What will the weather be like in Moscow in the last week of July?

Residents of the capital early next week expect sunny and dry weather thanks to high pressure & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; Dana & # 39; & # 39; 39 ;. During the day, the thermometer will display 27-30 degrees Celsius. Nighttime temperatures will not drop below + 13. & nbsp; The main specialist of the FOBOS meteorological center & nbsp; Yevgeny Tishkovets said so in his Instagram.

According to the forecaster, the weather is quite warm expected also Wednesday However, & nbsp; by Wednesday night, like the bottom of the cyclone & nbsp; Dirk, who again flooded northern Europe, & nbsp; the sky will gradually be covered with cumulus clouds. And already Thursday evening & nbsp; “ blind '' & nbsp; the rain will turn into thunderstorms. The wind will intensify. & Nbsp;

“ The booming celestial cannonade will roar, and furious lightning will tear the blackness of the sky. It will be a real summer thunderstorm, 'the forecaster said.

How much precipitation will there be in Moscow?

The total amount of precipitation in Moscow in 12 hours can reach 5-10 millimeters, and near the capital in some places up to 15-20 millimeters, which is equivalent to almost 1/5 of the monthly standard.

When will the weather improve? & Nbsp;

The weather will only improve on Friday of next week. The capital will warm up to plus 25-30. & Nbsp; The improvement will not last long; on Saturday the thunderous western front will return to Moscow.

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