The first snow fell in the Urals

The first snow fell in the Sverdlovsk region, reports the site 360.

In particular, this natural phenomenon could be observed in the territory of the Visimsky reserve.

Internet users reported yesterday that they noticed fine snow in the village of Visim.

In Yekaterinburg there has not yet been such rainfall, although according to the forecast it was expected yesterday. At the same time, residents of the outskirts of Nizhny Tagil saw snow & ndash; he fell near White Mountain. According to locals, it started to snow early in the morning, but now it is already melting.

According to the Sverdlovsk Hydrometeorological Center, today in the region low rainfall is likely in the form of sleet and rain. Air temperature and ndash; from 0 to +3 degrees, but in some places frosts up to -4 degrees are possible.

In addition, this weekend snow may fall on the Republic of Komi.

Earlier was reported that snowfall has passed in the western part of Cameroon.

At the beginning of September, the first snow was noticed on the peaks of the mountains of Karachay-Cherkessia.


The Russians named the length of the ideal vacation

Most Russians need four weeks of vacation to get a good rest, according to the service & nbsp; SuperJob & nbsp; with reference to the survey.

Only 3% of the participants answered that 10 days of vacation is enough for them.

17% it takes at least two weeks. Most often, such a holiday is preferred by people under the age of 24, as well as those who earn less than 30,000 rubles a month.

19% of those surveyed were in favor of & # 39; a three-week vacation, 30% of percent chose a four-week vacation.

Another 23% of study participants are sure it takes more than a month for them to fully recover.

The study was conducted from September 14 to 16 among 1,600 inhabitants from all regions of Russia.

In the previous chapter, the Federal Tourism Agency, Zarina Doguzova, told that over the next 10 years all conditions for recreation will be created in the country, and explained what exactly the agency is doing to make rest in the Federation of Accessible and comfortable Russia.

It has also been reported that analysts have learned how the fall affects the performance of Russians.


Putin thanked those who helped restore Volgograd Cathedral

Vladimir Putin congratulated the participants in the event dedicated to the restoration of the Cathedral of the Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky in Volgograd, reports the Kremlin press service.

The president called the temple, built in 1918, a real decoration of the city and a great spiritual center of the Lower Volga. Later the unique architectural monument was lost, but now it has been restored.

“ It is important that today the cathedral opens its doors again. Its rebirth became possible in large part thanks to the unity of state and civil society, the creative and constructive interaction of the Russian Orthodox Church, scientists, restorers , museum workers, benefactors, all the caring people who value our common heritage & # 39; & # 39 ;, & ndash; Putin pointed out, noting the symbolism that the event was timed to coincide with Prince Alexander Nevsky's 800th birthday.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was built in Tsaritsyn in memory of the rescue of Emperor Alexander III from a train crash. It exploded in 1932.

According to TASS, the restored cathedral is now consecrated by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. After a small procession around the church, he will hold a divine liturgy.

The consecration of the cathedral began at 9:00 a.m. Moscow time. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church arrived in Volgograd the day before.

The first service in the restored church is shown on the street screens in the square in front of the cathedral.


Rain and up to 11 degrees Celsius are expected in Moscow on Sunday

Cloudy weather and light rain are expected in Moscow on Sunday, September 19, according to the official website of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation.

According to forecasters, the daytime temperature in the capital will be 9 to 11 degrees heat. On Monday evening, the temperature in the capital can drop to plus three.

In the Moscow region during the day it is expected plus 6-11 degrees. At night in the area it can get colder to a degree.

Wind easterly and northeasterly with gusts up to 17 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure will be 752 millimeters of mercury.

Previously the head of the meteorology and climate department of the FSBI “ Central UGMS '& # 39; Nikolai Tereshonok expressed the opinion that the coming winter in Russia will be freezing.


“Fear of God” and the creak of fashion. Why the popularity of Soviet things is returning

Weekly “Arguments and facts” № 37. When will the “old age” pills appear? 09/15/2021

Smart home in & nbsp; USSR developed in & nbsp; 1980 & nbsp; g. In & nbsp; it was possible to control the equipment by voice, there was a computer, a videophone, & nbsp; & ndash; said Alexandra Sankova , director of the Moscow Design Museum and & nbsp; expert in the documentary series Internet & shy; 'Soviet Design', which was shot at & nbsp; Gorky Film Studio.

Test for & nbsp; armchairs

History Soviet design is not at all like & nbsp; western. There, design was one of the main ways of promoting the products in the competition. In & nbsp; USSR, there was no market struggle. So what was the role of design?

