The hydrometeorological center explained the cause of the abnormal downpours in southern Russia

Terrain Flooding due to torrential rains in southern Russia

The heavy downpours which flooded the southern regions of Russia are an exclusively natural phenomenon. In an interview with RIA Novosti, the scientific director of the Roman Vilfand Hydrometeorological Center said this. & Nbsp;

The interlocutor of the agency recalled that the precipitation led to flooding in Kerch, the Rostov region and the Krasnodar Territory. & Nbsp;

“ This is a very deep cyclone opposing the high pressure north of European Russia. We can not yet relate it to climate change ',' & ndash; noted the specialist. & nbsp;

According to him, statistically significant events can be associated with the climate, and not with specific events. & nbsp; According to forecasters, in the next decades in Crimea it will be more arid, but sometimes there will be very intense rains … It is specified that the intense precipitation in the south of the country will stop on June 19. & nbsp;

Meanwhile, the leader of Crimea Sergei Aksenov announced the introduction of a regional emergency regime after heavy rains in east the peninsula. According to the regional hydrometeorological center and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in Kerch and surrounding areas the monthly rainfall rate and a half has dropped. It was reported that heavy rains resulted in the flooding of around 236 private buildings and apartments, the hospital and the city center were deprived of electricity at the aftermath of the disaster. damaged the roofs of nearly 500 homes in the Kuban. & nbsp;


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