Military medics performed the first child liver transplant

Military doctors in St. Petersburg performed a one-time operation to transplant a liver to a child. This operation was performed for the first time for a small patient with fulminating liver failure in the northern capital, reports the press service of the RF Ministry of Defense.

In the background of severe liver dysfunction, the girl developed acute renal failure, then vascular and respiratory failure joined. Doctors diagnosed him with a coma and multiple organ failure.

A team of transplantologists from the hospital surgery clinic of the V.I. CM. Kirov, under the direction of chief surgeon Bogdan Kotiv, began within two hours of the child's hospitalization.

The operation lasted six hours and was successful . Now the girl is in a clear conscience, her kidney function is recovering, there is no sign of transplant rejection.

This summer, the surgeons of the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital. Pirogov was removed from a 14-year-old adolescent tumor with a diameter of 8 cm, which caused deformity of the child's mandible. & Nbsp;


Why can 4 km between Russia and the United States be covered in one day?

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In fact, Russia is a stone's throw from America, the country is only a few miles away. But there is a complication. traveler Dmitry Shparo talks about her, whose ski crossing through the Bering Strait was listed in the & nbsp; Guinness Book of Records.

“ The width of the Bering Strait separating the United States and & nbsp; Russia, & nbsp; & ndash; 86 km. But in the strait, close to each other, there are two small islands, one of which belongs to the Russian Federation (O. Ratmanova), and the other & nbsp; & ndash; United States (approx. & Nbsp; Krusenstern). These islands (also called Diomedes Islands) reduce the distance between the Russian Federation and the & nbsp; United States of & nbsp; 20 & nbsp; times & nbsp; & ndash; to & nbsp; 3.8 & nbsp; km. When the strait is covered with solid and uniform ice, this distance can be covered in an hour, and & nbsp; same & nbsp; less. However, based on the calendar time, it will take a whole day to travel these kilometers.

The important point is & nbsp; the fact that the Russian-American border crossing between the islands is also & nbsp; time zone and & nbsp; date line. According to & shy; this on & nbsp; different islands times: 21 & nbsp; jet lag in winter and & nbsp; 20 & nbsp; hours in summer. Crossing the date line of & nbsp; is at & nbsp; west add the calendar number by & nbsp; 1 & nbsp; day, and when we move around & nbsp; in the opposite direction, it decreases, on the contrary. When Monday is already on & nbsp; Russian island, for & nbsp; for example, then & nbsp; on & nbsp; American land & nbsp; & ndash; only Sunday morning. In & nbsp; Russia & nbsp; & ndash; today, in & nbsp; Alaska & nbsp; & ndash; yesterday. Due to this characteristic, the islands have informal names & ndash; Yesterday and & nbsp; Tomorrow. If there is no fog on the & nbsp; sea ​​and & nbsp; o. & Nbsp; Ratmanov is clearly visible from & nbsp; o. Kruzenshtern, its inhabitants can watch not only in & nbsp; Russia, but also & nbsp; tomorrow. If desired, any resident of the island of & nbsp; Ratmanova can celebrate her birthday at home, and & nbsp; the next day sail to & nbsp; island & nbsp; Kruzen & shy; stern and & nbsp; celebrate this date again & raquo ;.


How did the earbuds become a symbol of Russia?

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On the reddit portal you can find a map of European capitals. It is clear where Russia & nbsp; & ndash; there ushanka.

And & nbsp; because this headdress of & nbsp; sometimes they want to 'fly' we & nbsp; & ndash; they say, he is not of Russian origin, but & nbsp; borrowed. There is an opinion that this form of hat dates back to the time of the Mongol conquest. Batu's warriors actually wore something similar. About & nbsp; it seems to be said and & nbsp; one of the & nbsp; variants of its Russian name & nbsp; & ndash; malachai, that is to say & nbsp; e. distorted Mongolian word 'Malgai' & nbsp; & ndash; on your mind.

Click to enlarge Photo: AiF

However, judging by & nbsp; everything, the Russians invented their earbuds independently of the & nbsp; Mongols. These hats were called Malakhai by the Urals and Siberians. In & nbsp; Central Russia and & nbsp; in its periphery it bore the name of three hands, auricles, auricles, buzzards, and & nbsp; even a slap in the face & nbsp; & ndash; in the & nbsp; last case, the name was explained by long ears that braided the neck and & nbsp; did not allow the hat to fall by & nbsp; Strong wind. It was therefore called by the Pomors, the descendants of the Novgorodians, who did not really cross the & nbsp; Mongols.