& ndash; The leadership of the young Land of Soviets called for the rejection of the Tsarist past. And & nbsp; in the early 1920s & nbsp; the constructivists got down to work. People moved from individual to community, public life, ate in canteens, handed over their children to kindergartens, lived in apartments or common houses. In & nbsp; 1925 & nbsp; g. at & nbsp; International exhibition of & nbsp; Paris, the USSR showed the constructivist pavilion Konstantin Melnikov … Everyone was delighted. But & nbsp; soon constructivism at & nbsp; has been recognized to us as an ideologically alien phenomenon, and & nbsp; research into new shapes for & nbsp; familiar everyday things became less active. & Nbsp;

The All-Union House of Fashion Models (ODMO) model L. Mironova presents a coat from the new collection “ Winter-1968 & # 39; & # 39; on the Cathedral Square. Context: Cathedral of the Annunciation in the Moscow Kremlin (15th century). Photo: RIA Novosti/Victor Tchernov.

Design came back to life in the country after the Great Patriotic War. In & nbsp; 1962 & nbsp; g. the resolution of the Council of Ministers & timid; ditch on & nbsp; improve the quality of consumer goods has been published. A small living space demanded a new kind of furniture, as huge wardrobes that could easily fit in the & nbsp; stalinkas, at & nbsp; Khrushchev, consumed half of the living space. Thus functionalism entered the & nbsp; Soviet design: compact furniture, tables on & nbsp; unscrewed feet, armchairs with & nbsp; wooden armrests & nbsp; & ndash; very, by the way, a worthy piece of furniture. The deflection, backrest tilt was calculated with the help of scientists and tested in focus groups. At that time, carpets were often hung on the walls, which served two functions at the same time & nbsp; & ndash; soundproofing and & nbsp; keeping warm in the & nbsp; bedroom.

The furniture in & nbsp; USSR was developed in the All-Russian project & timid; but-design and & nbsp; technological & nbsp; Furniture Institute. To & nbsp; exhibits showed the author's prototypes, but they did not reach the buyer. The Artistic and Technical Council approved the development, and & nbsp; then it was necessary to implement it in & nbsp; production & shy; in. And & nbsp; here it started: “ There are no such props, no painting is planned, we don't do & nbsp; we do not produce staples. & # 39; & # 39; As a result, & nbsp; the light appeared & shy; something is not the most aesthetic, but useful in & nbsp; daily life. & Nbsp;

How the cattle trucks were ennobled

In & nbsp; USSR, which has become fashionable in & nbsp; restructuring of the word 'conversion' no one knew, as the stools could be planed at the factory in & nbsp; which produced satellites, in the workshops where the shells were stamped, the vessels melted, and & nbsp; the 'shy; armor factory tank technology produced & timid; toy military sets.

& ndash; One of the iconic figures of Soviet design was Yuri Soloviev … After the war he became the & nbsp; head of the mechanical industry & ndash; the & nbsp; who had a very ascetic office. Soloviev offered to arrange it in a more interesting way. But & nbsp; the leader rejected, said it would be better if Soloviev ennobled passenger cars. Their & nbsp; then consisted of & nbsp; wagons, that in & nbsp; people called 'cattle trucks', they didn't even have seats. Soloviev invented a reserved seat with & nbsp; folding shelves and & nbsp; more expensive compartment cars. & Nbsp;

Once Soloviev organized an invitation in & nbsp; USSR of famous American designer Raymond Lowy … He signed contracts with & nbsp; Zenit, ZIL, Moskvich and & nbsp; presented their projects. What started here! Officials shouted, “ This American doesn't understand anything about & nbsp; our technology! & # 39; & # 39; Lowy's modifications were applied in minimal form only in the production of the ZIL refrigerator.

There have been cases of successful collaboration between designers and industrial production. In & nbsp; USSR, the world's largest super powerful mining dump truck BelAZ was developed. The porcelain board was really our pride. For example, a crystal vase received an award at the exhibition of & nbsp; to & nbsp; Brussels in & nbsp; 1958 & nbsp; g. Or & nbsp; samovar “ Sputnik '', which was & nbsp; really similar to & nbsp; satellite: a kind of fusion of Russian and & nbsp; Soviet. The & nbsp; samovar came with a teapot and a & nbsp; tray. But it costs up to 17 & nbsp; rubles. Perhaps that is why Sputnik It was not in high demand by the population, but it was often presented as a keepsake to astronauts or Western guests.

