A fragment of a Falcon 9 rocket flew near the ISS

A fragment of Ilona Mask's Falcon 9 rocket flew over the ISS at a distance of more than five kilometers, there is no interference with the operation from the station, reports RIA Novosti.

Roscosmos explained that the ISS is located in “; green corridor & raquo;. A fragment of the Falcon launcher at 7.18 a.m. Moscow time passed the ISS. There is no interference with the flight of the station, and the Russian segment crew, along with the Mission Control Center, regularly prepare for undocking of the ISS and cargo vehicle. Progress MS-17 transport kit.

Earlier it was reported that Russia had sent a spacecraft to the ISS with a new 'Berth' module. The flight to the International Space Station will last two days. The cargo spaceship will carry around 700 kg of various cargoes to the ISS. Before that, it became known that cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Peter Dubrovnik would lead a training session on the manual docking of the Nauka nodal module. on the ISS.

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