of Russian podcasts by 2024.

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Now it's up to tourists. Salt Lake shores should be cleaner

So that nature does not suffer from humans

Salt lake in the Berdyuzhsky district of the Tyumen region & mdash; Known location. Its water and mud in their healing properties are comparable to the world famous Dead Sea, which has been confirmed by research. Since 2011 it is a natural monument of regional importance.

Many people want to improve their health and this summer, during the peak of the tourist pilgrimage, up to 400 cars a day have come here. This was reported by first deputy head of Berdyuzhsky district Andrey Nikitin during a press conference at the Arguments and Facts press center. August 30. Considering the fact that the cars are full, that makes less than 2,000 people. & Nbsp;

According to Head of the Ecology Department of the Department of Subsoil Use and Ecology of the Tyumen Region Olga Petrova , throughout the summer season (from April to November) a security guard is on duty at the lake, keeping order and, where possible, arresting those who are not. & nbsp;

“ We are trying to keep this object under control like all 100 other natural monuments of regional importance, & mdash; she explained. & mdash; But nonetheless, even with concrete trash cans that are hard to steal or break and which are cleaned daily, there are people who ignore them. & # 39; & # 39;

At the press conference, the results of the environmental campaign “I make my homeland cleaner” were summarized. Tyumen. Salt lake. It was jointly organized by Rosneft and AiF. By the efforts of employees of the enterprises of the country's largest oil company in the Tyumen region & mdash; RN-Uvatneftegaz, Tyumenneftegaz and “Tyumen Oil Research Center” & mdash; garbage cans, dry closets and information boards appeared in the territory near the lake, telling about the healing properties of water and mud. In addition to the bins already installed here by the municipal administration and the equipped parking lot, this is an important part of the infrastructure. It will help to make the rest civilized so that nature does not suffer from man.

The conditions have been created

“The action took place on Friday, August 27, & mdash; said the head of the AiF press center. Tyumen & ldquo; Kira Sannikova … & mdash; Despite it being a working day, there were a lot of vacationers. Among them were residents of Armizonsky, Sladkovsky, Golyshmanovsky and other districts of the Tyumen region, as well as Omsk, Yekaterinbug. Many weren't quite sure how unique Salt Lake is, and after putting up some information boards, they studied with interest what is written there. But there were also local residents, one of them is 90 years old. He said the healing mud and clay in this lake helped him at one point with the pain in his legs and now, at such a respectable age, he's active and vigorous. ' # 39; & # 39;

Photo: Ivan Gorbunov

For Rosneft careful attitude to water resources & mdash; one of the important areas of production business. Over the past 7 years, the share of recycled and reused water in production has remained above 90%. At the end of 2020, this indicator rose to 94%. & Nbsp;

The subsidiaries of the company participate in environmental campaigns every year aimed at preserving lakes, springs and rivers. So, in the spring of this year, employees of Rosneft enterprises In Tyumen, a cleaning day was organized to clean up garbage on the shore of Lake Pesyanoye, and employees of enterprises of the Volga Federal District on Volga Day participated in an environmental campaign to clean the coastal areas of the river, the workers of the Saratov refinery during the campaign “ Clean Water '' checked the quality of the spring water.

For 'Arguments and Facts' an ecological campaign to protect a unique reservoir is not new either. As noted by the adviser to the director general of the AiF for work with the authorities, project leader “ Ecology of Russia '' Nikolay Terechchenko , the publishing house has implemented initiatives related to Lake Baikal, Lake Teletskoye in Altai and other water bodies. & Nbsp;

“ If we are not talking about such large and well-known lakes, but small lakes, that there are many in the country, then there is often quite a small one: installing toilets, bins and garbage cans, equip a car park. And immediately, the territory becomes cleaner & # 39; & # 39 ;, & mdash; he said.

