Small initiatives. The results of the journalistic competition are summarized

Thanks to the special attitude and support of non-profit organizations from the President of Russia, they started talking about it. But what do we know about them for most of us? What are tens of thousands of benevolent people doing together in various NGOs?

Good news

The Presidential Grants Fund annually awards thousands of NGO grants worth billions of rubles. The overwhelming majority of scholarship holders are located in the regions: it is there that they implement their small but very important projects in the fields of culture, social protection, ecology and others. But they usually do it quietly.

It's understandable: when people are doing business, the main thing for them is & mdash; to do that even, and not to trumpet it. Yes, and promoting your good deeds doesn't sound very ethical. As a result, the following situation has developed: NGOs themselves do not promote their news projects, and journalists do not really understand that the activities of NGOs with vocation social can give rise to materials in the media.

Charitable Foundation “ AiF. Good heart & # 39; & # 39; decided that was wrong and came up with a project that would help journalists and NGO representatives meet and become partners. With this project he won a presidential scholarship, and the publishing house “ Arguments and Facts '' & # 39; became his partner.

Our regional offices have joined the project. Press tours with non-profit organizations were organized in 50 regions. Journalists from local newspapers and magazines, radio and television, electronic publications, and bloggers participated. After getting to know the NGO representatives and their work, our colleagues realized that a very important part of the life of their cities still passes through them.

As a result, 620 sincere and emotional journalistic documents were published. And all of this work entered the creative competition 'The Big Deal of Small Initiatives', the results of which we summarized in a panel discussion held last week. at the AiF press center.

Semantic messages

Chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia, member of the President's Council of Russia for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights Vladimir Soloviev drew attention to the fact that among the representatives of the media & mdash; project participants 80% & mdash; members of the Union of Journalists of Russia.

“ The idea of ​​uniting NGOs and journalists is a great one, and it turns out that it was already embodied in the participants themselves, as the Union of Journalists & mdash; it is also a non-profit organization & raquo;, & mdash; he noted and explained that the Union of Journalists is also engaged in small and important matters, mainly related to the protection of colleagues.

The topics to which the project has brought journalists in different parts of the country, to his opinion, are very important to the district and regional media.

“ Topics on good initiatives, social projects & mdash; these are their themes, & mdash; said Vladimir Soloviev. & mdash; Hopefully we will live to see the times when, like in the United States of America, regional newspaper circulation increases, as people become more and more interested in what is happening near. from their home, to what is happening in their city, their village & # 39; & # 39 ;.

Participants from different parts of the country gathered at the virtual roundtable (we conducted it in an online format), who are confident that the good deeds publications of initiative people & mdash; they are not just short stories about specific projects, they convey more meaningful messages.

Popular artist Nikas Safronov : “ I bought a ventilator for a children's infectious disease hospital, gave 2,000 gifts to children in Dagestan, decorated a school, planted trees Nikas & mdash; no one is interested in such news. But if someone says something wrong about you, everyone will get it. There is a hype around various news sucked from the finger: one star got into a fight, another star got drunk in a bar … that is, news that do not bring anything good in itself. & # 39; & # 39;

The news, according to Nikas Safronov, should be like this: the pioneer went to the forest & mdash; cleaned the area there, the man saved the child in the fire. They must be kind, important and meaningful.

“ There are a lot of such events. And they must be greatly exaggerated. You know, when a kitten doesn't want to drink milk, you have to force it. So here it is: it takes exaggeration to instill in a person the sense of culture, ethics, the value of good deeds from childhood. Before it was: an honor board, a shame board … If a person is in a positive mood, everything is going positively in their life. He finds friends and breeds positive through his actions. They are also good stories for others. & # 39; & # 39;

The task is one

Documents about good NGO projects create an important positive context in society, form normal and healthy human emotions. So thinks the initiator of the project “ Ural Quadrille School '' and head of the Folk-Tolk association; of Yekaterinburg Sergei Antonov .