Who invented the 'smart home'

There was a & nbsp; USSR and & nbsp; advanced design department. Its employees have tried to guess before & shy; which of & nbsp; products will be in demand in & nbsp; 20 years. Some engineers suggested a cabin of a wagon configuration, in which you could easily roll a stroller. Someone even suggested then implementing a separate garbage collector.

& ndash; In & nbsp; 1980 & nbsp; g. at & nbsp; public court was presented 'smart home' & nbsp; SPHINX & nbsp; & ndash; futuristic design of the home of the future. The flat screens were not only on the mainframe, but also on the videophones. But & nbsp; here in the & nbsp; battle with & nbsp; young designers entered the ergonomics department. Officials argued that the flat phone would never be & nbsp; enter & nbsp; production because & hellip; it is inconvenient to apply it on a round head. In & nbsp; 'smart home' it was possible to control the technology by voice, there was a central processor, large data storage, video intercom, spherical speakers. For & nbsp; that time, it was amazing technology. & Nbsp;

& quot; The pants turn & hellip; & raquo;

The general & nbsp; Union Fashion House was responsible for fashion in & nbsp; USSR, & nbsp; subordinate to which & nbsp; 12 regional fashion houses were.

& ndash; The Model House sold pattern designs to factories all over the USSR. But & nbsp; factories fashionable things simplified & nbsp; & ndash; fabric replaced and & nbsp; accessories, sewn the best they could. Here, for & nbsp; for example, Bologna has become fashionable. USSR buys factory in Bologna, produces fabric in large quantities. As a result, a million people had identical Bolognese raincoats in the closet. The same story with the plush.

And & nbsp; in the 1960s. Fashion designer Alla Levashova came to Legprom … She suggested to sew different patterns according to & nbsp; a pattern: something with & nbsp; short sleeve, something & nbsp; & ndash; with & nbsp; long, something & nbsp; & ndash; with & nbsp; frills, something without. Sewn up 500 & nbsp; parts in & nbsp; only one batch. Coats made of & nbsp; from the same Bologna were decorated with different ornaments, and & nbsp; some even warmed up. Thus, the first limited articles appeared on the streets of the USSR. They were sold out instantly.

Levashova tried to make fashion accessible to women in the council, wrote letters to the Ministry of Light Industry, some even in verse. She persuaded the officials, “We have such nightgowns, such women's dressing gowns being sold, that people's families are falling apart!” Our ladies used to dress really at home in the 'fear of god' style, now they don't even go to garden anymore. Levashova managed to get the release of cute pajamas. And & nbsp; men's fashion was still limited to any kind of coats and & nbsp; fawn hats.

In the & nbsp; 1970s and & nbsp; women, and & nbsp; men began to “go crazy” about & nbsp; jeans, and & nbsp; our factories have tried to produce something similar to & nbsp; what people saw in & nbsp; western movies. Synthetics were in great demand. Capron & nbsp; & ndash; the very squeaking! The 1980 Olympics brought sporty style into fashion and the famous 'Two Balls' sneakers, which were worn by young people. But & nbsp; the most massive production was still on & nbsp; clothes & nbsp; special & shy & nbsp; & ndash; bathrobes, costumes. All the workers, traders, saleswomen, masons wore black, gray, blue coats and suits. All the students also wore the same uniform. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Of course, one can blame the Soviet design for its monotony, its impersonality, its minimalism, but nobody will refuse it in quality! Now the fashion of & nbsp; Soviet vintage has passed not only among those born in & nbsp; USSR, but also among young people. And & nbsp; the task of the series “ Soviet design '' I just saw in & nbsp; preserve our history, our cultural codes. Soviet design & nbsp; & ndash; an important part of the material culture of our & shy; country.


What are the guards celebrating?

Weekly “Arguments and facts” № 37. When will the “old age” pills appear? 09/15/2021

En & nbsp; 1941, the Soviet Guard was created, which celebrates its 80 & nbsp; September 18 & nbsp ;.

The White Guard perished with the & nbsp; ; Russian Empire. She lived and fought for 300 years. Created by Peter the Great , she died but didn't give up. When the homeland and & nbsp; Vera disappeared, the Russian officers of & nbsp; Civil went to & nbsp; “ psychic attacks. & # 39; & # 39; In any army in Europe, the guards units are the most trained and effective. “ Lord officers, please die standing '', & nbsp; & ndash; ordered Skobelev. Not in the & nbsp; an army of the world officer battalions in formation without firing went into enemy trenches, in & nbsp; unlike & nbsp; guards. It is the elite of the state. Napoleon under Borodino and & nbsp; did not dare to bring his 'old guard' in the & nbsp; battle, and & nbsp; after a year and a half the Russian guard took Paris. & nbsp;

