The hydrologist spoke about the consequences of extracting freshwater under the Azov Sea

Extracting freshwater from deposits under the Azov Sea can become impractical, says Victor Danilov-Danilyan, scientific director of the Institute water problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He told, commenting on the extraction of a test batch of freshwater for the needs of the Crimea.

The scientist noted that while the water can be clean and drinkable, but over time it will acquire a salty taste.

“ If you take fresh water from the soil, it has to be replenished somehow, & nbsp; – explained the hydrologist. – The freshwater field under the seabed will be replenished with seawater. & # 39; & # 39; > Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin told reporters that the first batch of fresh water was taken from sources under the Azov Sea. It was reported that the water was found at a depth of 100 meters. The Deputy Prime Minister said that the issue of fresh water supply to Crimea has been fundamentally resolved. According to him, exploration has shown the presence of significant reserves of fresh water under the bottom of the Azov Sea.


The prosecutor's office has opened a case against comedian Mirzalizade for his jokes

The prosecution has opened an administrative case against stand-up comedian Idrak Mirzalizadeh because of his jokes.

The case was opened under art. 20.3.1 Administrative Code of the Russian Federation “Incitement to hatred or enmity, as well as humiliation of human dignity”. As a TASS source clarified, this is a speech in which the comedian insulted the Russians.

Mirzalizada faces a fine of up to 20,000 rubles or compulsory labor up to 100 hours, or administrative arrest up to 15 days

Recall, earlier the comedian reported that two strangers attacked him in central Moscow. Mirzalizade believes the attack was ordered. Perhaps the reason for this is his joke about the Russians, shown in a fragment of the Razgony program. The comedian explained that the joke was taken out of context and then they started accusing him of Russophobia.


What type of “Prichal” module is planned to be launched to the ISS?

The head of Roskosmos said that in November the nodal module “ Berth & # 39; & # 39; will go to the International Space Station. He wrote about it on Twitter and Telegram.

“ As a preliminary, on November 24, we plan to launch another module on the ISS & mdash; nodal (& bdquo; Berth & ldquo;). We have it between us & bdquo; ball & ldquo; we call. This will allow us to expand the berthing possibilities with the station of our ships, including the new & bdquo; lunar & ldquo; ship & bdquo; Eagle & ldquo; & raquo ;, & mdash; said in the post of Dmitry Rogozin .

Universal nodal module & # 39; Berth & # 39; & mdash; one of the planned modules of the Russian segment of the ISS, which is to dock with the Nauka Multipurpose Lab Module, docked at the station the day before. It was made by RSC Energia and the shape really looks like a ball, which has six mooring nodes to receive and place around it other modules and spaceships & mdash; Manned unions and the progress of freight. One of the mooring knots will be transformable.

Diameter of the spherical shell of the module “ Berth & # 39; & # 39; & mdash; 3.3 meters, sealed volume & mdash; 19 cubic meters. Its mass at launch will be 4,750 kilograms, and after joining the structure of the ISS – & mdash; 3890 kilograms.

Factory assembly and control tests of the nodal module “ Berth & # 39; & # 39; were produced in 2014, since it has been stored at RSC Energia in Korolev near Moscow.


What do we know about the new Russian super-heavy transport aircraft?

PAK-VTA will receive a completely sealed fuselage, which is a necessity for air transport and landing of large tonnage cargoes. Also, the new one will be able to land and take off not only from a hard runway, but also from an unpaved site, which extends the mobility of airborne troops.

A super heavyweight promising transport aircraft PAK-VTA is being created in Russia, which, by its characteristics, will overtake the largest aircraft in service with the Russian military transport aviation An-124 Ruslan. spoke about a number of characteristics of the aircraftFirst Deputy General Manager of the United Aircraft Corporation Sergey Yarkovoy . understood what is the peculiarity of the new transport.

