Which employees can take early retirement on January 1, 2022?

Seniority, which gives entitlement to early retirement, will include periods of vocational training and further vocational training. Such a resolution & nbsp; was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin .

The document will enter into force on January 1, 2022.

Under what conditions will early retirement be guaranteed? & nbsp;

An employee will be able to claim an early retirement pension if, during the development period, he has kept his job and salary, and the employer has paid compulsory pension insurance contributions for him during this time. .

Who can take early retirement? & nbsp;


1. Certain categories of Russian citizens: & nbsp;

& mdash; doctors ;
& mdash; teachers;
& mdash; ballet and circus artists;
& mdash; opera singers. & nbsp;

Currently, for representatives of the listed professions, the minimum work experience is 25-30 years. In view of the transitional period, the time of retirement for them is gradually postponed from the time of establishing seniority. Thus, a doctor who fulfills the required seniority in September of this year will only be granted a pension in three years, in September 2024. & nbsp;

2. Persons of early retirement age, officially recognized as unemployed. By law, & nbsp; early retirement pension will be awarded if a citizen has been made redundant due to: & nbsp;

& mdash; liquidation of the organization;
& mdash; reduction of staff;
& mdash; lack of job opportunities.

At the same time, men must have at least 25 years of insurance experience, and women & mdash; 20. In addition, for early retirement you must have a minimum number of pension coefficients (21 & mdash; in 2021).

3. The inhabitants of the Far North, as well as the assimilated localities. Citizens have the right to retire five years earlier than the general retirement age. If at the same time a person worked in the regions of the Far North, then it is enough to have 15 calendar years of experience, and if in the regions assimilated to those of the North, then 20 years of experience . The periods of work in the regions of the Far North, during which the employees have undergone training, will be taken into account in the early appointment of an old-age insurance pension.

4. Locomotive brigade workers, tractor drivers in agriculture, forestry foremen, geologists, passenger bus drivers, etc. having the necessary experience. A complete list is listed in art. 30 of Federal Law No. 400-FZ. Early retirement can also apply to workers performing heavy and hazardous work. The list of professions was approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 16, 2014 No. 665.

5. Mothers of many children, parents or guardians of disabled or disabled children from childhood, people who became disabled as a result of military trauma, visually impaired, belonging to group I, dwarfs and disproportionate dwarves . According to art. 32 of Federal Law No. 400-FZ, mothers of three children can retire three years earlier, with four children & mdash; four years earlier. Mothers of several children with five or more children are entitled to a pension from the age of 50. The condition for early retirement for women with many children is 15 years of insurance experience.

6. People with extensive insurance experience: 42 years for men and 37 years for women. Citizens with this experience can retire two years earlier. However, this right is only granted from the age of 55 for women and 60 for men.

When does the payment of an early pension stop?

If a person finds a job and finds a job, the payment of an early pension ceases. A person is obliged to inform the territorial body of the Russian Pension Fund about the start of professional activity. If a citizen hides the fact of working, he will have to return the overpaid pension.

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