What is a tag set?

Plot Direct line with the President of the Russian Federation June 30, 2021

June 30 & nbsp; during the direct line, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in & nbsp; at what games he & nbsp; liked to play in & nbsp; his childhood. It was all about hide and seek and beacons.

What are tags?

Tag & nbsp; & mdash; one of the most popular outdoor games for kids. In & nbsp; different regions, it's called tag, tag, catch, dexterity, quach, fishing, catch-up, ladya, kitsch, berak.

You can play it in & nbsp; outdoors or in the & nbsp; fitness room. The main thing is that the playing field is bigger.

How many participants must there be in the game & nbsp; ?

Any business can play tag & nbsp; When there are a lot of children, the game becomes more interesting. Typically, the number of participants is determined by the size of the site. In general, no & nbsp; more than 15 to 20 & nbsp; people do not participate in the & nbsp; game.

What are the rules of the game?

Before the game, the participants agree on the boundaries of the territory in which the game will take place. At the start of the game, the driver is chosen by counting or drawing lots, who will catch the participants in the game.

The game has several options. According to the first option, the one & nbsp; that the driver touches becomes a 'tag', and & nbsp; himself & nbsp;, on the contrary, becomes a simple player.

The second option assumes that the & nbsp; that the driver touches with his palm joins him & nbsp; and & nbsp; catch others with & nbsp; him. After catching the third, you need to catch the fourth, fifth, and & nbsp; t. & Nbsp; d.

Players can also pre-negotiate one or more of the & nbsp; additional rules:

a) the driver does not have the right to grease (touch with a hand) whoever before & nbsp; did it himself

b) “ hands, feet, head no & nbsp; it doesn't matter & # 39; & nbsp; & mdash; touch & nbsp; hands, feet and & nbsp; the head is not & nbsp; is considered

c) “ above (below) the ground & # 39; & # 39; & nbsp; & mdash; the fleeing player can stand on & nbsp; a stump or any other place above (below) ground level and & nbsp; thus acquire temporary immunity.

And & nbsp; who is the winner?

Depending on & nbsp; conditions, the game may never & nbsp; end. Players can switch roles an infinite number of times and & nbsp; keep playing. Therefore, you can first agree on the & nbsp; delay, after which they count how many times who was the driver. & Nbsp; which has less than & nbsp; & mdash; that one and & nbsp; won.

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