The heaviest and heaviest domestic aircraft is the An-124 Ruslan. Since the mid-1980s, these carriers have transported large and heavy cargoes for civil and military purposes. This Soviet long-range heavy transport aircraft was developed by the Ukrainian OKB named after OK Antonov. Its serial production was carried out in Russia and Ukraine, more than a hundred companies in various Soviet republics participated in the production of components for it. In recent years, attempts have been made in Russia to establish Ruslan production at the new site, but the desired results have not been achieved. There is an opinion that it would be more expedient to start the development of a completely new transport aircraft.

Currently it is not stated who exactly is developing the PAK-VTA, only a few details of the project are known. The new transport aircraft is developed using modern technologies, solutions and components. When constructing the cell, it is proposed to use modern metals and alloys, as well as composite materials. The on-board equipment will meet current requirements. This will give advantages and better features compared to the An-124 Ruslan

Sergei Yarkovoy also added that the Defense Ministry is currently working on a promising look for a military version of the PAK-VTA heavy transport aircraft. Presumably, the new aircraft will receive a completely sealed fuselage, which is a necessity for airlifting and landing large tonnage cargoes. The luggage compartment of the An-124 is sealed, but maintaining normal pressure and temperature is only recommended in special cases. Often in flight, the inside of the cargo compartment is cold and the pressure is almost the same as outside. In addition, the PAK-VTA will be able to land and take off not only from a hard runway, but also from an unpaved area, which will increase the mobility of airborne troops. & Nbsp;

The military has proposed a number of mandatory requirements for the new transport. One of them & mdash; possibility of in-flight refueling from Il-78 tankers. Previously, this technology was not used for large military transport aircraft in our country. The load capacity of the PAK-VTA should be at least 80 tons, the flight range is 5,000 km. The length of its luggage compartment will be at least 27.5 M. Width and height & mdash; 5.8 and 4.4 m, respectively, which indicates the cross section of the ellipse-shaped fuselage in the future aircraft.

PAK-VTA will join the transport workers detachment, at the same time it will become a separate direction in the development of super-heavy aircraft. It has been recognized as promising in the development segment not only of military, but also civil aviation. Currently, representatives of the National Military Industrial Complex are working with the Russian Defense Ministry on the appearance of a new super-heavy transport aircraft.

The development of a project of a promising new complex of super-heavy transport aircraft was started in Russia in 2014. Prior to that, the design office of Myasishchev and Ilyushin was involved in the development of projects. One of the projects was the M-60 aircraft with an oval fuselage. & Nbsp;

Today there are several projects of new heavy aircraft, one of the most interesting of them is the project under the code “ The elephant '' # 39; & # 39; Central Institute of Aerohydrodynamics. The prototype under development differs from the An-124 in a higher carrying capacity and flight range. The proposed vehicle will be able to carry cargoes weighing up to 150-180 tons, at the same time the aircraft will be able to accommodate 400 soldiers and 14 “ Tiger '' armored vehicles. The plane will carry them over a distance of up to 7,000 km at a speed of 850 km/h. t. It is expected that the new transporter will be able to load equipment and cargo through the bow and tail ramps. The plane puts less strain on the airfield, it will need a runway no longer than 3000m.


Prosecutor asked for coronavirus prank four years in prison

The prosecution has requested four years in prison for prankster Karomatullo Dzhaborov, who organized a rally on the coronavirus in the Moscow metro, reports TASS.

A citizen of Tajikistan is accused of hooliganism by prior conspiracy. Besides Dzhaborov, two unemployed residents of Moscow are also involved in the case. For them, the prosecutor required three years imprisonment in a general penal colony.

As the Presnensky Court reported, the verdict will be announced on August 2. Earlier, Dzhaborov repented of his act and apologized to the passengers, calling the incident a stupid joke.