Alexander Luchaninov, colonel, combat veteran:

– When in & nbsp; & shy; 41st, the Nazis took Smolensk and & nbsp; under & shy; went to & nbsp; Borodino, it became clear that only the guards units were able to stop him. Therefore, on September 18, by & nbsp; decision of the Supreme Command Headquarters & nbsp; Order of the People's Commissar for the Defense of the USSR No. 308, four rifle divisions were renamed & nbsp; guards. The 127th Rifle Division received the honorary title of 'Guards', and became the 2nd Guards Rifle Division. For the liberation of the Taman Peninsula on October 9, 1943 & nbsp; g. the connection was given the honorary name “ Tamanskaya ''.

This is how the Red Guard was born, which lived for 50 years. As well as & nbsp; it is necessary for the guardian, dead with the country. 2nd Motorcycle Guards & shy; Taman Rifle Order of the October Revolution, Red Banner, Order of Suvorov, Division. MI Kalinina was the best unit in the Soviet Army, and thanks to its participation in the & nbsp; military parades on & nbsp; Red Square and & nbsp; the most famous. I got lucky in & nbsp; 1974 & ndash; 1979. serve in & nbsp; she. He commanded a platoon in the 1174th Separate Anti-Tank Artillery Battalion for 5 years. Then he served in the military districts of & nbsp; Trans-Baikal and & nbsp; Turkestan & shy ;, but for 28 years did not meet a unit or unit equal to Taman. & Nbsp;

We intuitively found support in the traditions of the Russian guard. Officially, during the parades, they marched with aiguillettes, daggers, gold suspenders. Unofficially & nbsp; & ndash; The green cockades and the & nbsp; stars on & nbsp; the country uniform were cleaned of & nbsp; paint, and & nbsp; they turned silvery, and & nbsp; a spring has been removed from the cap. During the holidays, toasts were raised: “ Long live Russia, united and & nbsp; indivisible! Long live Russia in the & nbsp; frontiers of 1914! & # 39; & # 39; In front of us were Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Ossetia, Abkhazia, Chechnya, Bosnia.

The opinion of the author may not coincide with the position of the editorial table


Crew Dragon with splashed passenger crew in the Atlantic Ocean

The Crew Dragon spacecraft, the first fully civilian crew, sank in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the US state of Florida.

The landing of the ship was broadcast live Saturday on the official SpaceX website.

Crew Dragon remained in orbit for approximately three days. His crew included 38-year-old American billionaire Jared Isaacman, 29-year-old Memphis Children's Hospital doctor Hayley Arsenault, 51-year-old geology professor Cyanne Proctor and 41-year-old Lockheed Martin aerospace company. ; Christopher Sembroski.

Isaacman is known to have paid for the four seats of the spaceship. At the same time, the cost of the crew's flight into space was not disclosed.

Earlier it was also reported that the flight was in the air. Soyuz MS-19 spacecraft film crew had been cleared to prepare at the Baikonur Cosmodrome; as part of cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, director Klim Shipenko and actress Yulia Peresild.


Communication between young people and science. The “Space for children” project has started in Kaluga

On September 17th, Kaluga hosted events dedicated to the launch of the Cosmos charity project; children ', which was scheduled for the birthday of the scientist, the founder of cosmonautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky , as well as the 650th anniversary of the founding of Kaluga and the 60th anniversary of the first manned flight in space.

Hero of the Soviet Union and hero of Russia, pilot-cosmonaut Sergey Krikalev , Senator of the Russian Federation Alexander Savin , Minister of the Interior Politics and Mass Communication of the Kaluga Region Oleg Kalugin , Regional Minister of Culture Pavel Suslov , Deputy Mayor of Kaluga Irina Ageeva , director of the National Museum of the History of Astronautics. K.E. Tsiolkovsky Natalya Abakumova , director of the Kaluga Puppet Theater Alexey Sokolov , director of the Cosmos Foundation for the popularization of manned astronautics; This is us & # 39;, a member of the Union of Russian Journalists Elena Metelkovskaya .

Amphibious aircraft and performance

A highlight was the landing on the water of the Yachensky Reservoir in front of the State Museum of the State of the history of astronautics. K.E. Tsiolkovsky Amphibian L-42 aircraft. It was flown by the USSR pilot-cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev and the chairman of the Flying Generation ANO. Vladimir Borisov . On the embankment, the pilots spoke with the inhabitants of Kaluga. Sergey Krikalev said the flight from Moscow lasted an hour, he also pointed out that the ditching at the museum was nice and comfortable.

