In which regions is the heat expected up to 43 degrees?

The unusually hot weather in the southern European part of Russia will last until the end of the week (August 8). In some areas the thermometer will rise to +43 degrees. This is what the scientific director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Where will it be +43 degrees in Russia?

The hottest weather this week (August 2-8) will be established in the southern mainland regions of Russia, especially the Lower Volga and the Astrakhan region. Up to +43 degrees is expected in the regions of Volgograd and & nbsp; Rostov, as well as in the south of the Stavropol Territory, noted Vilfand.

Where else will it be really hot?

According to forecasters, up to +35 degrees are expected on the Black Sea coast near Sochi, + 30 & hellip; + 37 °; & mdash; & nbsp; in Simferopol, + 30 & hellip; + 35 & deg; & mdash; & nbsp; in Sevastopol. Even the smoothing effect of the sea doesn't lower the air temperature in coastal towns below 30 degrees, Wilfand says. Such hot weather is a dangerous phenomenon, he said. It will hold in coastal areas until the end of the work week (August 6).

What weather is expected in central European Russia?

In the first half of the week, the center of the European part of the country is in the area of ​​moderately cool air masses. No precipitation is expected on Wednesday August 4th and Thursday August 5th.

From Friday August 6, the situation will change: the center of European Russia will be at the mercy of the hot air masses. In the north of the region it will be warmer up to +25 degrees and in the south up to +30 degrees. By the end of the week, the temperature in central regions of European Russia will be four to five warmer than normal, Vilfand said. But Friday and Saturday August 7 will be cloudy and rainy. & Nbsp;

What's the weather forecast in Moscow?

According to forecasts from the Russian Hydrometeorological Center, +12 is expected in Moscow on Thursday evening & hellip; + 14 °, partly cloudy, mostly without rain. Thursday afternoon it will be warmer up to + 23 … + 25 °, it will be cloudy, there will be a little rain. Friday night it will also rain from time to time, + 13 & hellip; + 18 °. On Saturday afternoon, the thermometers will rise to + 25 … + 30 °, it will rain again. Sunday evening + 16 & hellip; + 21 °, cloudy with clearings and light rain. Sunday afternoon + 25 & hellip; + 30 °, the sky will be overcast.


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