The State Duma presented a bill amending the article of the Criminal Code on domestic violence

In this regard, it is proposed to supplement Article 116.1 of the Criminal Code with a second part, which provides for liability for beating or the commission of violent acts that have caused physical pain by a person who has been convicted of a violent crime for up to six months.

In April this year, the Constitutional Court of Russia ruled Article 116.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on beatings by a person subject to punishment, and forced the legislator to change this standard in order to protect victims of domestic violence. & nbsp;

According to the judgment of the Constitutional Court, it is impossible to ignore the previous conviction for this act, as it indicates the stability of the behavior of such a person and its tendency to conflict resolution through violence.

Previously, the Russian Federation passed a law that translates beating to relatives without harming their health, from the category of criminal offenses to administrative offenses, if misconduct was committed for the first time. The author is first brought into administrative liability, and in case of repeated blows – into criminal liability.


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