Why did Boris Nemtsov's son end up in the hospital?

The heir to the famous surname Anton Nemtsov and his wife Anna have serious health problems. At the moment, the couple are at the Lapino Clinical Hospital. We tell what happened to the couple.

Anton himself told his Instagram followers about his hospitalization, posting a photo with a dropper: “ Anya and I arrived at the hospital with covid. We didn't expect it to come to this. We went to the hospital to carefully monitor the course of the disease and prevent the development of complications. We are lying in the room together & # 39; & # 39 ;, & mdash; written by the son of Boris Nemtsov. The young man also noted that after a series of procedures performed by doctors, he and his wife are already getting better. & Nbsp;

Anton & # 39; s mother and ex-wife of politician Ekaterina Odintsova learned of her son's hospitalization in the Maldives: 'This new virus' is so unpleasant and dangerous thing that it is just not clear how to behave with him: on the one hand, it seems pointless to go to the hospital with a saturation in normal oxygen and with a temperature of 36.5-37.5. But covid is dangerous with complications, there is a risk of blood clots, so you better play it safe. Better to be under the supervision of doctors without urgent need than to stay home unattended and miss the complication. And with a covid, you can't know exactly where it's going to turn', '' the businesswoman shared her opinion. She also admitted that she herself had had coronavirus, so she was vaccinated and will be undergoing revaccination in the near future: “ It is & nbsp; my personal choice, I do not impose on anyone, & # 39; & mdash; & nbsp; wrote Ekaterina.

The youngest daughter of Odintsova and the sister of Anton & mdash; Dina & mdash; is currently on vacation with her mother. & nbsp;

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