How to stop Internet crooks?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” № 26. Virus Terminator. How many more times will he come back? 06/30/2021 Expert response 0 + –

The cybersecurity problem & shy; st of the & nbsp; ordinary fraud category over the 5 & nbsp; recent years has become a & nbsp; nbsp; global threat to public order.

“ And if we stay seated, this problem will become a threat not only to society, but also to the whole state, which following the general vector of global development, is heading towards the & nbsp; digital environment & # 39 ;, & nbsp; & ndash; of course TV presenter Timofey Bazhenov . On the site of the headquarters of public support & shy; ki of the United Russia party he organized a round table with & nbsp; involving old & shy; perts of & nbsp; Ministry of the Interior and & nbsp; All-Russian Popular Front. The topic of the expert discussion was the discussion of & shy; cyber & shy; & shy; press & shy; stupidity.

Timofey Bazhenov believes that the problem can be solved at the legislative level. For & nbsp; to do this, it is necessary to make adjustments to the & nbsp; Penal Code and & nbsp; recognize crimes against socially unprotected layers as an aggravating circumstance.

He cited statistics from the Central Bank of Russia. Press & shy; stupid people steal people's accounts up to 10 & nbsp; billion rubles. in & nbsp; year. With & nbsp; over time the situation only gets worse. It is sad and & nbsp; the fact that the most vulnerable to the actions of cyber crooks are retirees. & Nbsp; this category represents 27% of cyber fraud cases, 20% of victims & nbsp; & ndash; 50 people & ndash; 59 & nbsp; years.

“ The arsenal of technical means of criminals and the methods they use is constantly updated. And & nbsp; the elderly with & nbsp; relate to & nbsp; calls from familiar short numbers, as they don't know that even numbers from the biggest banks can be spoofed with & nbsp; using IP telephony, & nbsp; & ndash; told to the & nbsp; “ round table '' Sergey Klindukhov, Deputy Head of the 6th Department of the Department of Criminal Investigations of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation for Moscow . And & nbsp; explained that the crooks use a number spoofing service provided by ISPs.

& laquo; And the protection of socially unprotected segments of the population & nbsp; & ndash; it is not only the issue of restoring the stolen savings, but also the issue of preserving the health of the victims. Therefore, computer fraud and shy in & nbsp; with regard to retirees, people with disabilities and & nbsp; orphans in & nbsp; should first become a serious crime, & nbsp; & ndash; expressed his position & timid T. & nbsp; Bajenov.


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