In February 2020, Dzhaborov held a rally in the Moscow metro car. He fell, faking a violent fit, and his friends started screaming in panic that he was 'sick'. allegedly infected with a dangerous virus. & nbsp;


The armor is fine. Russian drone “Orion” will be transformed into tank destroyer

Russian attack on unmanned aerial vehicle 'Orion' as part of the tests, it will carry out the first launches of the Vikhr anti-tank guided missiles in the fall, a source from the military-industrial complex said. understood how the capabilities of the Russian drone will expand.

Currently, work has started on equipping Orion with modernized anti-tank missiles from the Vikhr-M complex. As conceived by the designers, an unmanned aircraft will be able to carry two such guided missiles, they will be suspended from the aircraft in containers on the pylons under the wings. “ Tourbillon '' rockets will allow the use of a drone to destroy any enemy ground equipment, including modern tanks. The probability of defeating ATGM “ Whirlwind '' mobile tank targets at present is around 80%.

Flight tests of the drone's new weaponry will take place this fall. It is reported that the drone will hit targets on the ground, which will represent an imitation of armored vehicles. Usually, in such cases, decommissioned tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other similar equipment are used on special training grounds.

In addition to the new Orion weapons & nbsp; will be equipped with a new control system. With it, the drone will be able to control via satellite communications, which will significantly increase its range. At the same time, the drone retained the radio communication antenna, thus, a new version of Orion has two control channels.

Currently the Orion drone considered a versatile unmanned strike platform. Different types of ammunition can be integrated into it, including guided bombs and guided missiles. The first flight of this drone took place about five years ago. During this time, a whole variety of tests were carried out, including under combat conditions.

Orion & mdash; Medium altitude strike UAV with long flight time, the drone is made from composite materials. This provides a light build and excellent volatility. An unmanned aircraft can take off after a short take-off roll and stay aloft for more than a day. The strike device is equipped with a universal complex of aeronautical weapons: unguided and corrected aerial bombs and guided missiles. Application radius of 'Orion' is about 250 km. Payload & ndash; about a quarter of a ton.


Spanish court refused to extradite Dr Blum to the Russian Federation

The Spanish National Judicial College refused to extradite the Director General of the Institute for Research on Physical Rehabilitation and New Rehabilitation Technologies, Yevgeny Blum to Russia. Written about this TASS with reference to & nbsp; court press service.

Blum is accused of embezzling around 29 million rubles from freestyler Maria Chaadaeva (Komissarova).

The college explained that the extradition of the Russian had been refused, since “ the facts had already been investigated and the case was closed in the courts of Malaga. '' The press service added that “ the court decision regarding these events was taken in Spain '' even before the extradition request. “The athlete herself has recognized the competence of the Spanish courts to investigate the facts when filing a complaint with the Spanish judicial authorities,” said the court.

A criminal case against Blum has been opened & nbsp; in the fall of 2019. He was charged with large-scale fraud and & nbsp; placed on the international wanted list.

According to the investigation, MD Yevgeny Blum took advantage of the post-traumatic condition of freestyler Maria Chaadaeva, who injured her spine and lost the ability to walk for training during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. In May 2014, in Spain, Blum convinced the athlete to make a deal with him for the provision of rehabilitation services worth more than 29 million rubles. For this amount, he promised to restore the ability to walk in a year. However, after classes using Blum's methods, the motor functions of Chaadaeva's legs did not recover, because with such an injury it could not have happened with the help of rehabilitation measures. .

On June 9 of last year, the Moscow Basmanny Court authorized Blum's arrest in absentia. By court order, he will be detained for two months from the time of his arrest in the Russian Federation or his extradition to the country.

In March 2021, the Russian Prosecutor's Office requested his extradition. Yevgeny Blum from Spain. An extradition request has been sent to the country's Ministry of Justice.


Keep the gaze. The reindeer study is carried out with the support of Rosneft

Biologists at the Federal University of Siberia are conducting large-scale studies of the wild reindeer population of Taimyr-Evenk, including, among other things, the registration of individuals in aviation. The project is being implemented with support from Rosneft and the Arctic Research Center, the company's research institute, as part of the National Ecology Project.