Photo: Ivan Gorbunov

Natalya Belyaeva, vice-president of the ecological committee of Delovaya Rossiya, expert of the working group on ecology and nature management of the Expert Council of the Russian government , noted that the organization of container sites in recreation areas & mdash; sensible point. “ As a rule of thumb, they need to be emptied at least once a day, or even twice in the summer. But first you have to buy them and deliver them & # 39 ;, & mdash; she added. & nbsp;

On the other hand, the coronavirus pandemic, she said, has increased the demand to spend time in nature, and it has been heard by authorities in many areas. “ Now the beautification of parks, forest parks, ecological trails and coastal recreation areas has reached the first level by creating favorable habitat, & # 39; mdash; said Natalia Belyaeva. & mdash; The more recreation sites are ennobled with the accompanying processes of organizing container sites and barbecue areas, the less garbage dumped on the ground and disposable barbecues dumped in coal piles appear in these places. & Nbsp;

Photo: Ivan Gorbunov

Those who gathered on the shores of Salt Lake on August 27 confirmed the words of our experts. Those who rested that day said with satisfaction that before there were not enough dry closets here, and expressed confidence that the container sites would help keep the territory clean. The ballot boxes were clearly not enough. In addition, large garbage & mdash; five-liter water bottles, the same disposable barbecues & mdash; it is more convenient to throw it in a container.

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The opinion of connoisseurs. Putin recommended to trust the information of “Knowledge”

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged schoolchildren to avoid low-quality information and trust professional sources such as the Knowledge Society.

“ You know that some time ago we revived the Soviet, then Russian society, the 'knowledge', the purpose of which is' to help people in general and young people including to find themselves too . Find that interesting direction that captures a person and that they would love to connect with for the rest of their life ',' ' Putin said on September 1 during a conversation with schoolchildren, which took place as part of the knowledge society educational marathon.

The President stressed that the work of the knowledge society simply because it appeals to the advice of real professionals in every narrow area of ​​knowledge.

“ Them, of course, you can trust, on their information, you can build your own ideas on this or that phenomenon, on its future development and look from the outside at how interesting it is for you, personally. , be that what you are willing to dedicate later all my life ',' ' Putin believes.

The president also complained that there is a lot of shoddy information in the modern world.

“ Of course in the modern world there are a lot of so-called information resources. Internet, Runet & mdash; There is so much ! You will climb there, there you will seem to discover everything: from stars in the center of the Earth, from nails to diamonds, everything. But there is a problem. And the problem lies in the quality of this information ',' 'mdash; he said.

According to the head of state, there is “ a lot of news nonsense, which is very often presented as the ultimate truth, but you can't believe it, because this opinion is not real, from real experts, but often from people who claim to be. '

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Separate collection and disposal of material. The regions at the top of the eco-rating have been identified

National award in the field of environmental technologies “ ECOTECH-LEADER 2021 & # 39; & # 39; in collaboration with the company Medialogia and the publishing house “ Arguments and Facts & # 39; & # 39; prepared the second environmental rating of Russian regions this year.

This time the results have been summarized for the period April to June 2021. Reference to regions related to the environmental agenda was taken as a basis.

The places in the ranking of regions, according to the Media Index, were distributed as follows. In the first place & mdash; Moscow region, the second & mdash; St. Petersburg, the third & mdash; Krasnoyarsk region. Moscow and the Chelyabinsk region are also in the top five.

Seats from 6 to 20 were occupied by: Samara region, Republic of Tatarstan, Irkutsk region, Leningrad region, Krasnodar region, Sverdlovsk region, Republic of Bashkortostan, Region of Novosibirsk, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Vologda Region, Primorsky Territory, Kemerovo Region, Sakhalin Region, Nizhny Novgorod Region and Volgograd Region.

“ The results of the second media assessment this year showed that in these specific regions of the country, not only is the subject of ecology discussed in society, but people and businesses are already striving to solve environmental problems. This is, for example, the separate collection of waste, the handing over of unnecessary equipment for recycling, the installation of modern electrostatic precipitators for the purification of exhaust gases from thermal power plants , and much more & # 39; & # 39 ;, & mdash; commented on the results President of the Organizing Committee of the 2021 ECOTECH-LEADER Prize Vitaly Rasnitsyne .

Selective waste collection and increase in the number of green spaces in the regions

An environmental campaign was organized in the Moscow region “ Hand over old household appliances! ''. Residents can hand in faulty equipment and win prizes, for this they have to take a photo at the drop-in point and post a photo on Instagram with the hashtag # past the former technician Megabak.

Residents of the Moscow region have already handed over for recycling more than 350 tons of electronics under the ecological program “ School of Recycling: Electronics. & # 39; & # 39; St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region signed a roadmap for the creation of a common waste management system. St. Petersburg purifies 99% of wastewater, the regional governor said at the opening of the IX Nevsky Ecological Congress.

Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg adopted amendments to the Law on Green Spaces, according to which the total area of ​​green spaces is increased by more than 90 hectares, and by new green areas with a total area of ​​approximately 13 hectares have been put under protection.

Emissions of air pollutants in Krasnoyarsk have decreased by 7% over the past four years. Krasnoyarsk Territory, Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, Rosprirodnadzor and Siberian Generating Company, Rusal Krasnoyarsk, HC Siberian Cement signed agreements on the modernization of production facilities in the amount of almost 45 billion rubles. until 2024.

The concept of creating an integrated environmental monitoring system in Russia was discussed at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum. A pilot project financed by private investors is expected to be launched in Norilsk.

SUEK intends to invest more than 50 billion rubles in the modernization of the thermal energy industry in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Among the biggest projects & mdash; installation of modern electrostatic precipitators for the purification of gases leaving cogeneration plants, replacement of inefficient boiler rooms without a gas cleaning system, etc.

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What kinds of new education programs have started to be applied in schools since September 1?

From September 1, 2021, the educational program becomes part of the educational program. Previously, the Ministry of Education of Russia had prepared sample programs for educational work. Last year they were tested at 17,000 educational institutions. & Nbsp;

What is the essence of educational programs?

Each educational organization independently develops and approves an educational program. The example educational program was approved on June 2, 2020 and published in the register of examples of basic general education programs on the portal fgosreestr.ru. & Nbsp;

The program should contain a specific description of educational work with children. Among the areas of educational work are considered: & nbsp;

& mdash; patriotic education
& mdash; project activities (including education and research)
& mdash; volunteering
& mdash; culture, creativity, leisure
& mdash; sport and healthy lifestyle
& mdash; strengthen family values ​​
& mdash; prevention of negative phenomena in schools, etc.

Why set up educational programs? & Nbsp;

Educational programs aim to solve the problems of the harmonious integration of schoolchildren into the social world and to establish responsible relationships with those around them. By using them, teachers can realize the educational potential of their joint activities with children and thus make their school an educational organization. & Nbsp;

What activities will be carried out within the framework of the educational programs? & Nbsp;

Educational programs will include social school projects, chat rooms, sporting events, theater tours, museums, excursions and other activities.

At school level can be organized : & nbsp;

& mdash; various outdoor events, including a collective creative business complex
& mdash; school holidays, creative competitions (theatrical, musical, literary, etc.) linked to important dates for children and teachers
& mdash; solemn initiation rituals associated with the transition of students to the next level of education
& mdash; sketches & mdash; theatrical performances of teachers, parents and schoolchildren with elements of humor, parodies, improvisations & nbsp;
& mdash; awards ceremony (at the end of the year) of schoolchildren and teachers for their active participation in school life, competitions, Olympics, etc.

Links : & nbsp;


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Matvienko called increasing teachers' salaries a top priority

The President of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko announced the need to increase the salaries of school teachers.

According to her, this is a priority task. It is necessary to introduce a new procedure for the formation of teachers' salaries, which “ will ensure its significant increase in all regions. ''

The speaker noted that schools should be the focus of attention of federal, regional and municipal authorities.

In addition, Matvienko called for the preservation and strengthening of the benefits of the national school.

“ I mean the unity of education and education, priority attention to social sciences, humanitarian disciplines, fundamental nature of natural science knowledge & # 39; & # 39 ;, & ndash; she wrote in a blog on the & nbsp; Federation Council.

The President of the Federation Council stressed that the teacher remains the main figure of the school, and that the process of digitizing education should take this into account .

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Digital Science, Maksut Shadayev, said that in 2023 it is planned to give every teacher an electronic tablet. Wi-Fi will be available in all schools and classrooms by the end of 2024.

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Russian military base in Abkhazia will receive new weapons – Izvestia

The arsenal of the 7th Russian military base located in the Abkhaz town of Gudauta will be renewed, writes the newspaper Izvestia; citing RF Defense Ministry sources.

In particular, the Russian military will receive an upgraded BMP-3 with additional protection and drones. Base Motorized Rifle units will receive the latest Ak-12 assault rifles.

It is clarified that the updated equipment and weapons will start arriving at the military base in Abkhazia as early as 2022.

