A start in life. Rector of SPbGUP – on prospects for students after graduation

The competition for budget places of the Ministry of Education and Science at the St Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions a week before the end of the recruitment already amounts to 63 people per place. This is on average. Up & ndash; management (185), economy & ndash; 169, linguistics (124). The rector of the university, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Zapesotsky answered questions from AiF.

& mdash; Alexander Sergeevich, your university has been one of the champions of Russia for several years now. What is it that attracts people?

& mdash; The biggest problem for the last 30 years in Russian universities has been the education of young people. The Union University of Humanities never gave up on that. The point is, education is training and education. If you don't deal with the second, the first goes awry. The quality of education has gone down.

And young people don't like edification. It is necessary to organize the environment in which the student finds himself during all his years of study, to offer him values ​​that he will accept deliberately, which will inspire him. Education is not only done through lectures and seminars. It is very important what type of communication occurs between people.

A freshman comes to our university and finds that the graduating students have certain values ​​and that they are not there to write a cheat sheet and cheat on a teacher. These are the values ​​of creativity, knowledge, spiritual life, mutual aid. Our students often leave university at ten in the evening because they are interested in living within the walls of SPbGUP, they study, engage in creativity, sport and communicate. Hence the competition.

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& mdash; What is the reason for the particular popularity of certain specialties?

& mdash; In principle, there are more people who feel able to manage others or count money than those who need to be a choreographer or conflict expert. In addition, & nbsp; these professions are traditionally considered prestigious, although at the University of Unions there is not a single specialty that would not give children a wonderful future.

For example, SPbGUP has a unique sound engineering department, I think the best in the country and one of the best in the world. Our graduates work at the Mariinsky Theater, Philharmonic Society, major city musical theaters and recording studios. However, the competition for this direction is around 12 people per seat, as such specialties require certain natural data. For some specializations in sound engineering, we hire people with musical training. Imagine, our graduates then record the concerts of the Mariinsky Theater for the whole world. What type of audience is needed here? & mdash; & nbsp; Could there be a competition of 200 people for a place in lyric singing? Not everyone has natural abilities.

Competition isn't the most important thing, even if it attracts public opinion. The job is much more important. We don't have a single specialty that wouldn't provide a student with a ticket to a decent life.

& mdash; & nbsp; How do you get there? Many universities work with companies, companies, organize alumni fairs.

& mdash; We just give a good education. We have 100% employment. In the past 15 years, we have graduated 20,000 people, and of those, only 25 people were unemployed for the first six months. Then of course they get a job and they are guaranteed a good career development. We follow their destinies, carry out sociological research.

& mdash; You are the oldest rector in the country since & mdash; & nbsp; 30 years. You can compare. How do current school graduates differ from the early 1990s?

& mdash; Guys come into college life in many ways much like my generation. They want to learn, they are drawn to real values. The best young people, the real elite, the people who want to find a worthy place in life through education, come to us at SPbGUP. However, there is a serious problem. A lot of people lack hard work, discipline, responsibility.

Right now in Moscow a tragedy – a student of a famous university knocked down three children in a car. She killed two. Out of elementary irresponsibility.

Additionally, the modern school does not provide high school students with a holistic picture of the world around them. During the Soviet period, great attention was paid to this. Now high school students have a clip thought, in which they poorly relate dissimilar facts into one big picture. This makes it difficult to get a thorough basic education. There is a need to strengthen the teaching of such disciplines as history, literature, cultural studies, philosophy. And the program was cut. It is impossible to seriously master the professions of humanitarian aid without a thorough study of these subjects. But we also overcome this.

Photo: SPbGUP press service

& mdash; Traditionally, there are many non-resident universities in the universities of St. Petersburg. How do you help them adapt?

& mdash; Conservatives, student government work. We have a tremendous asset. We introduce ourselves to everyone, we help make friends. There is a huge cultural program, organizing joint trips to theaters and museums. September 1 has not arrived yet and we are taking kids from other cities on a guided tour of St. Petersburg. There are also walking tours in the city center, along the rivers and canals. Children also travel by bus at night, accompanied by university staff, to see how the bridges are raised. The bus goes up the Neva to the last drawbridge. Such impressions are memorized for a lifetime. This is how guys become Petersburgers.

& mdash; How would you advise future freshmen to spend the month of August?

& mdash; I would advise you to have a good rest, because the completion of school education & ndash; it's a lot of stress. But I have another tip. Once Mstislav Rostropovich, an outstanding musician, addressing our students, recounted how the Pope received him. Rostropovich was then forcibly evicted from Russia, there was no accommodation, no representation contract. And suddenly the Pope said to him: “You have only one problem. Rostropovich became interested: “ I have a hundred problems, and you say ' & nbsp; a! & # 39; & # 39; “ No, & ndash; & nbsp; Dad answers him, & mdash; & nbsp; alone. You stand in the middle of the ladder of life, and you have every step & mdash; & nbsp; either at the top or at the bottom. I just want to take steps. ' So I wish our current and future students to take all the steps upwards only.

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