Someone who can't be trusted. How J.K. Rowling Became an “Enemy of the People”

What is western free speech in & nbsp; XXI & nbsp; century, the author of a series of novels about & nbsp; Harry Potter JK Rowling learned from his own example. A statement that did not fit into the & nbsp; “ general line '' all it took was fighters for all the good things for the writer to receive eternal curse.

“I have received so many death threats that they can cover my whole house. »On & nbsp; itself on & nbsp; Twitter, she wrote: & nbsp; Last Friday my family & # 39; s address was posted on & nbsp; Twitter by three activists who took photos outside our house, trying to take a photo so that the address is visible.

The writer accused his opponents of & nbsp; doxing, then & nbsp; is the posting of a person's confidential information without their consent. Rowling confessed, “I've gotten so many death threats before that they can cover my whole house, and” hasn't stopped talking about it. “Maybe & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & mdash; The best way to prove that your movement is not a threat to women is to stop harassing them, harass and threaten them.

For over a year, the author of 'Potter' not & nbsp; are not left alone by transgender rights advocates who accuse the writer of transphobia. The most radical activists of & nbsp; call for action & nbsp; hard & nbsp; against & nbsp; Rowling. & Nbsp;

Role model: of & nbsp; unemployed divorced in & nbsp; world famous

And & nbsp; after all, just recently she was & nbsp; cited as an example of a successful woman who independently managed a dizzying career and & nbsp; to achieve unprecedented success. To & nbsp; 30 & nbsp; years, J.K. Rowling was a divorced woman with a & nbsp; little child in the hands, not having a job and living of & nbsp; social Security benefits. A novel about & nbsp; a wizard boy, which she wrote by & nbsp; at this time in & nbsp; for several years, has been rejected by twelve publishers.

Editor Barry Cunningham of & nbsp; the London-based Bloomsbury publishing house, where everyone therefore agreed to take on the job for & nbsp; publication, advised him & nbsp; to find a job, noting: “ With children's books, you won't have to be able to win a & nbsp; life.

JK Rowling's first income on & nbsp; Harry Potter were 1,500 & nbsp; books, and & nbsp; then no one, including the author, could how things would turn out in a few years.

The first edition of the Harry Potter book & nbsp; The Philosopher's Stone & # 39; & # 39; amounted to 1000 & nbsp; copies, and 500 & nbsp; of them were for libraries. Today, collectors of & nbsp; auctions offer tens of thousands of pounds sterling for & nbsp; these rarities.

Harry Potter became a worldwide sensation, the circulation of the book continued to grow, as did the wealth of J.K. Rowling. Each new novel breaks records of the previous one in terms of sales, and for ten years the value of the 'Harry Potter' brand. reached 15 & nbsp; billions of dollars.

Already in & nbsp; 2004, Forbes named Rowling the first person to become a dollar billionaire by & nbsp; by writing books, on & nbsp; as the writer herself modestly noted: she now has a lot of money, but & nbsp; she is still not & nbsp; billionaire.

In & nbsp; 2017 Rowling was named the most financially prosperous European celebrity & nbsp; & mdash; its annual income & nbsp; were estimated at & nbsp; 95 & nbsp; millions of dollars. & nbsp;

“Period People”

The writer & # 39; s troubles started after she supported a former employee of the Center for Global think tank Development Maya Forsteiter , returned for & nbsp; statements about & nbsp; transgender people, who were considered incorrect. However, then Rowling's mass condemnation campaign speech had yet to be understood. & mdash; “Reviews: How to increase the equality of menstruating people in a & nbsp; post-pandemic world ”.

The phrase “menstruating people” has come to be used by human rights activists who believe that menstruation is not an integral part of a woman.

& laquo; People who have their period & rdquo ;. I'm sure there was a word for such people. Help me remember. Rongchiny? & Raquo; & nbsp; & mdash; Rowling wrote sarcastically. And & nbsp; this & nbsp; statement opened a real portal to & nbsp; hell.

Thousands of menstruating individuals and & nbsp; menstruating began to write insults and & nbsp; address, caller & nbsp; & laquo; transfobka & nbsp; organization & rabsp; advocates for the rights of sexual minorities and transgender people, called for a boycott of Rowling's books.

Condemnation campaign

The writer has explained his position on several occasions. “ If the gender is not & nbsp; real, then & nbsp; the existing reality of women globally is erased. I & nbsp; know and & nbsp; loves trans people, but giving up & nbsp; the notion & bdquo; gender & ldquo; deprives many of the opportunity to meaningfully discuss their life ', & nbsp; & mdash; she remarked. Rowling reasonably pointed out that many ordinary women are offended by the phrase “menstruating people.” “

But the & nbsp; right to & nbsp; opinion today in the & nbsp; world only exists when it is established by self-proclaimed “bearers of good”; framework. Therefore, in the & nbsp; relationship of the “ apostate '' Rowling has launched a & nbsp; condemnation campaign, to which & nbsp; participated and & nbsp; those whose fame and & nbsp; fame would simply not be & nbsp; would be without the novels on & nbsp; Harry Potter. Including the three main actors of the films of & nbsp; on & nbsp; Harry & nbsp; & mdash; Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and & nbsp; Rupert Green .

“ Transgender women are women. Any statement & nbsp; contrary destroys the identity and the & nbsp; dignity of transgender people & nbsp; & mdash; Radcliffe wrote. Emma Watson also rushed to say that she loves trans people very much, respects & nbsp; and & nbsp; does not even know & nbsp; now how to behave when she meets & nbsp; J.K. Rowling.

& # 39; Return to & nbsp; Hogwarts' without author

Well it seemed & nbsp; would make noise and & nbsp; quite. Nothing like. On January 1, 2022, streaming service HBO Max announced the release of the special Back to Hogwarts episode, scheduled to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the release of the first film, Potter. In & nbsp; the shooting will be watched by almost all of the participants currently living in the project. President of Warner Bros. Children of the world, young adults and classics Tom Asheim said: “ This retrospective & nbsp; & mdash; of & nbsp; talented actors and & nbsp; team who put their hearts and & nbsp; soul in & nbsp; this extraordinary frankness, to & nbsp; loyal fans who continue to maintain the spirit of the Wizarding World for 20 & nbsp; later & nbsp; .

Try to guess who will not be at & nbsp; Back to Hogwarts? Of course, the main author of the “cultural phenomenon”. Reuters, citing & nbsp; sources close to the project, report that Rowling was not & nbsp; was invited to participate & nbsp; & mdash; instead, archive images of it will be used.

The writer was treated as if she had died. I wonder what will happen next & nbsp; & mdash; will the name of the man who invented Harry Potter be banned from mentioning at all? Or they'll assign paternity to someone else who takes the 'correct' '' position on & nbsp; transgender? & nbsp;

The & nbsp; 'Potters' there are clearly not enough works titled Harry Potter and the Enemy of the People, in which & nbsp; the wizard finally realizes the correctness of the 'general line' Voldemort, speak with & nbsp; condemnation of the renegade Albus Dumbledore and & nbsp; scribbles denunciations to the Dementors on & nbsp; Ron and & nbsp; Hermione. It was & nbsp; would be a conspiracy therefore conspiracy.


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