But the ear cups have become a real symbol of the country already in & nbsp; XX & nbsp; century. In & nbsp; 1934 & nbsp; g. it was introduced in the & nbsp; marine, and & nbsp; in & nbsp; 1940 & nbsp; g. in & nbsp; the atria have already dressed everyone & nbsp; & ndash; and & nbsp; army, and & nbsp; police, and & nbsp; railway workers.


US guided missile destroyer entered the Black Sea

The American destroyer Porter armed with cruise missiles has entered the Black Sea, reports RIA Novosti.

According to the National Defense Control Center, Black Sea Fleet forces are monitoring the actions of a foreign warship.

That the destroyer is sent to the Black Sea, previously notified by representatives of the US Navy's 6th Fleet. It has been noted that the ship's crew will interact with Washington's allies and partners in the North Atlantic Alliance.

Earlier it became known that the newest patrol vessel of Project 22160 Sergey Kotov, built for the Black Sea Fleet, went to sea for the first time to pass sea trials in the factory. This ship is armed with a 57mm artillery mount and anti-aircraft missile system.


CC: Russia retained its sovereignty by adopting the Human Rights Convention

Russia did not transfer part of its sovereignty to anyone after the adoption of the European Convention on Human Rights. This was stated in an interview with TASS by the Deputy Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation (CC) Sergei Mavrin.

According to him, this means that Russia is a sovereign state and “ operates on the basis of public order. & # 39; & # 39;

In this regard, the Constitutional Court has the right to decide whether the decision of a foreign court will be enforced if it contradicts the foundations of public order and order public. the Russian Federation.

Mavrin also commented on the situation in Poland, where in early October & nbsp; the Constitutional Court has ruled that national laws take precedence over decisions of the European Union. As wrote, Brussels considered it to be a direct rebellion and an attack on the integrity of the EU . EU officials reminded Warsaw that the priority of EU laws over national laws is the basis of the Union.

Mavrin thinks the situation in Poland is different. By joining the EU, this country could share in favor of the union a certain part of its sovereignty.


“Progress MS-18” with food for the New Year's table docked at the ISS

Progress cargo ship MS-18 docked at the Zvezda module the Russian segment of the ISS, arises from the broadcast on the official website of Roscosmos.

The spacecraft has docked to the station in automatic mode.

“ Progress MS-18 & # 39; & # 39; ; delivered food rations to astronauts, including for the New Year's table, as well as 470 kg of refueling fuel, 420 liters of potable water, 40 kg of bottled air and oxygen, as well as 1509 kg of equipment and materials.

In addition, kits of clothing, medical control and sanitary and hygienic supplies were delivered to the station.

Progress MS-18 is known to be; will remain in the station until the end of spring 2022. The sinking of the spacecraft is scheduled for May 31, 2022.

Earlier it was also reported that on November 24, the module Russian Prichal would be launched towards the ISS from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.


US Navy to send command ship Mount Whitney to Black Sea

The US Sixth Fleet sends its flagship command ship Mount Whitney to the Black Sea for joint operations with NATO forces.

This is stated in a message posted on the official website of the Naval Command.

Officers from the U.S. 6th Fleet Headquarters and the NATO Assault and Support Forces Command will be on board.

According to the agency, the crew from Mount Whitney will operate in the Mediterranean and Black Sea with allies and alliance partners in order to “ ensure security and stability in the region. & # 39; & # 39;

At the same time, the message does not specify with what forces the flagship will connect and what operations it will conduct.

Prior to that, the US Navy also sent an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer to the Black Sea. USS Porter.

Earlier it was reported that the US warship Chafee attempted to breach the sea border of the Russian Federation in the Sea of ​​Japan.


In the United States carried out the second tests of the engine of a hypersonic missile

The United States has carried out the second engine tests of the first stage of a hypersonic missile, reports RIA Novosti.

Testing of the solid rocket motor took place at the Headland test site in Utah. Representatives of the US Navy report their success.

Previous engine tests are known to have taken place at the same test site in May and August of this year.

