Salt lakes. Rest in a civilized way, heal wisely

We have counted 15 salt lakes in Russia, but it is obvious that there are more. Lots of people go to their homes. Rosneft tried to rest at one of them in the Tyumen region. civilized. But how can you use water and dirt for health benefits? & Nbsp;

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Businesses have come to the rescue

There are many salt lakes in Russia & ndash; big and small, deep and small. Spa resorts were built on the banks of Razval (Volgograd region), Elton and Medvezhye (Orenburg region), Tus (Khakkasia) and Yashaltinsky (Kalmykia). But most of the lakes are located in wild places. People come to them to rest and improve their health, but like savages. And their rest turns out to be wild, and procedures & ndash; both water and mud.

It is possible to civilize the rest if the local authorities take care of it, or even better – & ndash; if there is a business partner for whom social responsibility is not just words. This happened with the salt lake, located in the Berdyuzhsky district of the Tyumen region.

Until recently, tourists parked their cars on the grass and after a rest they filled the shore with bags of garbage. But then, with the help of the local administration and money from the region (the lake was given the status of a natural monument of regional importance), they arranged a parking lot, set up concrete bins, tables and chairs for vacationers, opened a summer cafe, and a security guard began on duty.

There was not enough funds for containers and toilets. Joint action of Rosneft and “ AiF & # 39; & # 39; this summer solved the problem. By the efforts of the employees of the companies RN-Uvatneftegaz, Tyumenneftegaz and “Tyumen Oil Research Center” (part of the structure of the largest oil company in the country) everything that was missing was equipped. Garbage cans, dry cabinets, and information boards appeared, telling about the healing properties of water and mud. It would be nice if there were more examples like this. & Nbsp;

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You must be examined first

However, not only rest, but also the use of water and mud should be civilized. And it no longer depends on the companies or the government, but on ourselves. To understand the important rules of healing with salt water and mud, we turned to the & nbsp; responsible for Zheleznovodsk balneological and mud baths in Kavminvody Elena Maksyuta .

She understands the problem well, because in the Stavropol Territory there is a lake Tambukan not far from Pyatigorsk (from where they carry mud to hospitals), as well as two salt lakes & ndash; in the Aleksandrovsky and Petrovsky districts, where there is no infrastructure.

“ Mineral baths and mud treatment & mdash; serious medical procedures that can only be taken as prescribed by a doctor after an exam, '' AiF said; E. Maksyuta.

She explained that the mud and the baths should be selected individually & ndash; no general indications. For example, mud is useful for diseases of the musculoskeletal system & mdash; joints and spine. But they are categorically contraindicated in cancer patients or those with relatively 'harmless' cancer. polyps, as the temperature can make the situation worse. You cannot take mud baths for bleeding, inflammation (even minor) and exacerbation of disease. And if there are diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory tract, endocrine system, urinary tract, medical consultation is necessary.

“ Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe treatment suitable: baths, local applications, tampons, & # 39; & # 39; she added Dr. & nbsp;

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Such processing is carried out in the courts. According to her, from a procedure there will be almost no benefit. For a noticeable healing effect, you need at least 8 mud therapy sessions.

After taking a mineral bath, you don't need to wash yourself. After the mud procedures, it should be done with care, without trying to wipe the skin until it squeaks. And don't use a washcloth, soap, or shower gel during the day.

Besides, no mineral mud is suitable for interventions.

“You can't just come to Tambukan or one of the salt lakes, coat yourself and wait for the effect,” said the head of the bath and mud baths. & ndash; When the sludge is delivered to our hospital, it is first left to stand for two weeks and then samples are taken for analysis. The composition should contain the required amount of useful microflora and should not be harmful. Sometimes there are not enough useful components in the received bundle. Then the mud is sent to the mud storage, where it regains its healing properties for three months at a certain temperature and light, at a certain depth. Regeneration of useful microflora takes from one to three months, after which samples are taken again. And only then can the dirt be used for the procedures & raquo ;. & Nbsp;

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E. Maksyuta advises to be careful with sludge sold in pharmacies: “ For those who cannot make it to the resort, pharmacies sell therapeutic sludge in bags and pots. It differs in composition from that used in hospitals, just as bottled mineral water differs from water in pump rooms. Packaged mud does not contain beneficial microorganisms, but such procedures are available to more people. And they should also be taken seriously and used as prescribed by a doctor so as not to harm you. ”


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