It should be noted that the tracked BMPs are 3 in number equipped with an automatic cannon, a machine gun, as well as a 100mm low ballistic weapon, which serves among other things as an anti-tank guided missile launcher

< p> The AK-12 assault rifle belongs to the fifth generation of the Kalashnikov assault rifles. It was created to replace the previous mass model AK-74, which has been in service for over 40 years.

Earlier, the country's Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the combat capacity of the Russian armed forces has doubled thanks to regular inspections, Army International games and the supply of new weapons.

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The intensity of the pain. Paralympic stories no one can break

Weekly “Arguments and facts” № 35. What is the future of Siberia? 09/01/2021

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They have been waiting for these Paralympics for 9 years, since 2012. At Rio 2016, they simply slammed the door in front of the Russian national team, hanging doping charges on everyone at once without trial or investigation. Then the Tokyo Games were postponed for a year by the pandemic. And now, without spectators, without a flag, without an anthem, the Paralympians are writing a new page of the book, in which there is a lot of pain, a lot of overtaking and a lot of happiness. whatever metal their medals are made of. Most importantly, people are made of materials that no one or nothing can break.

Mikhail Astashov, who knows how to smile from the bottom of his heart & nbsp;

Cyclist & shy 32 years old Mikhail Astashov , who won gold in Tokyo in the 3,000m distance pursuit, first made headlines a year and a half ago. But not because he set a record, but because he was working as a courier.

A yellow raincoat, a yellow box behind the back, pants with bands just below the knees and two curved metal “legs” – prostheses that Astashov easily walked around the fast food hall, & ndash; A video of an unusual food delivery service courier went viral at one point. “ What, we have people with no arms and legs who can work as couriers ?! & # 39; & # 39; & ndash; people gasped in front of the screens. “ And what, the country's national team contenders deliver pizza ?! & # 39; & # 39; & ndash; gasped social networks again. You don't even know what to be surprised about here!

Mikhail Astashov himself, at the time already a titled athlete, explained: “ I found a job there mainly for self-esteem, for a new experience. It was all not for the hype and making money & ndash; I just wanted to try myself in a new area. I don't understand why it all made so much noise. “& Nbsp;

He worked a lot as a courier. But everyone already knew the guy who was born without four limbs, carried food and dreamed of going to the & shy; Tokyo Paralympic Games.

In terms of physical training, Astashov, who broke records in different disciplines, then everything was fine. The only problem with the trip to Japan was the money. Soon this was resolved: MP and biathlete Anton Shipulin , having learned of financial difficulties, reunited Mikhail with a businessman from the Urals who helped him. We all saw the result: first place and a new world record. But the most interesting thing remained behind the scenes. It's a story about how a boy with no arms and legs from an orphanage was about to smile so confidently into the lenses of & shy; planets in summer 2021.

Protect yourself and endure & ndash; as a major life skill. He stuffed his cotton boots, inserted stumps, and learned to walk. I mastered the sport discipline according to a self-study manual. I was running a bike station in the Yekaterinburg hostel room until I got sweaty. He convinced that the 'orphanage' this is good, & # 39; because the parent village would certainly not have such opportunities. & nbsp;

The parents, then stunned and depressed with grief, left Misha: in the hospital they were told what they still often say to the same unhappy mothers and fathers: giving birth to another, it won't make sense. And 18 years later, when social service came to the Astachovs with the information that their son was alive, they brought their boy home. & Nbsp;

“ The more I knew my parents, the more joyful it became in my soul. At first I lived with them in the village. I have two siblings, lots of cousins. In short, a big family. The main thing & ndash; real: everyone helps each other, support & # 39 ;, & ndash; he shared.

During these 18 years Mikhail played table tennis, then began to swim, then & ndash; athletics (with the efforts of the trainer they made running prosthetics), pair triathlon, cycling. But in his life wasn't just sports. Astashov graduated from a vocational high school, became an IT operator, entered the East Siberian State Institute of Culture.