Reindeer conservation program

The SFU expedition studies the migratory accumulations of reindeer on the Taimyr Peninsula & mdash; in the Byrranga Mountains separating the tundra from the Arctic Ocean. The challenge for researchers & mdash; determine the size of the group, as well as the sex and age composition of the herd. These data will help assess the state of the population, the dynamics of the birth rate this year, as well as the influence of various anthropogenic and natural factors on the reindeer population. In spring 2021, 18 animals were tagged with special collars fitted with satellite trackers. & Nbsp;

Today the number of the Taimyr-Evenk reindeer population is, according to various estimates, from 380 to 450,000 individuals. Among the main factors affecting the size of the population, scientists call climate change. The high temperatures, on the one hand, contribute to the 'greening' of the tundra, that is, the improvement of the forage base of the deer. On the other hand, herds are forced to alter migration paths and schedules, prematurely leaving tundra pastures to take refuge in the taiga area. Nevertheless, the proportion of young calves of the year born this year, according to preliminary data, is 18% -20%, which indicates a normal increase in the herd.

According to scientists at SibFU, at present there is a trend of increasing deer numbers, subject to the implementation of comprehensive programs for the conservation of this species. The researchers point out that not only does the balance of Arctic ecosystems depend on the future of this population, but also on sustaining the economic base and the traditional way of life of the indigenous peoples of the North.

< p> Rosneft; implements a corporate program for the study, conservation and monitoring of key species and mdash; bioindicators of the sustainability of arctic ecosystems: polar bears, Atlantic walruses, wild reindeer and ivory gulls (a rare subspecies of gulls listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation), the state of their populations living in the arctic zone of Russia and their migration routes.

Caring for the environment & mdash; an integral part of Rosneft's corporate culture. The company sees its main task in the field of environmental protection in the efficient management and minimization of the impact of its production activities on the environment, preserving the environment. biological diversity in all regions of its presence.


Russian Federation peacekeepers and special forces transferred to exercises near the border with Afghanistan

Peacekeepers and special forces from the Central Military District have been deployed to Uzbekistan to participate in joint exercises, where tasks to ensure territorial integrity to the border with Afghanistan, according to the press service of the district reports.

The delivery of military, weapons and things from Samara was carried out by the Il-76 military transport aircraft. About 1.5 thousand soldiers of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan will participate in the exercises. The events will last from July 30 to August 10.

Earlier it was reported that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had arrived in Tajikistan for a working visit. The Minister participated in a meeting of heads of military departments of Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which was attended by delegations from India, Kazakhstan, China, ; Uzbekistan and others, as well as Belarus, which has observer status at the SCO.


Irkutsk court arrested deputy head of investigation department of Buryat interior ministry

The Kirovsky District Court of Irkutsk arrested for two months the deputy head of the investigation department of the Buryat Interior Ministry, Andrei Bardakhanov, on charges of corruption.

Thus, the judge granted the request for investigation.

Bardakhanov has been charged with committing a felony under Part 6 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Receiving a bribe from an official on a particularly large scale”).

Previously, it was reported that, according to the investigation, the deputy head of the investigation department of the Interior Ministry of Buryatia on July 27 in the one of the hotels in Irkutsk received 15 million rubles through the lawyer of the defendant in criminal cases, the investigation of which is being carried out by the Ministry of the Buryat interior. Bardakhanov was arrested at the scene of the crime.

Based on this, the Buryat Interior Ministry appointed an official controller. If guilt is established, Bardakhanov will be dismissed from the internal affairs bodies.

Previously, the regional court in Nizhny Novgorod had not satisfied the appeal of the lawyers of the ex-boss of Mari El, Leonid Markelov, and upheld the sentence imposed on him in the form of 13 years in prison and a multi-million dollar fine.