Why are our drugs worse than imported ones?

Weekly “Arguments and facts” n ° 42. Supernumber: 152 questions answered 10/20/2021

Many people bring drugs from abroad. They say they are more effective than those sold in our drugstores. Indeed, in Turkey, for counterfeiting medicines, they get 50 years in prison. Why don't we have such a law?

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They take it, but hardly justified, because the country has long outlived the market fake pharmaceuticals.

“Our drugs, manufactured in accordance with global GMP standards and having passed proper inspection, are no different from Western drugs, because the inspection procedure in our country and abroad is similar, & mdash; says president of the National Association of Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices (APF), academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Kolesnikov . & mdash ; In Russia you can get 12 years in prison for falsifying medicines. Certainly I don't know of a single case where the manufacturer of 'pacifiers' ended up on the dock. '' This is nothing more than a myth, & mdash; explains pharmaceutical market analyst Nikolay Bespalov . & mdash; The same batches of drugs are supplied to different countries, including to the market of EU countries, and to us. There are few counterfeit medicines (pacifiers) on the market Russian today.

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