Umbrella of “special services”. In Sochi, a con artist grabbed a beach and took money from tourists

The scammer from Sochi was running an illegal business under the guise of a fake “ roof '' in special services. He took over the beach, where he rented lounge chairs and umbrellas to tourists. Acting Federal Territory Chief Sirius shared this story on social media Andrey Stolyarov .

“ People are nice and not very good, well that's really enough playing, and … aren't you fed up? .. there were strawberries on the sidewalks , there was chacha in the trunk (and there are still places, unfortunately), cabins There was kvass at the crossroads, but while the self-seizure of the whole beach, it didn't ; was not the case in my time! But, as they say, don't give up & raquo;, & mdash; Andrey Stolyarov began his Instagram post ironically.

According to him, a certain 'uncle' in fact appropriated a secluded coastal area with clear waters in the Federal Territory of Sirius, where he set up lounge chairs, umbrellas and bungalows. All this, the scammer rented to vacationers & mdash; and, apparently, he brought a good income. From the text it is understandable that the future businessman dared all the controllers with unnecessary questions, telling them about his 'roof' ''. in a special service. Like, it's' so secretive and scary you can't even say it out loud! & # 39; & # 39 ;.

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Post by Andrey Stolyarov (@andrey_stolyarov_sirius)

Up at some point, these explanations even worked. But, as Stolyarov concluded, the cover turned out to be 'mythical', and the secret was revealed. Police officers shut down a profitable business and the man will be held to account – he faces a criminal case under the 'Fraud. & # 39; & # 39;


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