Home Office plans to create unified database of phone crooks

The Interior Ministry, together with the Central Bank and Roskomnadzor, intend to create a unified database of telephone fraudsters. This is reported by TASS with reference to Grigory Matusevich, senior official of the Office of Special Technical Events of the Interior Ministry of Russia.

to whom what information about personal data should be transferred. Together, they will create a unique database. & Nbsp;

We know that fraudsters have started to use the real phone numbers of Russians by spoofing. Citizens have already received calls from alleged police officers and banks. If gullible Russians called back, in response they heard the voices of real people who did not know their numbers were being used by crooks. In this case, the police recommend contacting their operator and informing them that the number is being used by criminals.

Earlier, the Home Office explained how theft from Russians' accounts most often occurs.

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