The tests are being carried out in order to create a hypersonic missile for the US land and naval forces.

Earlier it was reported that the US had delayed testing of the aircraft. 39; hypersonic weapons a few days before the June summit of White House chief Joe Biden and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, so as not to create tensions in relations with Moscow.


US guided missile destroyer heads for the Black Sea

An American guided-missile destroyer is sent to the Black Sea, reports RIA Novosti. This is reported by representatives of the US Navy's Sixth Fleet.

According to the agency, the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Porter has started sailing towards the Black Sea.

In this region, the ship's crew intends to interact with Washington's allies and partners within the North Atlantic Alliance.

Note that the U.S. 6th Fleet is conducting a full range of naval operations, including with allies from other government departments.

Earlier it was reported that the US warship Chafee attempted to breach the Russian maritime border in the Sea of ​​Japan. The Department of Defense called the actions of the US Navy ship's crew a blatant violation of international rules.


Why are there fewer and fewer scientists in Russia?

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According to the Institute for Statistical Research and the Knowledge Economy of the Graduate School of Economics, the number of scientists in Russia over the past 10 years has decreased by & nbsp; 28.2 & nbsp; thousand. people.

The exit of staff from the & nbsp; science is not compensated by the arrival of new employees. Thus, in & nbsp; 2020 & nbsp; city ​​& nbsp; in & nbsp; research organizations were accepted 85.5 & nbsp; thousand. people, in & nbsp; then & nbsp; while for & nbsp; that & nbsp; the same period of the sector of & nbsp; dropped out 91.1 & nbsp; thousand. anybody.

Robert Nigmatulin , scientific director of the Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences :

& mdash; This trend is causing serious concern in the scientific community. I can judge by & nbsp; my students & nbsp; & mdash; very many dispersed towards & nbsp; different countries. Especially a lot of them are relatively young & nbsp; & mdash; to & nbsp; less than & nbsp; 40 & nbsp; years.

At the same time, we cannot say that young people do not go to science. Go & nbsp; & mdash; the number of graduate students in & nbsp; in recent years, if & nbsp; decreased, so & nbsp; is insignificant. Corn! Very often come to graduate all and nbsp; end. And & nbsp; promising theses are not written. The youth of & nbsp; graduate studies are not engaged in the & nbsp; science, but the arrangement of their life, and & nbsp; the blame hard & mdash; try to live on & nbsp; 6 & ndash; 7 & nbsp; thousand. RUB & nbsp; in & nbsp; month ! Yes, the grant system has developed recently. But & nbsp; they should be a bonus, an appendix, and & nbsp; not & nbsp; the main source of income. And & nbsp; the average scholarship for a graduate student should be 30 & nbsp; thousand. to rub. It is only then that one can hope for & nbsp; that the graduate student will be immersed in scientific work.

AiF/A figure. Dorofeev

Unfortunately, today officials have effectively excluded scientists from participating in the administration of science. They are obsessed with the idea that only them & nbsp; by & nbsp; force to bring a real order in & nbsp; this domain. Say, here's a little more & nbsp; & mdash; and & nbsp; everything will work … No, it will not work & nbsp; Science cannot be developed by administrative measures alone. Science thrives where there is a scientific atmosphere, and & nbsp; create it and the & nbsp; maintain it & nbsp; can only be a scientist. And & nbsp; in & nbsp; the director of a university or scientific institute must be a scientist of the corresponding profile. And & nbsp; now on & nbsp; this post is often put a manager. Unfortunately & nbsp; management reality and & nbsp; the leadership role of the bureaucracy are observed in & nbsp; all over the world, and & nbsp; this has already led & nbsp; to a decrease in the level of decision-making. & nbsp;

The country's top leaders should pay attention to & nbsp; this problem, understand the scale of the disaster, and & nbsp; then turn to & nbsp; us scientists. We are not enemies of our Homeland, we can really count on ourselves. It is necessary to have more confidence in scientists, to involve them in solving the most important state, socio-economic and technological problems. To & nbsp; ultimately, to & nbsp; critical moments, only them and & nbsp; can help. Watch how quickly our scientists, including members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, created a vaccine! Managers must therefore be assistants to scientists, and & nbsp; not the & nbsp; the bosses.

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