Photo: Press Service of the Government of the Kaluga Region

Oleg Kalugin noted the symbolism of the original way of Sergei Krikalev's arrival in Kaluga on Konstantin Tsiolkovsky's birthday: “ This is a splash '' makes it an idea for a hydroport. Not sure if this is possible, the experts should say so, but the idea has been launched. Either way, the ditching was successful, and we are happy to welcome Sergei Konstantinovich to our beloved city. & # 39;

Photo: Press Service of the Government of the Kaluga Region

In the park named after KE Tsiolkovsky, participants in the events honored the memory of the scientist by laying flowers on his grave.

Photo: Kaluga Region Government Press Service

The Astronautical History Museum hosted a press conference dedicated to the opening of the charity project, as well as at the premiere of the play & # 39; The Pilot and the Little Prince & # 39; & # 39; created within its framework. based on the famous book Antoine de Saint-Exupéry .

Photo: Press service of the government of the Kaluga region

Directors & mdash; Russian director Dmitry Pavlov (St. Petersburg), artist Dmitry Bobrovich (Ulyanovsk) and actors from the Kaluga Puppet Theater created a scene at the Inside the walls of the museum. The prince & # 39; s story prologue and finale in the play was voiced by Sergei Krikalev.

Photo: Press service of the government of the Kaluga region

According to Elena Metelkovskaya, there will be ten charity exhibitions of the production in the museum. The show is aimed at the younger generation. The first spectators were schoolchildren from Kaluga.

In his welcome speech, the chairman of the Federation Council's commission on budget and financial markets Anatoly Artamonov congratulated the residents of Kaluga on the launch of the charity project: “ I am sure that the performance, which was created based on this fairy tale, will teach viewers about kindness, responsiveness, faith in beauty, and also draw the attention of children and adults to the attention of children and adults alike. study of science and the conquest of space. & # 39; & # 39;

“ It is symbolic that today at 164 birthday of Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, the charity project & bdquo; Cosmos for Children & ldquo; was launched at the Museum of Astronautics. Its purpose is & mdash; in an accessible and modern form to connect the knowledge of young people with achievements in the field of science and technology with the best works of art and literature, world cultural heritage ', & mdash; noted the Minister of Culture of the Kaluga region.


Climate scientist warns Russians of freezing winter

This year & # 39; s winter in Russia will be freezing. This was announced in a conversation with reporters by the Head of the Meteorology and Climate Department of the State Federal Budget Institution “ Central UGMS '' Nikolay Tereshonok, reports RIA Novosti.

The climatologist noted that this year the highs have been delayed in the country. According to him, the current cold snap is due to the influence of the arctic high.

In winter, as Tereshonok notes, high pressure and possibly severe frosts can also prevail.

In his opinion, the appropriate weather will be established in the territory of the Channel in the Urals. At the same time, Siberia will be under the influence of Mongolian and Siberian highs, and Yakutia will have the usual climate for this region.

World Wildlife Fund Climate Program Director Alexei Kokorin, on tour, predicted warmer winters due to global climate change, and also urged to prepare for changing weather conditions.

Earlier, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation, Roman Vilfand, also said that the cold and rainy weather will rise in the central part of European Russia. here the end of the next working week.


Are ticks dangerous in the fall?

Weekly “Arguments and facts” № 37. When will the “old age” pills appear? 09/15/2021

In & nbsp; forests are full of ticks, after picking mushrooms I shoot myself & nbsp; 10 & ndash; 15 & nbsp; parts. Is this true & nbsp; aren't they dangerous in cold weather? When is the best time to get vaccinated against & nbsp; encephalitis?

Expert response 0 + –

` `The aggressiveness of ticks in autumn is not as high as in spring, when they are wake up after hibernation, & nbsp; & mdash; explains the head of the vaccine prevention and immunotherapy laboratory of the Vaccines and Sera Research Institute of them. Professor Mechnikov Mikhail Kostinov. & mdash; & nbsp; However, if the check mark is still attached, you need to act wisely: remove it carefully and & nbsp; submit it for & nbsp; to analyse. Observe the & nbsp; bite site & nbsp; for any unclear symptoms, contact your doctor.

There are several standard vaccination schedules for & nbsp; encephalitis. One of the & nbsp; that they must start doing just in the fall & nbsp; & mdash; two doses with & nbsp; an interval of & nbsp; a month, after 6 & ndash; 9 months & nbsp; & mdash; revaccination. The first dose of the vaccine is administered in & nbsp; September & nbsp; & mdash; October & raquo ;.