Uh, tachanka! In Russia, a new buggy based on the “Niva” was tested during the exercises

The Ulyanovsk paratroopers tested the Sarmat-2 light buggies, recently adopted by the airborne forces. The buggies were used at the Mulino training ground in Nizhny Novgorod during one of the episodes of the Western-2021 strategic exercises. During the rally, the transfer from a buggy to the hold of Mi-8 helicopters was shown, as well as shots from the vehicle's on-board weaponry. The Army did not report the effectiveness of vehicles during a training battle.

Local conflicts require not only the creation of new classes of technology, but also the rebirth of old models that seem to have lost their relevance. Recently, there has been a tendency to increase the safety of machines, which inevitably leads to an increase in mass. With the development of modern means of destruction, this does not make the vehicle invulnerable, but it reduces its crossing ability and mobility. Therefore, the armies of the world have decided to abandon compromises and return to the old concept of light transport, the main advantage of which is capacity and mobility across countries. Simply put, to “carts”, which were particularly popular during the Civil War. Then they were a horse drawn carriage with a machine gun. Now, of course, the motors are used for traction, not the horses.

To date, our country has developed several types of light transport for special forces and other structures. Popular off-road vehicles of the type “ Sarmatov & # 39; & # 39; & mdash; they are modern 'carts' that can be used in any situation when a rapid transfer of people and goods is required to a given area on any terrain. In addition, they can be used in raids on the enemy's rear. For example, in the Syrian events, some light models of armored vehicles show themselves well. & Nbsp;

One of the last representatives of this type of equipment consists of two samples of the “ Sarmat '' family, designed for assault detachments of special forces.

It is noteworthy that the off-road buggy Sarmat, manufactured on the units of the famous civilian Niva, received a similar name to the Russian fifth-generation strategic missile system based on a silo with a multi-unit liquid propellant heavy intercontinental ballistic missile. floors. & Nbsp; The official name of the buggy, which was developed by the Moscow design bureau Tekhnika, is a special light vehicle (LSTS). The buggy has no doors and no roof; instead, arches with jumpers are used on the car. They are used to mount infantry weapons. There is also a protected version – 'Sarmat-3'.

The car received an all-wheel drive chassis with a 4×4 wheel arrangement with inter-wheel and inter-axle locks. The load capacity of a machine weighing 2,100 kilograms is 600 kilograms. The buggy is powered by a VAZ-21 petrol engine & thinsp; 214 of 1.7 liters. with a capacity of 80 liters. with. The car is equipped with a 'mechanical' five-speed. The top speed of a special car is 130 km/h – it can certainly compete with Zhiguli. & Nbsp;

The manufacturer claims that the Sarmat-2 & nbsp; is designed to operate in air temperatures from minus 20 to plus 50 °; C – it will work in temperate arctic latitudes and in the desert. & Nbsp; At the same time, the machine is simple and does not need particularly complex components & mdash; it will play with the hands if you need to make repairs.

Lightweight and undemanding transport can & nbsp; be used in the mountains up to 3,100 meters above sea level, cross passes up to 4.5 km in height, and transport goods up to 600 kg. To transport 'Sarmat-2 & # 39; & # 39; this is possible by air by military aviation helicopters, including Mi-8 helicopters, the possibility of transferring to an external sling is also provided.

True, the cost of the machine was not disclosed – it was purchased under a secret government contract.

Last year the United States Army held a competition for the supply of similar vehicles. GM Defense won the tender for the Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) buggy, and the military ordered the first batch of 649 vehicles. Conceptually, ISVs are similar to 'Sarmats'. Russian – maximum simplicity, lightness and mobility. Created on the chassis of a civilian vehicle & ndash; The ISV is 70% unified with the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 pickup.

The ISV is powered by a 2.8-liter 4-cylinder Duramax LWN diesel engine developing 186 horsepower. This allowed the American engineers to make the buggy quite large. The vehicle weighing 2245 kilograms can accommodate nine paratroopers and its load capacity reaches 1500 kilograms.

The ISV is equipped with & nbsp; an electronic control system that will automatically change the responsiveness of the electric power steering and the stiffness of the shock absorbers & ndash; depending on road conditions.

The cost of an American car starts from 177 thousand dollars.

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