Looks like I had to endure so much. And he smiles at the whole country on a podium. Not a forced smile. And like that, from the bottom of my heart. He says he enjoys every day. What he wants from others: “ I want to show people that all limits are only in their heads. I have a lot of friends who stay home and complain about life. I want them to understand that it's all up to us. ''

Circumstances of surmountable force & nbsp;

Dreams, projects, goals. And suddenly you fall out of the race. It's not the rivals that stop him, but the circumstances. But they are by no means as irresistible as they seem. & Nbsp;

Dima Maruschak , a weightlifter, paralyzed after a stroke, used to prepare for the Russian championship, and now he is literally learning to live again & ndash; he is assisted by the AiF Foundation. Good heart. & # 39; & # 39; 13 years old Bella Maslova of Yoshkar-Ola is also our parish. At the start of the year, she, owner of the 3rd adult category in running, was diagnosed with a heart defect. We need an operation and an occluder, for which we are now raising funds. Bella dreams of a & shy sports career; eroy. After the operation she will be fine. There are some amazing examples! Not so long ago, Yesenia Lopatina could not roll over onto your side without help, change into a wheelchair & ndash; the consequences of an accident. The rehab you helped pay for, the increase in training, and here is the & hellip; first place in the championship of the Arkhangelsk region. powerlifting, fourth & ndash; in all-Russian competitions and under the CCM title!

It's always easier to believe in yourself when people believe in you. Help us recruit & shy; a winning team!

The one who fights in the dark & ​​nbsp;

Victoria Potapova, triple bronze medalist of the Paralympic Games. Photo: RIA Novosti/Vladimir Song.

Judoka Victoria Potapova won the bronze medal at the Paralympic Games at the age of 47. She won because she had to fight her whole life. And not at all with rivals on the mat.

She lost her sight as a child due to retinoblastoma (a rare malignant tumor) and the lack of advanced technology among doctors at the time. But even blinded, Vika did somersaults from the logs, took out her drowning sister in the water, ran to rooftops, performed well in skiing and swimming. She, the & shy; blind, had to run away from the harassment (maybe that's when serious thinking about judo first appeared). Once she was accidentally pushed onto the subway tracks (she didn't die just because she was bundled up). So strong by nature, Vika became stronger and ndash; now trials. True, the main one was ahead.

In 2013, her long-awaited daughter was born. The girl was also diagnosed with retinoblastoma. Vika knew what to expect from Stephanie, and was desperate for an opportunity to operate on her daughter in the West, where the organ of vision preservation technology for this diagnosis had already been tested. Vika managed to save Steshin's eyes … & nbsp;

Bronze medalist Tokyo coach Potapova Islam Ibragimov call it a victory. “ She dedicated it to her daughter, family and friends. Vika deserved it, and I'm happy that everything went well for her, & ndash; he says. & ndash; Girl & ndash; her huge motivator, she loves it, this is the meaning of her life. And the most she can regret is & ndash; that my daughter is growing rapidly. Vika is afraid of missing out on the time she might spend with her. & # 39; & # 39;

At the end of the Kuzyukov needle

Alexander Kuzyukov with his family. Photo: Photo from social networks.

Saber, rapier, sword & ndash; Sasha Kuzyukov's wife even brought them to work to show their colleagues how they are different. And in August 2021, the way Kuzyukov, 34, brought gold to Russia in fencing was followed by the Omsk ensemble.

For that gold he had to wait a long time and train so hard that sometimes he didn't even have time to text his wife back. But the road to victory for Paralympic athlete Kuzyukov has been especially long because when you're in a wheelchair at the age of 18 (you build a house, you fall, you break your spine) & ndash; nothing good for success. And everything revolves around & shy; you.

Kuzyukov came to the fencing section, the only type of martial arts available for people with disabilities (he really didn't want to throw his beloved in the clinch), Kuzyukov arrived 2 years after the injury.

Fencing is called quick chess: the outcome of the fight depends on the accuracy of the thrust. But for Paralympians, in general, everything is focused on the tip of the needle, like in Koshchei: the wheelchair is fixed to the ground, the free hand must hold the arm of the chair, one cannot stand upright. In fact, a one-handed fight & ndash; and the power of thought. And moving mountains, when they are literally linked by legs and arms, is only possible with a very correct idea. “ I still only believe in kindness', '' Sacha said. For example, when at the Paralympic Games in Rio his license went to a Ukrainian athlete and he wrote Sasha in a personal message: so and so, brother, forgive me, Sasha was wrong : ” With God ! “& # 39; He also monitors the availability of the environment in his hometown, comes with kindness lessons. to schools. Its real strength is & ndash; not in the hand or a precise injection.

And in the correct calculation. Rate & ndash; for the sake of the people.

“I am the happiest person on Earth”, & ndash; finally, he typed his wife's text message when he stepped off the podium. & nbsp;

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