Bloggers Get 3.5 Years in Jail for Raffle with Moscow Taxi Hijacking

Bloggers who staged a rally in Moscow with hijacking a taxi were sentenced to 3.5 years in a general regime colony, reported the Moscow prosecutor's office on Telegram.

The Russian Interior Ministry spoke about what happened in March. According to the department, three citizens from neighboring countries called a business class taxi to the Presnenskaya pier. A BMW car was ordered. While the driver, at the request of the passengers, was putting the packages in the trunk, one of them got behind the wheel of the car, the second & ndash; in the passenger seat, and the third was filming what was going on. After that they told the driver it was a joke.

The police have opened a criminal investigation into theft committed by a group of people through criminal conspiracy.

The accused received real sentences requested by the prosecution. They were taken into custody in the courtroom.

According to police, the young people blogged on social networks and filmed videos with rallies.

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