Rehearsal at the Ural Folklore Association “ Folk-Tolk ''. Photo: Anastasia Mikhailova

“ I don't know how to advertise myself, & mdash; He shared. & mdash; We understand that publicity is necessary if we are doing a good, beautiful project. However, this important part was missing. I myself would have turned to one medium, another. Somewhere they would refuse, and I would give up. And then journalists came to see us and wrote everything about us. & # 39; & # 39;

Director of the inclusive children's theater in Belgorod Tatyana Klimachkova said it was very unexpected for the kids when reporters appeared at the rehearsal. “ Now they are asking when more will come to us. I their & nbsp; showed them materials, photos & nbsp; & mdash; they wrote about you, and & nbsp; it's about you … For kids with & nbsp; autism is a very big motivation, & nbsp; & mdash; she says.

Tatiana Klimachkova & ndash; director of children's theater. Photo: Alexander Lobyntsev in the Nizhny Novgorod region said the leader of the search and rescue team “ Volunteer & # 39; & # 39; Sergey Shukhrin to our correspondent.

& laquo; Mobile Search & raquo; & nbsp; & mdash; modern mobile seat on & nbsp; wheels. Photo: AiF-Nizhny Novgorod

We are grateful to the “ Arguments and & nbsp; facts & # 39; for & nbsp; what they wrote a few years ago about & nbsp; we. We & nbsp; let's share this material and & nbsp; in & nbsp; social networks, reprint on & nbsp; paper. This is very important for our work, & nbsp; & mdash; said “ SKY therapy '' project manager charity foundation “ Give Love to the World '' of & nbsp; Moscow region Alexey Volkov .

Close to the plane before landing. Photo: “Give Love to the World” charitable foundation

Actor of theater and cinema & nbsp;, TV presenter Yevgeny Kulakov saw how important it can be to cover a social problem by the media on & nbsp; an example of a recent story about a playground in & nbsp; Saint PETERSBOURG.

“ A video appeared from & nbsp; playground: a woman walking there with a & nbsp; healthy granddaughter trying to chase the children of the & nbsp; center for children with & nbsp; special needs, & nbsp; & mdash; explained & nbsp; he. & mdash; & nbsp; It first spread to & nbsp; social networks, and & nbsp; yesterday i saw a story about & nbsp; Channel One. I think now & nbsp; this madwoman will understand something, and & nbsp; other people who perhaps avoid sick children will rethink their behavior. '

Ekaterina Donskikh as director of the AiF charity foundation. Good heart & # 39; & # 39; knows full well how important it is for NGOs to interact with the media. “ Fifteen years ago it came from & nbsp; materials in & nbsp; weekly & bdquo; AiF & ldquo; our foundation and & nbsp; were born, & nbsp; & mdash; she explained. & mdash; & nbsp; I think & nbsp; NGOs and & nbsp; & nbsp; the media have only one task & nbsp; & mdash; help & nbsp; solve social problems.

TOP 10 & nbsp; journalistic work:

“ Quadrille Ural, task a & nbsp; & mdash; do not & nbsp; fall & raquo; (project “ Ural Quadrille School '' of the folk association “ Folk-Tolk ''), author Anastasia Mikhailova , & laquo; Shalinsky Vestnik & raquo ;, Yekaterinburg & nbsp; & mdash; best score ;

“When functionalities become virtues” (about & nbsp; inclusive children's theater of Belgorod), author Oksana Bulgakova , portal & nbsp; & mdash; best score ;

Bermuda Triangles. How in the Nizhny Novgorod region in search of missing persons & quot; (about & nbsp; project “ Clean Games '' of the search and rescue team “ Volunteer ''), by Zlata Medushevskaya , site “ AiF at & nbsp; Nizhny Novgorod & raquo; & nbsp; & mdash; best score ;

“ Like a way of life. To & nbsp; Rubtsovsk carry out dozens of 'social projects' every year. (about & nbsp; Charitable Foundation “ Development ''), author Svetlana Lyrchikova , website AiF-Altai;

Photo: Viktor Krutov

& # 39; Traveling on & nbsp; & bdquo; Rainbow & ldquo ;. How Chuvashian NGOs teach people to live in an interesting way & # 39; & # 39; (about & nbsp; NPO “ Rainbow '& # 39;), by Svetlana Kuznetsova , site “ AiF in & nbsp; Chuvashia & # 39; & # 39 ;;

“ A good example is contagious: how social projects develop in rural areas of the Krasnodar Territory & # 39; & # 39; (about & nbsp; Chamlyk khutor Cossack society), by Alexandra Kosheleva , site “ Kuban News & # 39; & # 39 ;;

Congratulations to the contest winners!


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