Why have mobile operators stopped offering unlimited internet?

The biggest Russian mobile operators have stopped connecting new subscribers to unlimited internet. These restrictions have already affected customers of VimpelCom companies. (Beeline brand), Megafon, MTS and T2 RTK Holding (Tele2 brand), reports Forbes.

& nbsp; “ Representatives of Megafon & # 39; & # 39; and VimpelCom have confirmed that in their current pricing plans there is no ability to connect to unlimited mobile internet. Representative of & nbsp; & laquo; Megafon & raquo; added that after logging into the tariff plan, the subscriber can call the contact center and ask the operator to connect to the unlimited internet. Tele2 has removed the login option Unlimited Internet & nbsp; many months ago. & Nbsp; A representative of MTS said that for new customers unlimited mobile internet is only available at two tariffs (the monthly payment for them exceeds 2000 rubles), “- writes the newspaper. & # 39; Nbsp;

Why have mobile operators decided to cancel unlimited Internet?

Low demand . & nbsp; According to Eldar, analyst at Mobile Research Group Murtazin, 80% of subscribers spend around 12 GB of mobile traffic per month, another 10% – & mdash; up to 20gb and only 2% of subscribers spend more than 100gb mobile traffic.

& nbsp; According to mobile operators, there is currently no demand for unlimited internet.

& nbsp; “Unlimited fares have always been a niche product that appealed to only a small audience. First of all, we start from customer needs, and we haven't seen the demand for unlimited lately ',' & mdash; The Tele2 spokeswoman told Forbes.

& nbsp; Traffic consumption. In Megafon; and VimpelCom noted that most of their subscribers connected to unlimited communication do not use more than 50 GB of mobile internet. : This is mostly traffic from instant messengers, social media and video services, ”a representative from VimpelCom told Forbes.

& nbsp; Network load. According to analysts, unlimited internet is not profitable for mobile operators because few subscribers use this service. However, they create a heavy load on the network, and it affects other customers.

& nbsp; other nearby subscribers, '' the CEO of analytics agency TMT Consulting told Forbes. Constantine Ankilov.

& nbsp; At the same time & nbsp; The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) constantly monitors the evolution of tariffs and can theoretically object to the lack of an unlimited internet option from operators, suggests Ankilov. At the same time, operators can justify their decision by the fact that they are not able to connect fifth generation (5G) networks now to offload the infrastructure, when they have to provide the subscriber with stable quality of service, added the CEO. by TMT Consulting.

& nbsp; No profit. Mobile operators will be able to earn more on limited traffic than on unlimited Internet, according to experts.

& nbsp; “ For operators unlimited internet is not profitable, so a few years ago they were from it already refused. But they came back due to increased competition, '' said Denis Kuskov, analyst at & nbsp; TelecomDaily.

& nbsp; What to do & nbsp; to subscribers who had previously connected to unlimited internet?

& nbsp; The ban on connecting to the unlimited Internet does not apply to current subscribers at current tariffs, Forbes noted with reference to mobile carriers. & nbsp;

& nbsp; Analyst Murtazin has suggested that in the future this restriction will affect users of archived fares.

& nbsp; “ If you have a tariff plan in which there was unlimited internet, you will use it exactly until the tariff is archived. For example, on my tariff, the internet is unlimited, it remains valid, but there is simply no such option for new connections '', & mdash; the expert noted.

& nbsp; Note, at the beginning of September, the newspaper & nbsp; Kommersant & # 39; & # 39; reported that mobile operators continue to increase the prices of archived tariffs. In particular, in & nbsp; MTS & nbsp; said the price increase will average 30-40 rubles. and will affect less than 1% of tariff plans. Megaphone has also increased prices to a portion of archived tariffs in a number of regions. The company noted that it was offering subscribers a free upgrade to current rates before the price increase. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; Last year, VimpelCom, Megafon, MTS and Tele2 have already increased the prices of archived tariffs. after cancellation of internal roaming. However, the FAS then saw no grounds to increase the cost of the services. So, in November 2020, the FAS fined Tele2 825,500 rubles for an “ unjustified increase ''. tariffs, writes Forbes.

Sources of information : forbes.ru, & nbsp; kommersant.ru

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